There is so much going on in this world right now. In the United States alone, we are enduring the aftereffects of Harvey and the landfall of Irma, the fiercest hurricanes on record. Our western air has been rendered “Hazardous” on the Air Quality Scale, choking us with the smoke from the 74 fires that rage in our over-dry woodlands. And then we watch as our president makes his choices, affecting us all, in regards to North Korea and DACA, international relations and internal relations, equality and human rights, science and business. Together, as a community of friends and family and co-citizens, we are are in the midst of real and present natural and political storms.

Everything will be ok.

This world is roiling. But remember, on a personal level, and on the collective as well, we come into these lives of ours having planned the challenges that we face in order to learn and grow as souls. In other words, we chose this. Not only did we choose our personal life challenges, we chose the natural and political climate in which we now live. As souls and as participants in this global population, over and over and over again, lifetime to lifetime, we have made this place. We’re not victims. We are in the process of playing our active roles on a stage of our own design.

So what then?

First of all, always remember that you are loved unconditionally and infinitely by Source (or God or the Universe or whatever name you give this energy of all). And more, you ARE Source (or God, or Universe). We all are. Each of us is part of the divine and is therefore divine. Remember this when times get frightening or devastating or overwhelming. You may seek your peace and comfort from the divine outside of you, and it will be there, no doubt. But if, for some reason, you cannot see or feel it, if all becomes cloudy or smoky, and you start to feel small or inconsequential, or battered by all that is versus you, try instead to connect with the divine within you. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and look into the very heart of you. Really search. If you give yourself the chance, there you will find your inner divine, your True You, and your own pure love, peace and comfort.

Within you is the forever eye of the storm.​

Then, we each get to choose how we respond. This is personal. It’s your choice. But in a world that needs so much love right now, why not love? And why not feel comfortable doing this in whatever way feels right to you? There is no one right way. Perhaps it’s quietly, through prayer or meditation, perhaps it’s actively through rescue or shelter or aid or activism. I encourage you to be the calm that you crave. Lead by example, so that others may find comfort too — and be the calm that they crave.

These are hard times. They are. But you got this. You have the power within you to handle anything this life throws at you. The world will storm. But when you are the eye, no winds — real or figurative — can blow you down.


Photo Credit: Reuters

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