During meditation recently, my Guide and Teacher, Metatron, invited me into the energy of his heart. I stepped inside and found myself whizzing through a giant golden energy tunnel lined by millions and millions of interconnected symbols, constructed of white light, emblazoned all around me.  These symbols, I understood, were representations of all of history, all of knowledge, all of the comprehensive understanding of Highest Source through the experiences of the combined efforts and existence of everything. I tried to see and retain, but there was so much. I felt my eyes tracking back and forth, up and down, as I sped past. Then instead of trying to retain all of it, I simply focused on symbols here and there. When I looked at them, zooming past, they flashed brighter and then dark, like a film negative, as if I was taking snapshots with my eyes and mind to store the information for later.

On and on I went, so rapidly I could feel the motion in my body. And then I began to slow. The symbols presented themselves for longer, spread further apart as I did.

I came upon the Flower of Life. And there I paused. “Ah. That’s it,” I thought.

But then I moved on.

I came upon the Seed of Life. “Ah. That’s it,” I thought.




But then again, I moved on.

Then I came to Metatron’s Cube.



At each point of this journey, traveling along toward The Center, and tracing all knowledge and understanding in reverse order, I found myself with a deep sense of understanding of the process of composing a life, of composing life.

And then I came face-to-face, heart-to-heart with one pure illuminated circle. There it was at the center, hovering and glowing bright.

Metatron showed me the circle at the source of all after I passed through the symbols and symbols and symbols that represented the existence and knowing of all time. And then, to teach me more, he simply tilted that circle on its “side” to change my perspective, and to demonstrate to me that the circle is an eternal spiral, with no beginning and no end. There simply is no full stop.

Our “chicken or egg” philosophical discussions must be a great amusement to our friends in the Spirit Realm.

But, we as humans, crave a beginning. As a whole, we find it hard to fathom eternal, and that’s mostly just the comprehension of never-ending. We find it even more challenging to comprehend the always that came before. We really really really want a starting point. Give us solid ground to stand on. Give us a foundation. Then we can run with it. Without that, we’ve got nothing.



Yesterday I read this article. Nothing Matters: How the Invention of Zero Helped Create Modern Mathematics, by Ittay Weis of the University of Portsmouth, published in Universal-Sci. I loved it. Here is one story of how we humans invented zero, and how it helped us understand. The symbolic naming of “nothing” changed everything ever after. Zero? It’s only just a human interpretation. That is all.

Really, there is no zero. It just makes it easier for us to compute if we have somewhere from which to start and, then, to hold our place.

Everything is like this. We live in a world of construct. Our existence is construct. When we wade through it all, it’s key-turning and Oh!-inducing to remember that all of it is construction, invention, interpretation, compilation,  reinterpretation – made comprehensible to us humans (and to other beings in their own way) through symbols, language, and communication. At the heart of it all, through all the noise, is the simple and pure eternal energy – represented, again for our understanding, in the shape of a perfect circle. No beginning and no end.

Isn’t it interesting, the shape of zero?

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