In January, I met with Caroline, a 39-year-old PhD working in research and administration. She is a deeply spiritual person, highly in tune with herself and others. She has had many profound spiritual experiences in her life, with a spiritual practice that includes communicating directly with the ascended masters on a regular basis. Mother Mary is her spirit guide. She has an air of confidence and glowing beauty. She has recently been doing deep energetic healing work and clearing on herself, which triggered an intense bout of off-the-scale anger towards one of her lifelong best friends, Noelle. This anger was palpable and entirely out of character and lasted for about a week. She asked an energy worker friend for help and this woman had a vision and associated understanding that many lifetimes ago, these two were working in “witchcraft” of some sort and Noelle’s persona stole something from Caroline, from her throat. Caroline had no idea what this was about but wanted to find out.

For a while now, she has also experienced sleeplessness, lack of energy, neck pain, upper back pain, teeth grinding/clenching, poor memory, and has tested positive for hypothyroidism.

I did a body scan and physical bridge right into an episode of terror. Through body therapy and much catharsis, we cleared away all energy from what turned out to be her murder to explore the life.

In this life, Caroline is a boy, Alizar, from another planet, another galaxy. He has incarnated into the lineage of Merlin in 312 BC with the specific task of healing humans and protecting them from those who are playing in dark magic, not using magic responsibly. There are forces of darkness on the planet as well, out to hinder the light. (She spoke here about how the dark energy is at work now as well by attaching to light workers who are open and unaware, taking control of them and forcing them to do their bidding. Having experienced this firsthand, I said: “I am aware.”)

The human family into which Alizar is born was DNA-coded with the ability to do magic, but since he is from another planet, another galaxy, he is even more powerful than they. No one knew of his special extra powers. He is very careful to keep them secret, though as, in that life, he himself is aware of his extra-planetary origins.

At 12 years old, he becomes very close friends with a smart, “robust” boy. They are like brothers, inseparable. Because of the boy’s keen interest in magic, Alizar decides he wants to teach him. This is frowned upon. His family warns him against this, but Alizar is sure and stubborn and does it anyway. Eventually the family concedes. Magic is very difficult to learn if you don’t have the DNA coding, but the boy does very well.

Alizar’s magic is pure Source energy but there are many dimensions to it. The most healing, condensed form of magic energy was created on the planet from which Alizar originated. He can access it easily, but he hides his powers to keep himself safe.

Things go well until Alizar tries to teach the boy how to conjure fire in his hands. The boy grows frustrated when he cannot do it. Until now, the boy has considered himself a peer of Alizar. A seed of jealousy and self-doubt has been planted. Around this time, a physician from another village approaches the boy about being his apprentice. The boy tells this man that he is already learning to heal. The physician promises more, and faster. The boy continues to work with Alizar.


M: Move forward to the next significant event in your relationship. 1-2-3-Now. What’s happening?

C: We’re older now and someone has come in with a terrible illness. There’s a bad illness, a plague going around, and this is a special case. This person. We’ve been working on people who have this and we’re able to help most people. The only cases where we can’t is when they’re too far gone by the time they come to see me. I have my own practice now. I’m known around my village as an herbalist, but I use magic on everyone that comes in.

M: Is this part of your cover?

C: Yes. Because the land where I live we’re not supposed to be practicing magic. It’s not a huge deal. We don’t have to totally hide it yet. It’s coming where we have to go completely underground, but at this point in time it’s just something that… it’s kind of like now where people might say they’re doing Reiki on someone, or maybe they practice Reiki, but they don’t tell everyone at their day job. So it’s kinda like that. It’s not completely taboo yet, but it’s starting to get there. And it’s because of the work of the other gentleman that my friend is spending time with, unbeknownst to me.

M: Oh, so they continued their relationship?

C: They continued their relationship. And this special case of the plague… it’s the plague that everybody has, but this old man has angered someone and there’s a mixture of curse and plague in his body. My friend is not able to help him and the reason why… and I didn’t know this at the time… I just had my eyes so closed. Part of my anger is at myself because I should have seen. I was totally blinded.

But this old man came in and Baltha — the boy’s name is Balthazar — Balthazar tried to heal him but he was unable to because part of it was dark magic that he had actually helped create. So he wasn’t able to heal him because he was coming from the same place that this curse was coming from. You can’t. Like does not heal like. Healing takes place from Source, from divinity. You can’t use a curse or dark magic to heal a curse or dark magic. You actually can use it to heal some things that are on the viral and bacterial level, interestingly enough, but you can’t use it to heal curses. So what he was doing wasn’t working, and I didn’t quite realize why at the time.

