Category: Living this Life

Life can be as challenging as it is rewarding. It is through our lives that our souls learn and grown and love.

One-Page Wonder

  While my daughter is at ballet class, I walk. I drop her off at the studio and then head West, past the old warehouses, under the railroad bridge, through…
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My words on Elephant Journal: My mom was bipolar. Two weeks before she died, I learned how to love her.

What can we learn from mental illness? Our own or that of one we love? The lessons are as varied as they are personal. I learned so much, but nothing…
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The Eye of the Storm

There is so much going on in this world right now. In the United States alone, we are enduring the aftereffects of Harvey and the landfall of Irma, the fiercest…
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The Alpenlessons

I just returned from a ten-day running trip in the Alps with my friend. Yes, it was incredible. Amazing. Beautiful. Surreal. Yesterday, I spent several hours writing a blog post…
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Always stars beyond.

Wishing on a star you can see is always a good idea. But sometimes we shoot our biggest plans-for-what’s-to-come so aggressively that they simply cannot sink in to these close…
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