Mr. Rogers swapped his jacket for his sweater and changed his shoes at the beginning of every episode. It was his ritual so it was ours too. It was a simple act that not only created a more friendly space for us to join him, it showed us that the man that wore those dress-up clothes was the same man in blue sneaks who talked kindly with us, who taught us things about life and our emotions, and who loved us just the way we were. 

I am changing my shoes, too. 

After almost exactly ten years, I am returning to work full-time outside of my practice as a transpersonal therapist and energy healer. On November 16, 2024, I begin my new adventure as the new Chief Marketing Officer at the Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture.

I was a marketer for twenty-plus years before becoming a therapist, so this work is not new to me. And because I really like it and it gives me a creative outlet, I have continued doing marketing contract work in addition to my therapy work whenever a project comes along that meets my important criteria.

What are my checks?

• I must wholeheartedly believe in what I am promoting.
• It must align with my sensibilities and ethics and feel good to my soul. 
• It must bring light and connection to this world. 

The MAC fits. It is a cultural center in the Inland Northwest. It is a healthy, living museum that speaks to and for the diverse people that live here. It engages us to learn about, appreciate and steward all different kinds of art, culture, and history so relevant to the creative and curious. I am grateful for this opportunity because I get to do something I love, with the added bonus of being able to support my family.

The best part of this news, though, is that, like Mr. Rogers, I’ll welcome you in my comfy shoes whenever you come over. My practice remains open. I am still committed to accompanying people on their spiritual journey, and am moving all my specialized therapy work to the weekends. Even though I may have to book your appointment out a bit further than I would have before, I am still here for you—same as always. 

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