So I took over. Balthazar became very angry with me. He became visibly angry with me for the first time. He knocked over some our herbs and tools and threw a pitcher of water down at the ground and he stormed out. I was very surprised at this outburst. I didn’t expect that from him.

M: Is he jealous?

C: He’s partially… it’s not quite jealousy. What it really is, what I understand now, is that he’s angry at himself. But what it’s coming out as is jealousy. I’m not doing anything that he couldn’t have learned to do himself had he just taken a little more time to learn. He’s growing impatient. And the man, the physician, that he’s also training under, unbeknownst to me, at this time, is… he knows… he’s aware that he’s my apprentice. And he’s trying to undo that bond. He’s planting doubt and discouragement in Balthazar’s mind because he wants him to fully apprentice with him. He feels that it’s in his own best good for him to be with him. And I’m just completely blind to all of this going on.

M: Is the man aware of who you are?

C: No, he’s not. He just knows that I’m the person in my family that Balthazar is working with. He is aware that we work with magic because Balthazar has told him. He’s confided in him. But he doesn’t know that I am who I am. He doesn’t know where I came from. If he had known, he probably would have tried to kill me.

He’s still around. This man is still in my life today.

M: Who is this man?

C: This man is my father.

M: Let’s move ahead to the next significant event at the count of 3. 1-2-3-Now. What are you aware of?

C: I’m feeling… sorrow. I’m seeing a fire. And I know that… Balthazar has caused this fire. (Cries.)

M: Tell me about the fire.

C: There’s a fire. It’s in a home. It’s one of the villager’s homes. And there’s a woman and a baby inside. And there’s a woman and a baby inside. And Balthazar has started this fire with them inside. (Cries.) This is my family inside! Balthazar told me it was an accident. But I know that it wasn’t now. It was my wife and my new baby inside. (Cries.) And I can’t save them.

He waited until I was gone. He thought I wasn’t coming back that night but I did. I had a terrible feeling that I had to come home but it was already too late.

He said that a candle had tipped over inside, that it must have been that, but I know that he started it. (Cries for about 2 minutes.)

M: Tell me what you are aware of.

C: I just watch from the outside. My whole entire home is in flames.

M: Is he with you?

C: He’s standing on the side of the yard. He’s watching. As soon as I see him there, he runs up to me. He was watching the fire and he didn’t know that I knew he was there, but as soon as he realized that I knew he was there he ran to me.

People are coming. It’s in the middle of the night. People are coming now with buckets of water. The whole village has come out to try to put the fire out but I know that it’s too late. I know there is nothing that can be done. And he comes up to me and he hugs me. He holds me. He tells me that he is so sorry. He’s my friend. And he’s there for me. His heart is broken too.

M: Look into the back-story and tell me why he did this.

C: He did this because he wanted to destroy me. Because he knew that I loved my wife more than anything else in the world. That she was more important to me than anything… I would have done anything for her. He had some feelings towards her but it wasn’t… it wasn’t the reason why. The reason was to hurt me.

M: Think of your wife and tell me, do you know this soul?

C: Yes, this is my baby now. (Cries.) And… the baby was… my husband now! (Laughs.)

M: Did you come to awareness that Balthazar was behind the fire during this lifetime?

C: You know, I did… but the way that he came to me and held me and cried with me and was there with me 100% after, I just doubted myself. And I’ve always been trained never to doubt myself, never to doubt my connection with knowing. But I just never… I just pushed that thought away because of his genuineness with me in that moment and in the weeks and months forward. That I just… that is where my break with trusting myself started to happen. My departure from where I’ve always been connected with my origins.

M: And coming to understand this now, will this heal you moving forward in Caroline’s life as well?

C: Absolutely. Caroline is so conflicted most of the time because she still has access to all of that knowing because of where she comes from, and there’s a break in that that she… it’s not a real break, but it’s a departure from her being settled in that, with trusting that, with knowing. Even just knowing is enough now. And so that is healed. That has come to conclusion.

