I am not currently taking clients. Please, come in and use this site as a resource.

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Regression Therapy

Get to the source of life challenges to transform, heal, and move on.

Between-Lives Spiritual Regression

Join with your highest self in Spirit Realm to learn of your soul's purpose and your life's work.

Energy Healling

We are all energy. Clear, calm, empower, and heal the energy of you.


Gnosis Podcast: My conversation with Sarah Brown about Regression Therapy (and other things)

Truly good conversations are special. They are memorable. Each with its own timbre and feel, the best pique contemplation and evoke emotion. They both challenge and delight. For me, this conversation, recorded in April 2020 with Sarah Brown, host of the Gnosis Podcast, is one of the best discussions I’ve…

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Allison’s Empowering Energy Healing Experience

I love sharing the words of my clients, because I know that they will speak directly to someone out there who really needs to hear them. None of us is ever truly alone. I’d like you to meet Allison. She recently came to me for a long-distance energy healing session.…

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The Process is Important.

My whole life I have been trained to set a goal, aim for it, and make it happen. In school. In sports. In business. Lots of us have. That’s how we roll as a society and a culture. As a world. If you’re going to race an Ironman, for instance,…

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Your soul. Your strength. Your life.

We all have within us all that we need to handle anything that this life throws at us. It’s easy to forgetĀ  this when we’re faced with frustrations, challenges, loss, pain, disease, or death, but it is in understanding our own emotions, forgiving ourselves and others, and transforming our experiences into lessons that we can find real peace.

A loving relationship with yourself is fundamental in your own life well lived. Opening your heart to personal understanding and acceptance will free you of your emotional challenges unleash the best you you’ve ever known.

While I am not currently taking clients so I can focus on creative projects, I am leaving this site up as a resource for you. Please come in. Explore. Find hope. Use one of the many links I provide to find the therapist that is right for you.

You are amazing.