My dear friend Scott Moore has just finished his first book. A friend’s life-dream achievement is a worthy reason to celebrate in and of itself, but also, this book is so full of practical guidance and timeless inspiration that it makes me beyond proud to share his news and his book: Practical Yoga Nidra: A 10-step Method to Reduce Stress, Improve Sleep, and Restore Spirit. It’s now available for pre-order on

Scott’s a master yoga nidra practitioner and teacher, but what I love about him and his teaching is that he both understands the power of a story and he is a fantastic storyteller. It is through his own stories that he really makes this work and his teaching come alive.

I met Scott about 15 years ago in Salt Lake City. I was training for Ironmans at that time and from all that training and years of not stretching, I was stiff as a splinter and bound to break. I decided I would incorporate yoga into my regimen to help my mind and my body both. I began a quest to find the one yoga class a week around which I would work the rest of my schedule. I went to several studios and tried out teacher after teacher. Most either looked down at my unbending body or bored me to distraction with strict, formulaic sessions. That was until one early morning when I found myself delighted by the welcoming instruction, the funny and thoughtful stories, the poetry (he read Mary Oliver that day), and transcendent clarinet playing (during Shavasana) of Scott Moore. Because of him, I was in. And as I continued to meet him for 6am yoga classes every Thursday, I told him that what I was doing was not yoga, it was Scoga. It was Scoga that I loved.

I invite you to now not just experience Yoga Nidra, but to experience Scoga Nidra. Because this book is his voice. It’s his take. It’s his storytelling. It’s his style. And all these make the treatment of subject matter different than anyone else’s. And all these are, in reality, welcoming invitations to make this experience uniquely your own.

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