But with Balthazar though, he truly was my absolute dearest friend. And I was closer with him than with anyone else in the world — even my own siblings and my own parents. And so I just can’t accept that he has betrayed me and that this betrayal has come as far as it has. Up until this point [here with you]. So I just won’t accept it. The information is there but I won’t accept it.

M: Let’s come back to that relationship with Balthazar in a moment, ok?

C: Ok.

M: I want you to move ahead to the next significant event. 1-2-3-Now. What are you aware of?

C: He’s trying to kill me. (Stress, heavy breathing. This was the entry point into this past life, and we had released energy through body therapy at the onset of the session.)

M: Tell me what’s happening.

C: He’s put a field around me and he’s lifting me up.

M: Tell me what happens.

C: He’s lifting me up with his magnetic field. And he’s raising me up. He has a claw that is from the physician. It’s a silver eagle’s claw and it has red jewels in it and it’s meant to take the power from light workers/magic workers like myself. It’s specifically a tool that has been made… has been cast specifically for that. And he takes this claw and he’s thrusting it at my throat and he rips my throat out. And in doing this he takes my power away from me, and he takes my life! He rips my power from me. (Cries)

He’s raised me above the ground and as soon as he takes my power from me he thrusts me to the ground and I collapse and he takes the claw and he has my throat and he has my golden jewel of my voice. He’s found that’s where my power is kept in my lineage — not my earthly lineage but my galactic, my origin, my planet lineage. That’s where we keep our power. That’s where we hide it and he found out. He took it from me and now I’m dead.

(Pause for a moment then starts laughing.) Oh, this is hilarious. He takes it, and runs to the physician’s den and he tried to put it in his own throat, which is ridiculous. You can’t do that! (Laughs.) He can’t have it for himself. That’s so ridiculous!

M: Because when it’s out of you, is it dead?

C: It just doesn’t belong to him, so it’ll never work for him. (Laughs.) He can’t have it. It’s like a fish sawing the arm off a human and then trying to use it. It would never work. It just doesn’t work that way. But… he’s glad that he did it. He’s glad that I don’t have that power anymore. He’s foolish. He doesn’t understand that there are millions of beings like myself in this universe and there are several hundred of us on this planet alone. So by taking away my power, he knocked me out for the count for a little while but he certainly couldn’t do what he wanted. But he keeps it. He’s binding it to himself energetically, magically. He’s binding it to himself and he carries that with him through every lifetime. He carries it with him as sort of a talisman, as sort of a charm.

M: So Noelle still carries that now?

C: She doesn’t anymore. She just gave it back to me a few days ago. (This is a development resulting from Caroline’s own energy work.)

M: Ok.

C: I carry it with me now. But I don’t know… Caroline doesn’t know how to… It needs to be merged… it needs to be healed back in. So it’s sitting there. She feels a fullness in her throat. She feels that it’s there but it’s not reconnected yet. Marit, you can reconnect that for her. For us.

M: I understand. We can do that together. (This was alluded to in a channeled conversation with Spirit I’d had a few days earlier. Suddenly that conversation made sense to me.)

C: Yes.

M: We will do that today, ok?

C: Ok.

M: Hmm. I was just told the other day that I’m good at exactly this type of work. (Laughs.)

C: Yes. You are.

M: Who is Ezekhai? (The name the Spirit that came to me a few days before gave. He came to talk about my work and specialization in “Energy Transfusion,” that spoke of my work in regards to the Shift, the reactivation of dormant parts of humans’ DNA. I felt at this point that he was connected to this story in some way.)

C: Ezekhai is my brother. Ezekhai is my brother who is very torn. He knows about all this and he doesn’t know what to do… I see Ezekhai going to the physician’s den. He told him. He’s the one who told him. I don’t know how he knows this information.

M: I want you to go to the point now just after your heart stops beating. On the count of three. 1-2-3-Now. I want you to look at the body and tell me, has all the soul left the body?

C: No.

M: Where is it?

C: The hands and the abdomen.

M: Do you know why you’re holding on to energy there in the body?

C: That’s where my power came through. That was the gateway that came from Source, my power, where I get my energy from, where I do my healing work. There’s interdimensional gateways in my hands that… they stayed. That’s where they stayed. Those gateways, they’re structures, they’re energetic structures that I’m supposed to take with me when I move from body to body, but this time it was a combination of the shock and betrayal and the trauma of it that I exited too quickly and I left that behind.

M: Tell me, can you simply return to the body and take back what’s yours?

