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When I went, I went cold turkey. Five years ago I grew so jaded by the riptides of negativity and algorithmic platters of content that I quit social media altogether. I closed all my accounts and was happy about it.

Then came coronavirus when we all found ourselves in a sort of socio-cultural aspic—dampened, suspended, and alone-together in a weird, bland Jell-O. I closed my downtown office and, for a while, my practice. I even stopped sending you emails. In the years that followed, I forgot I ever had. 

I like quiet. I also like connection. One thing that I’ve come to realize in these past years is that the two are not mutually exclusive. Often, the most profound connection comes from turning inward. But in addition to quiet union, I relish out-loud, in-person, engaging conversation. I wouldn’t be doing this work if I didn’t.

This past Monday I un-boycotted social and rejoined LinkedIn. Sure, it’s a relatively banal platform focused on work, but the thing is, I’ve missed the people I used to work with. I live far from them now; I’ve changed careers; and I miss my fascinating, talented, and diverse friends and colleagues.

There’s a process to re-finding connection and I’m enjoying the work of it. I could simply click on contacts, absent-mindedly accumulating a network, but I’m not doing it that way. I’m making an effort to send personal notes. I’m reading profiles to learn about people again, or rather, since, and I’m reaching out to them with care. I’m curious about their lives and I want to know how they’re doing.

The resulting conversations have been incredible. They’ve been real and genuine. I’ve learned so much and I’ve been so impressed by what these people are doing with their lives. They’re leading companies and influencing policy. They’re serving their communities and raising families. They’re advocating for the planet, creating meaningful products, and, generally, doing good in the world. I’ve learned about some of their challenges, successes, regrets, and passions—some of which have catalyzed unpredictable life changes. I’ve learned about children that weren’t even born yet when last we spoke and I’ve learned of parents and loved ones that have passed. In the past four days, I’ve reconnected with just shy of 100 people. Not all the conversations have been this in-depth, but lots of them have been. 

Each of these people is on their own path. Reconnecting with them now shows me how meaningful it is that we once shared a road in common. The experience unites us now, even years later when we’re so far apart. 

That brings me to you. Hello! How are you? I’ve seen some of you recently, and my life is better for it. Thank you and welcome. I haven’t seen others of you for several years. Please tell me what you’ve been up to. Where are you now? What has changed in your world? What do you wish for and what do you miss? What do you love more than anything and what would you like to weed away? Honestly, I’d like to know. If you feel like sharing, I would love to reconnect. Please just send me a note to [email protected]. I’m excited to hear from you.

The world can feel dark sometimes. We can get lost in grey loneliness and hazy disconnection. Just remember, though, that each of us is a light. When we come together, it gets bright. Let’s light the place up. 



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