Sometimes, when a person dies, his or her spirit gets stuck here on Earth. There are so many reasons for this. Sometimes death is sudden and truly confusing and the soul goes on “living” not even knowing that the body it left is dead. Sometimes souls stay on purpose, not bearing to leave a loved one, wanting to protect a child or spouse, or even seeking revenge. Sometimes souls simply get lost. I help these souls get Home, back to Source. That means that I also help the people who encounter these souls. The act of clearing or shifting these spirits back to Source is called Spirit Release.

Spirit Attachments

Spirits often attach to living people. Some are attracted to the brightness of certain individuals, mistaking them for Home or Source. Some attach to loved ones, not wanting to leave them after death.

Also, like attracts like. A spirit who functioned in anger during her life may attach to an angry living person. One who was afraid might find someone who lives in fear. And, more positively, one who worked as a healer might seek out a living healer.

Sometimes, souls who lived with addictions will seek living people with those same addictions. And behavior of these spirit attachments can influence the behavior of their hosts. For instance, a smoker may not be able to quit smoking even if he wants to if he is carrying a spirit attachment that is magnifying his need for cigarettes.

We want our energy to be our own. We want to be fully empowered to make our own decisions and learn our own soul lessons. It is important to keep ourselves clear of uninvited guests for our own health and welfare.

Ghosts or Earthbound Energies

Ghosts are spirits that wander or attach to structures. Just like Spirit Attachments, they have different reasons for staying on Earth. And just like Spirit Attachments, some are lost and some stay on purpose; some are playful and some are menacing; some are quiet and some make their presence known loudly, leaving no room for doubt.

You don’t have to live in a haunted house. There is help.

Dark Energy

Some people call Dark Energy “Satan.” My personal experience with this energy, though, is evidence enough for me that there is no one menacing source. Dark Energy arises and gains power in many ways. This energy is not created dark, but becomes dark of its own free will.

For those who have read Harry Potter, we have a good example of how Dark Energy might transmute. Tom Riddle was a human boy. (A wizard, but still…). Over the course of his life, he made decision after decision, utilizing his free will, to harm people and gain personal power. Eventually, he defied death by dividing himself into parts so that he could, by his calculations, never be destroyed. He became powerfully evil because he wanted to become powerfully evil, not because he was made that way.

So, perhaps a once-incarnated human chose a life of darkness and then stayed on this plane after death, attracting more and others of darkness. Over centuries and through the rise and fall of civilizations, this darkness could continue to grow in numbers, in will, and in harmful intent. It could collect lost spirits who are attracted to it, and it could latch on to the living to control and manipulate them to do its will. Dark Energy in entity form can be tricky, conniving, and highly intelligent.

Darkness is not created; it is chosen.

In energetic form, this dark energy can travel interdimensionally as well, swiftly by intention. Not all dark energy at work on this Earth was originally of this Earth.

The important thing to remember is that light can always prevail. Think of Harry Potter’s vanquishing Voldemort. If you do not want Dark Energy to influence you or to spread, you simply have to choose to find the help you need to shift it away from this plane for good. Once you do, and learn to protect yourself, it has no more power over you. But please understand that because of the nature of the Dark Energy at work on the Earth plane now, once it has connected, simply praying it away or falling back on standard energy clearing practices does not work.

There are a number of very talented energy workers around the world who specialize in this very specific, powerful kind of clearing.

The other thing to remember is that even Dark Energy is of the light. Yes, I do mean that it was originally of the light. But I also mean that, perhaps without intending to, it can serve to promote love and light in this world. I have worked with so many people who have become convinced of their work as healers and helpers because of a challenging experience with Dark Energy. The energy impacted them so deeply that it brought to the surface many emotions or challenges they needed to heal immediately. During the healing process, they discovered their own true light and their beautiful soul’s work.

Light overpowers dark. Always.


There are several techniques to clear energy, depending on the type and the ways that it wants to or needs to be cleared. Find someone who works quickly and efficiently, and when appropriate, kindly and respectfully. Do not work with someone who fosters fear in you, or exudes an energy of urgency or of “fighting” or “conquering.”

Some are channels and can telepathically communicate with lost souls. Many can also feel their nature and their intent. Friendly or confused souls can be sent Home to Source quite easily. They simply need to be reminded of their own personal soul work and that they cannot continue their work while stuck here on this plane.

Sometimes souls want to be heard. They may have a message or want to communicate with their hosts. If that message is friendly and the host would like to hear it, many practitioners can facilitate communication. If the spirit is looking to hurt someone or cause trouble, an ethical practitioner will not allow it to speak but will simply send it Home.

Find a practitioner committed to always respecting personal and spiritual boundaries. The good ones will always require that the affected person ask for help before clearing.

Prayers and amulets and crystals and intention can be helpful for protection and some people swear by them. I don’t use them. Please know that these methods of protection may help the individual, but do not always completely clear the dark energy in its entirety from this plane.

In the majority of cases, this work can be done remotely.

Frequently, personal dark energy clearing requires Energy Healing or Regression Therapy to understand and transform the emotions that most likely were triggered during the Dark Energy’s influence. In most cases, Dark Energy does not create emotion. It simply draws out and magnifies what is already there.

Want to know more?

I have written several blog posts about my spirit release work. Check them out here.

Find a practitioner

If your personal search online or in your community leaves you without a resource, you are welcome to contact me. I will refer you to a practitioner of Spirit Release that I trust and that I feel is right for you.