C: Yes. Yes.

M: Will you do that now?

C: Yes.

M: I want you to energetically put back what’s yours right into you.

C: It’s back.

M: How does that feel?

C: It feels whole. It feels amazing. It feels like my hands are back on again. It feels like my hands have not been on. They’ve been missing for hundreds and hundreds of years.

M: Good. And they’ll be with you forever now. Ok. What emotions are you taking with you from this life you’ve relived?

C: I’m taking back my trust. I’m taking back my knowing. I’m taking my knowing. I’m taking back my trust for myself. I’m taking back my powers. They’re coming back and they’re going to be in full force. And Caroline is going to continue to do all kinds of work. She’s always been doing work on other levels. But she’s going to start doing work on the physical realm because this power is back. And it’s going to come very easily to her. She’s going to be very surprised at first.

M: Do you have any advice for her?

C: Caroline needs to know that the first thing that she needs to do when she gets ready is to center herself in her heart; picture her golden heart — she’ll know what that means — connect that with the golden jewel of her voice and all her power comes from there, comes from those two places. They have to be linked together to do her work. And actually, that’s also why she’s been able to do some of this work because she had half of the puzzle. She had one piece. But she was missing the other piece. And no one knows yet about the heart piece so it’s still safe. But she’s protected now anyway, having gone through that. She’ll never lose either one of those again. It’s coming back. It’s already starting to come back now. To reconnect. You have to put the final piece in with your special power, but it’s starting to reconnect now.

M: Because there’s understanding of the story. Sometimes that’s important.

C: She needs your help for the final keys. You are a special type of key holder. You’re very unique in your field. Not everybody who does this work has the keys that you have. And so she’s here with you for a very specific reason as will be other people who come to you. They’ll be drawn to you because of these keys that you hold. This is very sacred. This is something that is to be treated with absolute trust and honor. It’s a very special thing that you hold. And I know that you’ll hold it with all of the care that it needs.

M: Will I come to understand it more and more as I go?

C: Yes, you will. But you have to use it to understand it. So as you use it more and more… You’ll get some really important pieces today… but you’ll be an absolute master with these keys in not too much time. Just remember to use them. Just remember that you have access to these keys. And you can think of them literally as keys if you want to.

M: I was just going to ask that. (Laughs.) Ok. So tell me what else I’m thinking…

C: (Laughs.)

M: Where do I hold the keys?

C: You hold them in your hands. You really are… you’ve already been using them. You know how to use them. It’s with your whole energy field. They come through with your hands. You’re using your whole energy field to wield them.

M: Thank you for telling me.

C: Thank you for using them.

M: I’d like you to move into the spirit realm to a special place where you can meet with Balthazar. Tell me when you’re there.

C: Ok. I’m there.

M: And Balthazar is there?

C: Yes.

M: What do you have to say to this soul?

C: (Deep breath.) I need to tell you first and foremost, Balthazar, that everything you need is already within you. You don’t need my gifts. You don’t need my power. My power actually weakens you because it takes your focus off your own power. In trying to pursue what belongs to me, as you’ve done, lifetime after lifetime, you’ve only weakened yourself. And the time has come that that has got to end. You are beautiful, amazing, powerful, deeply spiritual, deeply gifted, very special being and you need to start the healing process into why have foregone your own healing power, your own magic, and that comes from a story that you need to begin to explore now. You’ve only behaved in this way because of your own story, your own history. Your life is calling upon you to end this now.

And I need you to know that I completely forgive you. That this part of me and this part of you are forever interconnected. And I love you and I will always love you. And I thank you for all that you’ve brought to me. I forgive you and I love you. And I am forever indebted to you for the service that you’ve done for me. Because in taking away my golden jewel, I had to only rely on my heart’s jewel, and in doing so, my heart’s jewel has evolved many, many levels. And now that the two have come back together again, I am actually stronger than I ever was before. So I thank you for that. I see the higher intention in what you’ve done for me. And I thank you. And I hope that many gifts and understandings come your way, as I know that they now will, now that we have been able to resolve this at this level.

M: What does Balthazar say?

