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This time of year it becomes commonplace to be in the ghost business. Libraries and museums and parks and entrepreneurs promote their haunted tours and activities to capitalize on Halloween curiosity and thrill.

It’s ok. Most people just don’t understand.

Spirits who remain on the Earth plane after death are lost, stuck in the partial consciousness related to the lives they lived when embodied in their last incarnations. They have stayed here for any number of reasons. Some didn’t realize that they had died. Perhaps their death was sudden and caught them by surprise. Their souls, confused, went on with their daily business, not realizing that they were in fact free to move on. Some had such a sense of unfinished business here on Earth that they could not let it go. Perhaps they were a parent who wanted to continue to protect or raise their child. Perhaps they were obsessed with someone or something, unable to release that unhealthy emotional bind to that person or that revenge or that drug or that work. Perhaps they were afraid to go into the light for fear of Hell or some other retribution for acts committed in life. Whatever the reason, they did not rejoin Source at the termination of the life of their physical form, and here they remain.

Any life here on Earth is finite compared to the eternal life of the soul, but for these souls stuck here in this place, the non-embodied continued existence in that sort of stasis of being can feel endless. Life, as they say, goes on without them. It is little wonder that some start to act out.

Set Spirits Free

I set spirits free from this plane nearly every day.

Most that I encounter are those that attach themselves to people I work with. They do so in hopes of finding whatever it is that feels comfortable to them. Sometimes, they are seeking the emotional fix of that which was known to them in life. So if they were anxious or afraid in life, or angry, or sad, they would seek that out in a living person that could feed their need for that which they understand in an otherwise confusing state. Sometimes they were addicts in their own life and so seek living addicts to join here, because alchohol or drugs or sex or gambling or gaming is what feels good and right to them. Sometimes, what they crave is light or freedom.

Some spirits do not attach themselves to other people, but attach themselves to places instead. “Haunted” houses or buildings are the places where these souls once lived or worked or perhaps where they died. Either they feel safe here or they are lost here, not knowing where they are and not knowing where to go.

Others wander. Some are searching for their loved ones. Some know that their people are dead, having watched them grow and age and die but not knowing how to join them in returning to Source after being stuck here for so long. Some are searching for a way Home.

Some are stuck on repeat, living out their daily lives as they knew them. Others venture out, making connections and choices and living lives without bodies in a world that most of us cannot see. Some of those spirits are kind and protective. Others are not. Just like people in skin.

As we become more spiritually astute and understand more, we come to see that compassion for others does not require that they have bodies. That sounds funny, I know, but it’s true.

In most cases, it’s not hard to help spirits Home. All it takes is intention and confidence while acting in love. And permission. This is not something that has to always be the job of people like me who do this often. I believe in empowering everyone to not only be open to spiritual life but to realize their own connection, sensitivity, and ability to engage. There’s no embargo on this work, though some who do it would like you to think so because it gives them power and keeps them in business. Yes, sometimes cases are trickier or heavier and require more experience and that’s when you call me or someone like me. But the vast majority of spirits can be helped home easily. You can do it yourself.

Do you have permission?

Let’s start with permission. We don’t always have permission to help spirits home if they are playing out some sort of soul contract or have something still to learn here in this state as untethered soul. Or we don’t have the tools ourselves to help in the situation at hand. In many cases, though, we can assist in love and without fear. So how do you tell if you have permission? Those of you who are adept at pendulum dousing and know how to activate your pendulum and keep it clear of outside energies can use your pendulum to determine whether or not you can engage. For most, though, this is not familiar or handy. So, speaking of hands… Try muscle testing instead. For the unfamiliar, muscle testing is a form of biofeedback. To muscle test, a person holds a muscle in a contracted state. Pressure is applied to that muscle while a stimulus is introduced to the system (like an alergen applied to the skin, for example) or a yes/no question is posed. If the muscle holds in the presence of the stimulus or upon the answer of the question, we draw a positive conclusion.

For ease and discretion, I like the two-handed break-the-chainlink method. Connect the tip of your index finger and thumb on your dominant hand. Then insert the index finger and thumb of your non-dominant hand in the loop, like threading the needle. Now, think or say a simple statement, true or false, and try to break the link of your dominant hand with your two non-dominant fingers using moderate force. For instance, I might say, “My name is Marit.” The link would hold. Then I might say, “My name is Ryan.” The link would not. It should come apart easily. Try this with a number of yes/no questions for which you know the answer to get the hang of it. Here is a great tutorial if you’d like more detail.

This is a basic way to muscle test whether you have permission to clear the spirit or spirits you come upon during your public library’s haunted city tour, for example. Hold your fingers together and create the chain. Then ask, “Do I have permission to help this spirit back to Source?” Be humble. The answer may be no. This has nothing to do with you or your self worth. Sometimes we cannot help. If your answer is no, let go and move on. If the answer is yes, great.

If you get a positive response, the next step is quite easy. Simply calm yourself and your mind. Feel yourself connected to this Earth by visualizing a subtle energetic line between your body and our planet’s center. Then do the same to Source. Many visualize this as “up,” but Source is all around us. Connect in any way that feels right to you. This does not have to be a deep meditation and there is no need to draw attention to yourself or to cause for alarm for all those around you. All you are doing is feeling your place in this material world, recognizing that you are a spirit yourself, though you are still wearing your body.

Help them Home

At this point simply invite the Spirit Guides of the spirit you are assisting to come join that spirit. Ask them please to communicate with that spirit in ways that they can understand so that they may return Home to Source and continue their own learning and expansion as eternal and connected. Ask the guides to wrap the spirit in love and light and escort that spirit all the way back to Source. This is a fast interchange. It takes mere seconds. Time is something useful to us humans, but is irrelevant to the eternal. Simply set the intention, make the connection, ask for help from that spirit’s loved ones, and then let go. You may feel the release the first time you do this, or it may be something that you feel after some practice. Once this is done, do the muscle testing again. The question you ask can be any version of “Is Spirit all the way back Home to Source?” If the answer is no, ask again if you have permission to help and repeat the process. If the answer is yes, good job! Thank the guides, wish the spirit well, draw your energy back into yourself and close. How to close? Simply say the words “I close” and mean them.

Haunted attractions will always be a thing. People love the thrill of that which they don’t understand. But I love the idea of setting souls free of their captivity instead of holding them here any longer, stuck in a limbo between what once was and liberation from this world. Plus, the show will go on. Most people who participate in these spectacles can’t see or feel the presence of these spirits or don’t understand how to let them go. It makes me happy to know that these tours may now or at sometime in the future be about ghosts that once were here but now are off happily living their free and unencumbered lives elsewhere.

To read more about spirit release and clearing, check out these posts on my blog.

If you have any questions, just let me know. Ask in the comments or drop me an email directly.

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