Emerging From the Goo: New Website and Office, Limited Summer Appointments, and New Connect and Create Workshops

Have you ever given much thought to metamorphosis? As of late, I have. Did you know that when caterpillars tuck into their cocoon sleeping bags for their snooze of transformation, the long fuzzy-bodied beings that they have always been melt away (if you allow me to be liberal here) into a living teaspoonful of goo, akin to the primordial variety. Then, through a miraculous burst of cell growth and differentiation, they fundamentally, compositionally change into the winged creatures of spring, endowed with completely different properties and strengths and abilities. And the cool thing is that when they’re ready to break out into life again, these butterflies go out and do their proud and pretty thing freely and naturally, never once resenting their former worm-like leaf-eater selves or their catalyzed slime selves, nor really giving these phases much thought, because that’s just what has to go down for them to become beauties.

You and I, we’ve been a dollop of primordial goo this past year. And now, or recently, or soon, we’ll be breaking out into life with some whole new skills or offerings or understandings. Holding on to what we were or did before or resenting the state of in-between from which we’re emerging doesn’t really serve us here. Stretching our wings to fly takes a conscious awareness of ourselves in our lives, right here and now, and realizing that — whoa! wow! — we have wings! This is our metaphorical metamorphosis. And yes, this applies just as much to our life-to-life-to-life transformations as it does to what we’ve all been going through this past year. 

After 15 months of tucking in, closing my downtown Spokane office, and then temporarily (though I thought it was permanently at the time) closing my practice altogether, I’m happy to share that, like many of you, I’m gently and carefully moving back into life and work again. And things look a bit different now.  How?

• I have a new website.

• My office is now in my home on Spokane’s South Hill.

• After a year and three months, I’m opening slowly to welcome clients one on one. I’ll be offering limited office appointments during the summer as we continue to emerge from COVID. I’m currently booking regression therapy or between-life spiritual regression sessions for May 17 – June 17. I will be available for special office appointments and remote energy healing during July and August. I am also happy to book appointments now for when I’m back on my regular schedule after September 2. Please note that because my office is in my home, I do require that people who come to see me here are vaccinated. If you are not vaccinated and you don’t plan to be, perhaps consider a remote energy healing session or joining one of my new workshops.

• I am offering new workshops! My Connect and Create Workshops celebrate the acts of connection (with self, with each other, with nature, with our voices) and creation (of ideas, of stories, of art, of abundance) that ground, empower, and delight us. These writing and art workshops allow us to come together, sometimes virtually and sometimes outside in nature, to heal, release, ground, expand or amplify — whatever it is that we need. I’ve created a schedule of options for personal participation and I also offer special engagements for businesses, groups, or teams. 

It feels good to be moving again, to be welcoming, to be creating, to be alive. I look forward to connecting with you soon in whatever way feels right to you. In the meantime, stretch those new wings and enjoy the spring! 

Scoga Nidra. Scott Moore’s new book, “Practical Yoga Nidra” may be the invitation you need to find your own best way to practice.

Scott Moore Practical Yoga Nidra

My dear friend Scott Moore has just finished his first book. A friend’s life-dream achievement is a worthy reason to celebrate in and of itself, but also, this book is so full of practical guidance and timeless inspiration that it makes me beyond proud to share his news and his book: Practical Yoga Nidra: A 10-step Method to Reduce Stress, Improve Sleep, and Restore Spirit. It’s now available for pre-order on Amazon.com.

Scott’s a master yoga nidra practitioner and teacher, but what I love about him and his teaching is that he both understands the power of a story and he is a fantastic storyteller. It is through his own stories that he really makes this work and his teaching come alive.

I met Scott about 15 years ago in Salt Lake City. I was training for Ironmans at that time and from all that training and years of not stretching, I was stiff as a splinter and bound to break. I decided I would incorporate yoga into my regimen to help my mind and my body both. I began a quest to find the one yoga class a week around which I would work the rest of my schedule. I went to several studios and tried out teacher after teacher. Most either looked down at my unbending body or bored me to distraction with strict, formulaic sessions. That was until one early morning when I found myself delighted by the welcoming instruction, the funny and thoughtful stories, the poetry (he read Mary Oliver that day), and transcendent clarinet playing (during Shavasana) of Scott Moore. Because of him, I was in. And as I continued to meet him for 6am yoga classes every Thursday, I told him that what I was doing was not yoga, it was Scoga. It was Scoga that I loved.

I invite you to now not just experience Yoga Nidra, but to experience Scoga Nidra. Because this book is his voice. It’s his take. It’s his storytelling. It’s his style. And all these make the treatment of subject matter different than anyone else’s. And all these are, in reality, welcoming invitations to make this experience uniquely your own.