C: Balthazar is still not quite convinced that he, actually she, really has her own power. She feels that she doesn’t have any power of her own at all… not even a normal human level of power. So I need to help Balthazar. I need to help her so she can learn to understand that. But I have to do that very, very carefully. She has to learn it on her own or else she won’t learn it. I can’t tell her how to do it so I have to do it from the energetic level, from this level, and I have to come from underneath. This isn’t actually something that can be done right now. This is something that’s going to need to be done in the coming weeks and months, so not too far off. But it has to be done by Caroline, and it has to be done through some encouragement and allowance. Caroline can’t do anything for her. She just has to allow Noelle to do things for herself. It’s going to be a process for her, but she will get there. She will get there. Her own healing has to come in her own time. And she’s not ready right now.

Noelle will be ready this year. Maybe next year, depending on how stubborn she wants to be. But if she keeps doing work with energy — Reiki and her own energy work, she can hasten the process but it will be for sure this lifetime. It will take between three months and two years.

M: Tell me, when you look at your relationship with Balthazar/Noelle, specifically for the life you just relived, was there a soul contract or agreement?

C: We were bound to this. Oh yes, absolutely. We were bound just as sure as a nail is bound into a wall with a hammer… until someone comes along with the other side of the hammer to pull it out. (Laughs.) There is no other way that it could be.

M: And this, right here in this office right now, is this the culmination of the lesson?

C: Yes, this is the lesson. This is the healing.

M: Why now?

C: Because Caroline has been doing so much. This occurring is so deep. It’s the deepest thing that she’s ever had to work out in the human realm. She’s done so much clearing. She’s done so much work during her life, even before any of this reset work came along. She’s really stayed so committed to this, but some of this simply was not accessible to her until now. And doing the reset [Brainskey] work, it didn’t clear it the way that it clears most things. Most things are on… you can think of it as if you have layers of Jell-O or something, and each layer of Jell-O had a different layer of fruit in it. After one layer was cooled and molded, then another layer was poured on top of it. And the reset… if there were three layers, the reset gets down between one and 2 ½ layers and it clears everything, like, all the layers of fruit inside. (Laughs.) It just depends on what people are ready for, what they want out of it. Some people don’t get much out of it at all, and some people go really, really deep. Caroline has asked to go really, really deep. It’s difficult. It’s painful. But it’s nothing compared to carrying this around for lifetimes and lifetimes. And she’s aware of that. And she absolutely demanded that this become resolved now. And she’s finished. She’s done. She’s resolved that contract. On every level necessary, she completed that contract and she’s ready for what is next. This was the one thing that was really keeping her back, because it’s part of her. It’s actually like an organ to the type of being that Caroline is. It is like one of her organs. She can’t really move on until she had it back. She had to get it back now.

M: Are you ready to put it back?

C: Yes!

M: Reach out and take it. Hold it in your hands. Describe it for me. Look at it and describe it for me.

C: (Deep sigh.) It’s very complex. It’s interdimensional. It’s pure golden liquid light. And it has eons and eons of information stored in it. It’s almost like a piece of DNA, for our type of being. So we have physical bodies too and they are very humanoid, but we have an energy body that’s much more advanced and sophisticated… I don’t want to say advanced because that makes it sound, well, you know what I mean, it’s just further evolved. It’s just more evolved, that’s all. Our galaxy has been around… for, I mean, you can’t even really understand in human language… but suffice it to say it’s been around a lot longer than Earth’s galaxy so it’s just had more time to evolve. By the time Earth evolves to that point, the beings that originate from here will also be that evolved, but it just takes time. So this is very complex. It’s geometry that has layers and layers and layers and layers, and they’re all intertwined, and crossing over each other. And it’s all sacred geometry. So you know the golden ratio?

M: Yes.

C: It’s made like the golden ratio so it’s like a fractal. But there are so many dimensions to it. So the first dimension it starts to exist on is the 101st dimension. So it’s basically… it’s almost like a heart, but it’s not a heart, we have a heart, but it’s part of our energy body. It’s part of our light body. It’s our direct connection with Source and with our families, with our own lineage. And it’s our birthright to carry that through every body wherever we go. We are a people of healers and we go to all kinds of different galaxies and worlds in order to do our work. That’s why Caroline came here. This is the seat of all the work that we do. In it’s in this golden jewel.

M: I want you to put it back where it belongs.

C: (Deep breaths. Powerful breathing. She holds her hands out like holding a ball.)

M: I’m going to going to touch the edges of your hands.

(I can feel the energy. My hands are like cold fire. Tingling. I instinctively reach out and connect her pinkies with mine, spreading my fingers like hers and connecting our hands into a semi-circle with my thumbs.)

