What is energy healing?

Energy Healing is loving care of your energy body to address your personal challenges, whether they manifest as physical, emotional, or mental. When I connect with you spiritually, I see you as your higher self wishes me to see you so that I can engage and foster healing.

Everything is energy: our souls, bodies, emotions, and thoughts. Everything physical and non-physical is energy. Knowledge is energy. The sublime wisdom and love that permeates all is energy. It flows in and through every living being. It is life force.

Your well-being is directly related to the energy that flows through and around you. The free movement of energy promotes health and vitality. Energy animates physical organs and tissues as it flows. If the flow of energy is disrupted somehow (by conscious or subconscious emotions, thoughts, feelings, or behavior) our bodies are affected. Disruption in the flow can result in challenges, blocks, illness, or pain.

What does an energy session with Marit entail?

Energy Healing is as subtle as it is effective.

This type of healing does not require your active, verbal participation during the session. In fact, it is often done remotely. Distance is no issue when working with energy.

During an in-office session, I will guide you in relaxation and work quietly while you rest. In a remote session, you will rest or meditate at our designated meeting time. Once you are relaxed, I will connect directly with your higher self and your Spirit Guides and engage with the your energy by intention on a fundamental and spiritually holographic level. When deeply connected in this way, the physical world falls away.

The experience of energy healing is deeply personal. In the process, you may experience:

Emotions, sometimes intense
Colors, visions, sounds, smells
Tingling, twitching, pressure, release, or other physical sensations
Insight or understanding
Catharsis – release in the form of expression (tears, laughter, coughing, humming, yawning…)

Often, the more you open your mind and heart to the work, the more you will feel. Everyone is different. Just be you, do calmly what works for you, and give me permission to connect with you.

What happens after?

Upon closure, if we are together, we will spend some grounding time talking. If we are not, I will text or email you to let you know that I am finished. Then, for remote clients, I will write a thorough report. I will send it via email as soon as it is complete. I always do this immediately after the work so I can remember every detail. Depending on the session, the report may take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. Once you have had a chance to review it, we will connect again at a scheduled time via Zoom.

The purpose of our follow-up discussion, whether in-person or over Zoom, will be to integrate the healing through conversation and counseling. This informative and deeply satisfying part of the process is required with every engagement I do. Understanding is key to true healing. I will answer all your questions to the best of my ability.

The day of your session, I recommend drinking water, eating healthy food, and generally taking care of yourself. Rest if you need rest. Avoid alcohol or drugs all-together and limit sugar and caffeine. Your body will need time to assimilate its shift in energy, no matter how gentle.

In the days following, notice any changes in thoughts, behaviors, and emotions.

Why choose energy healing?

In many cases, it is simply a matter of preference. Some prefer the quiet, gentle effect of energy healing to regression therapy. Others even choose energy healing to complement their regression therapy sessions.

It is a beautiful healing option for children and young teenagers, for people who cannot achieve the trance state necessary for Regression Therapy, and for those with advanced serious illness, counter-indicative prescription drug use, addiction, or psychological and personality disorders.

It is also an all-access therapy in that it can be done just as effectively long distance.

Energy Healing is hyper-focused. Most deep healing sessions last only one hour. In comparison, Regression Therapy sessions often last three hours.

Be discerning when choosing your energy healer.

Different healers work in different ways. Be discerning when choosing the person you will work with. If it doesn’t feel right, it is not right. Please, never go into an energy session blithely without learning about the healer and their methods. Always be sure of your practitioner’s spiritual ethics. Do not allow just anyone access to your spiritual body. You always have the right to ask questions and read or request testimonials. You are precious and you deserve to be handled with the utmost love, care, respect, and tenderness.


The cost for an energy healing session is $125/hour, whether in person or remote. Sessions last one hour. Please contact me to schedule an appointment.

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