Pervasive Powerlessness. Ubiquitous Unworthiness.

Pervasive Powerlessness Ubiquitous Unworthiness

There is no one type of person who walks through my door. Men and women. Twenty-somethings and the longtime retired. Hedge fund managers and doctors and lawyers and farmers and artists and the not-yet- or currently unemployed. Spiritual seekers and those who don’t know or understand spirituality but who want help and can’t find it anywhere else. Those who have “served time” for hurting others and those who have served a different kind of time after being hurt by them. The religious and the adamantly non.

And people come for countless reasons.

When we begin, you talk and I listen. Together we pinpoint the most challenging emotion in your life right now. Often what we find is the emotion under the emotion. It’s what’s there, sometimes stealthy, under the surface. Maybe you can’t sleep. You can’t commit. You are stuck in your job, your relationships, your habits. Maybe you desperately want to know what you should be doing — as if someone else is the boss of you and you just can’t quite hear your orders. These are just a few examples, but I share them here because they represent common themes that I see so often. Unworthiness and Powerlessness.

During this process, so often, “I can’t find a good partner” becomes “I feel unworthy” of love. “I am stuck” in this relationship or this job or this habit becomes “I feel powerless” to change or be or do different. It is the moment of truth and it is beautiful.

Surprisingly, it is in the realization, and in coming to say the words yourself, that you begin to let go. More often than not, this is not a time of despair but of almost visceral relief. Somehow, the moment you own it, you become ready to change it.

Even though Powerlessness and Worthlessness are emotions that I encounter weekly, if not several times a week, the experience that you have when we go together back to the source of the challenge is never the same as anyone else’s. No two lives are the same. No two past lives are either. And in the history of the Earth (and elsewhere too), think about how many past lives there have been. We are an interconnected beautiful web of consciousness and cause and effect and then and now. We are the current manifestation of history unfolding. We are made up of all that we have been and all that we are, and in so many and far deeper ways than most people ever attempt to imagine.

When we choose to, we carry with us emotions from the past that we wish to learn from in this go round at life. And there is no one type of grievance worthy of re-address.

A deep sense of Powerlessness can stem just as directly from being tortured to death or raped repeatedly to being falsely accused and remanded for a crime you didn’t commit. The same effects may be felt from being abused as a child (in current or past life) or being born blind, deaf, and mute and living an entire lifetime isolated and alone. No matter how one chooses to experience Powerlessness, it can and often does stay with you for a long time. Powerlessness is powerful.

Interestingly, Worthlessness often derives from similar experiences, with a slightly different reaction from the experiencer. Worthlessness is an internalization, a taking on of blame or guilt or responsibility, whether or not you actually were responsible. Sometimes a sense of Worthlessness comes when a perpetrator reviews his or her actions and then finds him or herself unworthy of X, where X can be forgiveness, love, respect, or any number of other things that we as humans need and crave.

To find Power through powerlessness and Worth through unworthiness, no matter the scenario we find at the source, you must first release the energy of the emotion. You do this by reliving it and, in some cases, physically pushing back against it through body therapy. Then you come to understand it. You review your actions and come to understand the motives and actions of others. You review the major lessons of the life you are looking into: What is it that you hoped to learn in that life? How did what happened help you learn what you wanted to learn? Did you plan it? Once you understand, you forgive (others and/or yourself) and let go. Then, in your newly empowered self, you move forward, now free and without the burden.

You are Powerful. You are Worthy.

Then, miraculously, you have the power to break habits and patterns. You have the power to stand up for yourself and speak your truth. You have the power to finish what you begin. Then, suddenly, you are worthy of love and respect and acceptance. You are worthy of success.

You become the driver of your life. You are no longer the passenger. You make things happen, they don’t just happen to you. You are strong and radiant and free.

But know this: many more people don’t come to me or other regression therapists than do. If such a small microcosm of people can show such a remarkable commonality, just think of all the people in all the world that, in all likelihood, are experiencing some version of the same thing. This makes me think. When I’m out in the world — when I’m interacting with people or just watching them around me — I often find myself seeing traces of Powerlessness and Worthlessness, in the way that people act or react, in the way they speak or don’t speak. I recognize it. I see them.

Maybe when we understand this commonality, we can bring ourselves to acknowledge in those around us exactly what we feel or have felt. Maybe this is what will help us choose to be open instead of judgmental, loving instead of cruel. Maybe it’s not in understanding our positive similarities, but our vulnerable ones, that will encourage us to be kinder.

This is what I hope.

