100 love lights at Camp Dart-Lo

On Tuesday, August 10, I was invited to spend the day at Camp Dart-Lo, the Campfire Day Camp on the banks of the Little Spokane River in North Spokane. Under a witness cottonwood that shades the camp’s fishin’ hole, I met with nearly 100 children, ages 3 to 14, to talk about this past year and a half and how it has felt for them to live through it. No surprise: it’s been tough.

After talking a bit, I led each small group in a short guided meditation that they can repeat on their own whenever they need — whenever the world and life feel out of control, whenever they feel small or unsure or anxious or afraid or powerless. In this meditation, we learned to stop, to find ourselves where we are. Then we learned to calm our bodies and minds through deep breaths and connecting with the Earth at every point our bodies are touching it. Then we turned inward to find the spark of light that lives in our hearts, our love light, even if it is hiding behind dark clouds or tall walls. When we were ready, we grew our lights — past bones and through blood and all the spaces in-between, all the way to the edges of our skin. We held it there inside us, healing, strengthening, until our skin simply couldn’t hold it anymore. Then, with love and empowered bodies and voices, we allowed our light to burst through and shine like a star.

When we know where we are in the world and we feel safe again, our bodies can relax. By helping our bodies, we help our minds. Then when we turn on our inner power, we really do have the strength and wherewithal to handle anything this life has in store for us. We cannot control others and we cannot t control all that is happening in the world right now, but we do have the power to control how we respond. And when we are empowered to do that, whatever comes next will be better.

After our meditation, we all spent time sitting on the ground in the forest, drawing ourselves with our love lights shining full blast. Because that’s how we’re going to connect with each other, and that’s how we’re all going to get through whatever it is that’s coming next.

Love lights, on.

Scoga Nidra. Scott Moore’s new book, “Practical Yoga Nidra” may be the invitation you need to find your own best way to practice.

Scott Moore Practical Yoga Nidra

My dear friend Scott Moore has just finished his first book. A friend’s life-dream achievement is a worthy reason to celebrate in and of itself, but also, this book is so full of practical guidance and timeless inspiration that it makes me beyond proud to share his news and his book: Practical Yoga Nidra: A 10-step Method to Reduce Stress, Improve Sleep, and Restore Spirit. It’s now available for pre-order on Amazon.com.

Scott’s a master yoga nidra practitioner and teacher, but what I love about him and his teaching is that he both understands the power of a story and he is a fantastic storyteller. It is through his own stories that he really makes this work and his teaching come alive.

I met Scott about 15 years ago in Salt Lake City. I was training for Ironmans at that time and from all that training and years of not stretching, I was stiff as a splinter and bound to break. I decided I would incorporate yoga into my regimen to help my mind and my body both. I began a quest to find the one yoga class a week around which I would work the rest of my schedule. I went to several studios and tried out teacher after teacher. Most either looked down at my unbending body or bored me to distraction with strict, formulaic sessions. That was until one early morning when I found myself delighted by the welcoming instruction, the funny and thoughtful stories, the poetry (he read Mary Oliver that day), and transcendent clarinet playing (during Shavasana) of Scott Moore. Because of him, I was in. And as I continued to meet him for 6am yoga classes every Thursday, I told him that what I was doing was not yoga, it was Scoga. It was Scoga that I loved.

I invite you to now not just experience Yoga Nidra, but to experience Scoga Nidra. Because this book is his voice. It’s his take. It’s his storytelling. It’s his style. And all these make the treatment of subject matter different than anyone else’s. And all these are, in reality, welcoming invitations to make this experience uniquely your own.

The shape of zero

During meditation recently, my Guide and Teacher, Metatron, invited me into the energy of his heart. I stepped inside and found myself whizzing through a giant golden energy tunnel lined by millions and millions of interconnected symbols, constructed of white light, emblazoned all around me.  These symbols, I understood, were representations of all of history, all of knowledge, all of the comprehensive understanding of Highest Source through the experiences of the combined efforts and existence of everything. I tried to see and retain, but there was so much. I felt my eyes tracking back and forth, up and down, as I sped past. Then instead of trying to retain all of it, I simply focused on symbols here and there. When I looked at them, zooming past, they flashed brighter and then dark, like a film negative, as if I was taking snapshots with my eyes and mind to store the information for later.

On and on I went, so rapidly I could feel the motion in my body. And then I began to slow. The symbols presented themselves for longer, spread further apart as I did.

I came upon the Flower of Life. And there I paused. “Ah. That’s it,” I thought.

But then I moved on.

I came upon the Seed of Life. “Ah. That’s it,” I thought.




But then again, I moved on.

Then I came to Metatron’s Cube.



At each point of this journey, traveling along toward The Center, and tracing all knowledge and understanding in reverse order, I found myself with a deep sense of understanding of the process of composing a life, of composing life.

