It’s rare that I do Spirit Release anymore, but I recently helped a longtime client clear an intrusive spirit that was affecting her. It was such a classic case of how intrusive energies can influence us, and it ended up being so amusing in so many ways, that I’ve decided to share the story.

When my client contacted me, she had been feeling out of sorts for three weeks. She wrote: “I have found that I am out of energy and totally not myself. I can’t bring myself to pray and this feels like something seriously deep rooted, not just something I don’t feel like doing for that one day. I am seriously not able to concentrate, I feel like I am looking out from someone else’s eyes, and my mood is not my own.”

What the client shared with me are telltale signs of intrusive energy:

  1. A distinct sensation of feeling “not oneself”
  2. Feeling like you are regarding the world through someone else’s eyes
  3. Feeling uncharacteristically tired and heavy
  4. Knowing that your mood or emotional reaction is not your own

She was right to contact me. It turns out there were other symptoms too, that came up later.

When I tuned in energetically, I saw that a clearing would be helpful to her, but I received her request at the end of the day and I was too tired to help her right then. To give her some relief until I could return to the work the next morning, I moved the most challenging energy away from her field and contained it.

In the morning when I reconnected, I saw a dejected male spirit, who himself had been carrying some dark energy (heavy, negative, sometimes powerful and destructive intrusive energy that can influence attitude and behavior). This dark energy is what I had separated from him and from her the evening before.

I understood that the name of the spirit I was meeting was Bog Gordon. Bog. This was nickname that made complete sense to me the more I spent time with him and got to know him.

This spirit had died during the years of California gold prospecting. This was an impression that came from what he was wearing and carrying, where he connected with my client, and a general inexplicable knowing that comes from spiritual connection of this nature. He was unwashed with ragged clothes and weathered skin, and had a mane of matted black hair. He looked like he had had a hard go of it, in life and after. He was an unhappy fellow. He felt a bit broken by the world and stuck.

I got the sense that this spirit had stumbled into my client’s energy field by accident, and once he was there, he had the sudden and unexpected sensation of feeling alive again. It was a surprise to him that he could connect with a living person, which is interesting, because he had been here on Earth after death for a long time. I felt deeply the year 1849 as the year of his death.

Bog was tired, and that tired energy did carry over to my client, but I also felt that his energy was just so different than hers that it was very draining for her. He recently had started to get frustrated with her for being weary and not wanting to do much anymore. He had no idea that it was actually his presence that was making her feel so exhausted. His foul mood significantly influenced her and became her foul mood.

When I joined him, he leapt up into my presence and immediately started demanding that I give him his power back. He got so close that it actually made me laugh. (Imagine being with a phrenetic person on a Zoom call who brings his face so close to the camera and moves around so erratically that all you see on your screen are close-ups of his mouth, his nose, one eye, the other eye. Think of how you might react. For some, maybe it would have been frightening. Sympathizing with his desperation, I just calmly watched him and let him speak to release all that pent up energy until he was done.) The power to which he was referring was the energy that I had disconnected from him and set aside the night before. He felt stripped of his influence because he had come to believe that that energy was all his own. It was not. He still had all that had ever been his, he just didn’t know it.

I comforted him by talking to him and wrapping him in the energy of love. At first, he wanted none of it. He was cranky and demanding, still wanting his “power” back. I had a very distinct vision that when I removed the dark energy from him the night before, he felt so wronged and frustrated that he threw down the pick ax he was carrying in a tantrum and slumped into a petulant whine-of-a-posture — arms crossed, bottom lip out. This, too, I found so funny, watching it all unfold. To his thinking, this poor guy just couldn’t catch a break. In reality, though, he had had a choice all the way along his journey to choose his responses and to make decisions that would have significantly altered his perception. He was stuck in the victim happy place. He had made himself miserable.

By the time I invited his Spirit Guide to come join us to escort him back to Spirit Realm, he was ready to go and he moved on easily. Then I turned to the energy that I had separated from him the night before and sent that back to Source as well, all in love.

Gold Rush era pick ax collection, via Rumble Box Studio on Pinterest. Bog’s looked like the third from the left.

When I was finished with my work, I contacted my client to tell her she was all clear. She told me that right after I had compartmentalized the dark energy the night before, she felt a sudden, sharp, piquing pain on the upper left side of her head. After that, she felt clear-eyed and able to function again. She told me that when that happened, she felt a distinct and inexplicable need to giggle, which she did, crying out through her laughter, “You bastard!” We both laughed at this. That must have been when Bog had thrown down his pick in rage and had given up all hope. It seems that perhaps unconsciously, my client was somehow aware of the humor in poor Bog’s tantrum.

I explained to her my impression that Bog’s spirit guides helped him connect with her. She is very good about managing her own energy and consciously protecting her field from intrusive energies. It made no real sense that she would have an attachment given the care she takes. Because of this, it seems that there was a greater plan at work. It was time for this man to get back Home to continue his soul journey, and since he didn’t know what to do, his guides helped him connect with my client.


She said she was fine with that and was happy to help, but that what she had missed the most was praying. It had felt as if there was a fearful block against prayer, especially against her connection with Kali. Again, I laughed. Kali is the Hindu goddess of time, destruction, creation, and power. Though often misunderstood, she is always a force to be reckoned with. Upon first glance and not knowing anything about her, Kali would be intimidating at the least. More likely, she would be utterly terrifying. Everything I had learned about Bog told me that if he had come across Kali, or even the idea of her, he would have run as fast as he could in the other direction.

My client shared that when Bog was with her, she felt nothing was going to work out for her. She felt that it wasn’t even worth trying anymore. This made complete sense in getting to know the lost spirit that was with her. Bog had found no gold during his life. He had been completely unsuccessful in striking it rich. He lived a life of disappointment that turned into destitution and desperation. When he died, he was not ready to give up his search. He stayed here on Earth after his death to keep looking for gold. In the 172 years that have passed since then, Bog lost all hope whatsoever. He was truly stuck. And then he came across my client. I suspect with great hep from his guides, he stumbled into her. Then his luck changed. When she called me, Bog finally got to go Home.

My client is all well and happy again. “I feel amazing,” she wrote to me. “I have good energy and good thoughts! I can’t complain at all.”

There is one more amusing bit to this story.

“Oh my god,” she shared on the day of the clearing. “I have been snoring like crazy these last few days as well. I don’t usually snore unless I have a cold. I wonder if that will stop too!”

Again, I laughed. “There is no way that guy was not a snorer.” I told her.

The next day, I checked in. Any snoring?

“Nope,” she wrote. “No snoring at all! Ha! so fascinating! I am amazed at how much spirits can affect us!”

I love this story so much. It is a guidebook example of what can happen to us when we earthbound spirits interfere with our energy. It also goes to show that sometimes, these interactions can be true gifts to the lost or confused spirits. Ultimately, my client did Bog Gordon a genuine kindness. She helped him return to Spirit Realm to continue his soul journey. Here on Earth after death, he had been stuck. Now that he is reconnected to Source, he may heal and learn. Eventually he’ll return to Earth as someone different to continue his lessons to evolve in love.

If you feel that you are in need of spirit release for yourself, feel free to contact me. I will refer you to one of my trusted colleagues and friends who continue to regularly do this work.

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