The waterfall guardian

This Every summer, my daughter and I go on adventures. When she was four, we road-tripped from Utah to fly a kite on the Oregon Coast. When she was five, we packed up the car and the dog and went camping at Joshua Tree in search of Dr. Seuss trees and desert sunsets. When she was six, we drove to a surf beach in California and camped in the rain for four days. Last year, we spent two weeks exploring sections of four states in the mountain west. This year we ventured out on the Great Waterfall Quest of 2018 and headed to the Washington Cascades to find the hidden treasures that gave the mountains their name.

One day, halfway through our trip, we found ourselves in an unexpected place. Access to the campground we were trying to get to had been closed by a landslide. We learned of this from a friendly man and his 11-year-old son who were visiting hosts at the place we’d been camping in the Gifford Pinchot Wilderness. He suggested we move to their home campground and explore from there instead. The promise of a new place to stay for the busy weekend made it appealing, so we went.

Before our trip, I’d mapped out several adventures and waterfalls for us to go find that would be near where we’d be. Now, without a plan, I turned to the gazetteer. I found a waterfall relatively nearby that was off the beaten path but looked accessible.

One thing to note is that late summer is not peak waterfall season. Spring rains and run-off make that season the one for falls in all their glory. And the name of the waterfall that I’d located on the map, Parched Creek Falls, gave us little reason to get our hopes up. We had no better plans for the day, though, so we went for it. We followed a lonely paved road the width of a rail trail or a nice wide sidewalk. We’d seen a few of these before. They are access installations in the National Forest. I followed the contours that I saw on the map and found where I thought the falls might be. We eventually found the creek. We saw a fire ring in a little clearing off the road, and then a trace of a trail leading off, so we followed it. On the map, the falls were right off the road. That was not the case. And the trail was so indistinct, with major giant tree-fall over it, that I was thinking of suggesting we turn around. My daughter, though, was having a great time way-finding, crossing the creek, and climbing over the giant fallen trees. Because she was having so much fun, I just followed along happily. “This may not lead to a waterfall,” she said, “but it will lead somewhere!”

One mile and 45 minutes later (to give you an idea of how challenging the trail was), we heard the rushing sound of falls. We had found them! The trail ended in a box canyon that created a natural, greenscaped grotto with a hundred-foot cascade spilling over the edge of the cliff high above. It was as breathtaking as it was tucked-in and secret. I was inspired to take a panoramic photo to capture the full beauty of the scene all around us… and that is when we saw her.

The waterfall guardian.

She is a spirit that serves as the guardian of the falls and that part of the forest. You will see her in this photo. She is very tall, and you can make out her shape and that she is holding a staff or baton of some sort with a round head on the top, with very distinct almost a yin-yang design in it. Of course, it’s not a yin-yang, but it similarly invokes the idea of balance.

When I asked how long she had been there, I simply got the answer 2222222… An infinite 2. This, according to numerology (I had to look it up), means feminine, balance, harmony. I asked if she had once been human, and the answer was no, though she is seems to be in somewhat of a human form. I asked if she represented Gaia and the answer was no but that she works very closely with the energy of Gaia. I asked if I might get another picture of her, if she would allow it, in which she presented herself more clearly. She agreed. All of a sudden a gorgeous brown butterfly flew down and landed at our feet. I had never seen anything like it, but then again, I had. Maybe in a book or in a dream? I took the picture and the butterfly flew around us and then away and we didn’t see her again.


We spent an hour our so at the falls, then thanked the guardian and the Universe for leading us to such an amazing place, and made the scrambling hike back. It was my favorite day of the whole trip.

When we got home, I was in my daughter’s room and bumped my head against one of the little butterflies I’d made for her before she was born to hang from the ceiling over her crib. When I looked up at it, my heart skipped a beat. The little felt butterfly was brown with white dots and just a touch of orange-yellow. There it was.

I share this with you just as a reminder. There is more to this world than meets the eye. And sometimes when the magic does meet the eye, you just need to give yourself permission to see it.


Soul Evolution Workshops: Get your crazy life, I mean driving, back in control.


Life can sometimes be like driving a clunker car with no maps or gauges, through a world with no street signs. Empower yourself. Find the tools you need within. Regression Therapy can help. And so can the new Soul Evolution Workshops presented by the Past Life Regression Academy.

The first ever workshop starts in a month! Join me at Mt. Shasta July 12-15 to clear past life emotional energy that’s affecting you now. Read all about the Transforming Past Lives Workshop and register now! If you have any questions at all, reach out to me directly and let’s chat: marit@maritfischer.com or 801-450-3244.

I am so excited to spend four days with you in California.