past life regression therapy transpersonal spiritual energy healing Marit Fischer Spokane Washington

My name is Marit Fischer. I am a licensed practitioner of Transpersonal Therapy, Past Life Regression Therapy, and Between-Lives Spiritual Regression. I am also an energy healer and guide for those on the path of Spiritual Awakening.

My passion is to help people like you identify the emotional sources of your challenges, understand them, reconcile them, and let them go. Through this loving, transformational process, you are able to find your own strength from within to live healthily, happily, and with confidence.

We all have within us all that we need to handle anything this life throws at us. It’s easy to forget  this when we’re faced with frustrations, loss, pain, disease, or death. But when we comprehend our own emotions, forgive ourselves and others, and transform our experiences into lessons, we can find real, lasting, liberating peace.

A loving and respectful relationship with yourself is fundamental to a life well-lived. Opening your heart to understanding and acceptance through transpersonal therapy, past life regression, or energy healing will relieve you of your emotional challenges. Then you will be free to unleash the best you you’ve ever known.

Whether your next best step is to meet with me one-on-one for spiritual regression therapy or to book an energy healing session, it will be a step towards freeing your own bright and beautiful self.

You are amazing.