And then I came face-to-face, heart-to-heart with one pure illuminated circle. There it was at the center, hovering and glowing bright.

Metatron showed me the circle at the source of all after I passed through the symbols and symbols and symbols that represented the existence and knowing of all time. And then, to teach me more, he simply tilted that circle on its “side” to change my perspective, and to demonstrate to me that the circle is an eternal spiral, with no beginning and no end. There simply is no full stop.

Our “chicken or egg” philosophical discussions must be a great amusement to our friends in the Spirit Realm.

But, we as humans, crave a beginning. As a whole, we find it hard to fathom eternal, and that’s mostly just the comprehension of never-ending. We find it even more challenging to comprehend the always that came before. We really really really want a starting point. Give us solid ground to stand on. Give us a foundation. Then we can run with it. Without that, we’ve got nothing.



Yesterday I read this article. Nothing Matters: How the Invention of Zero Helped Create Modern Mathematics, by Ittay Weis of the University of Portsmouth, published in Universal-Sci. I loved it. Here is one story of how we humans invented zero, and how it helped us understand. The symbolic naming of “nothing” changed everything ever after. Zero? It’s only just a human interpretation. That is all.

Really, there is no zero. It just makes it easier for us to compute if we have somewhere from which to start and, then, to hold our place.

Everything is like this. We live in a world of construct. Our existence is construct. When we wade through it all, it’s key-turning and Oh!-inducing to remember that all of it is construction, invention, interpretation, compilation,  reinterpretation – made comprehensible to us humans (and to other beings in their own way) through symbols, language, and communication. At the heart of it all, through all the noise, is the simple and pure eternal energy – represented, again for our understanding, in the shape of a perfect circle. No beginning and no end.

Isn’t it interesting, the shape of zero?

The Eye of the Storm

There is so much going on in this world right now. In the United States alone, we are enduring the aftereffects of Harvey and the landfall of Irma, the fiercest hurricanes on record. Our western air has been rendered “Hazardous” on the Air Quality Scale, choking us with the smoke from the 74 fires that rage in our over-dry woodlands. And then we watch as our president makes his choices, affecting us all, in regards to North Korea and DACA, international relations and internal relations, equality and human rights, science and business. Together, as a community of friends and family and co-citizens, we are are in the midst of real and present natural and political storms.

Everything will be ok.

This world is roiling. But remember, on a personal level, and on the collective as well, we come into these lives of ours having planned the challenges that we face in order to learn and grow as souls. In other words, we chose this. Not only did we choose our personal life challenges, we chose the natural and political climate in which we now live. As souls and as participants in this global population, over and over and over again, lifetime to lifetime, we have made this place. We’re not victims. We are in the process of playing our active roles on a stage of our own design.

So what then?

First of all, always remember that you are loved unconditionally and infinitely by Source (or God or the Universe or whatever name you give this energy of all). And more, you ARE Source (or God, or Universe). We all are. Each of us is part of the divine and is therefore divine. Remember this when times get frightening or devastating or overwhelming. You may seek your peace and comfort from the divine outside of you, and it will be there, no doubt. But if, for some reason, you cannot see or feel it, if all becomes cloudy or smoky, and you start to feel small or inconsequential, or battered by all that is versus you, try instead to connect with the divine within you. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and look into the very heart of you. Really search. If you give yourself the chance, there you will find your inner divine, your True You, and your own pure love, peace and comfort.

Within you is the forever eye of the storm.​

Then, we each get to choose how we respond. This is personal. It’s your choice. But in a world that needs so much love right now, why not love? And why not feel comfortable doing this in whatever way feels right to you? There is no one right way. Perhaps it’s quietly, through prayer or meditation, perhaps it’s actively through rescue or shelter or aid or activism. I encourage you to be the calm that you crave. Lead by example, so that others may find comfort too — and be the calm that they crave.

These are hard times. They are. But you got this. You have the power within you to handle anything this life throws at you. The world will storm. But when you are the eye, no winds — real or figurative — can blow you down.


Photo Credit: Reuters

Winnipeg Sacred Lightbody Workshop

The last weekend in May, I traveled to Winnipeg, Manitoba to teach a two-day workshop on The New Sacred Lightbody Meditation for Now. In the workshop, “Lightbody Activation to Clear, Shift, and Heal,” I passed along the meditation that Metatron has taught me and has asked me to share with others. After understanding this meditation’s roots in sacred geometry, and exploring the activation of ourselves through it, we focused on clearing intrusive energies from ourselves and others and energetic healing once those energies are gone.

I am honored to have been invited to teach this brilliant and joyful group of seven lightworkers, whose talents, passions, and professions include spiritual regression therapy, channeling, energy work, shamanism, teaching, sacred object artistry, and animal telepathy.

If you are interested in learning more about these Sacred Lightbody workshops, please contact me.

Thanks for having me, Winnipeg!