C: (Quietly, emotionally.) OK. (More deep breaths.)

M: Now I’m touching my hands together.

C: Use your keys to lock it in place.

M: (I know where to move my hands. To her throat, her heart, her crown. Sealing. Feeling Source energy flowing through my whole body and out through my hands. Two minutes pass while we do this.)

It’s done.

C: (Opens her eyes.) I can’t see at all. Oh my god, Marit! I’m just being reminded that we’re relatives of Metatron!

M: Just keep your eyes closed and take deep breaths. Just fully experience what it’s like now to be whole.

(Two minutes pass. I am acutely aware that someone is here that needs to speak with S. I feel that it’s her Guide, but I feel it might also be members of her Council.)

 M: Stay in the Spirit Realm for a moment. Go back there. You have one more meeting, ok?

C: (Whispers.) Ok.

M: Some people want to talk to you.

C: Ok.

M: That’s it. Right back into it. So whole now. Good.

C: It feels so good. (Tears streaming down cheeks.)

M: Is someone coming to you now?

C: Yeah.

M: Who’s there?

C: There’re three women, but one of them is in front. And she’s draped in… it’s Mother Mary.

M: And you recognize her, yes?

C: (Whispers.) Yes. (Deep sighs.) And then she’s with Mary Magdalene and Grandmother Anna. Her mother. The three of them are coming. They’re holding out their hands and there’s light coming out and they’re celebrating. They’re pouring their love into me, and into Balthazar. We’re both, we’re all in the same soul family. And they’re saying that it’s time to start doing my work that I’m here for. And to be consciously doing it, not just doing it from their side.

M: Because that’s important right now on Earth, right?

C: Yeah. I have to know that.

M: It’s part of the Shift.

C: Yeah. It is. It’s the critical piece.

M: Yes.

C: Yeah. So they’re just saying that… in this lifetime, I need to be regularly connecting with them so they can reteach me how to be using my power and where to target it and what work I need to be doing. And there’re specific things. Part of it is with people but a lot of it is with tectonic plates. And with the structure of the Earth. I’ve been doing a lot of work on that from the Spirit Realm on an energetic level, consciously and unconsciously, but it’s time to start working on it from a physical, conscious level, so I’m going to be working on it with those three because… they’re the “Chief Executives” of this project right now. So they’re going to be coming to me regularly to help me, to direct me in what to do and to reteach me how.

M: Do they want to take you somewhere? (Feeling this to be true.)

C: Yes. I’m getting a couple different images. One of them is back to my old village where this all happened and another… is kind of like a rainbow. There’s like an energetic rainbow realm. Maybe I need to connect the two? I’m not sure.

M: Follow their lead and do what they ask you to do.

C: Ok. So we’re going… first we’re going back to the house. They’re putting rainbow light… a many dimensional sphere, not a sphere but a many faceted sphere, what would you call that? Like the Epcot Center [pentakis dodecahedron]. It’s a rainbow light around that place, and that’s actually important. It’s important because… why? Because I have to go back to that place when I do some of my healings and step inside that rainbow. And it’s not because that’s where I died. It’s because that’s a sacred piece of land. It’s a vortex right there. And so when I go to any healing work, I need to go and step inside of that, and come to that place. It just happens to be where I was also killed.

M: Is that significant?

C: It’s significant because that is why it was so powerful, why I couldn’t rid myself of this curse until now. It was done in a spot that would make it hold. So Balthazar had no idea what he was doing. He was a puppet for some darker forces that were starting to come on the planet at that time. Now that one is cleared away. Oh, so we’re also healing that spot. There were some dark forces planted there. Oh, ok. So that’s part of how they do their work through the light workers of the world. They do it through their energetic field, but they also do it where they’re anchored in this world if they came from another galaxy. So we’re healing that, and restoring it, so it’s a temple. It’s a temple now. We’re turning it back into a temple. It’s a really powerful vortex where energy comes into this world from my own galaxy. It’s a doorway. It’s a gateway there. So that’s why it needs to be healed. So they’re doing that work there right now. There’s Metatron, too, with the divine feminine. Ah, so that energy came from a very sickly dark masculine, but that’s only part of it… (Shivers.) Oh, it’s very dark! But they’re healing it. They’re clearing it out.

M: Are you helping? Watching?

C: Now I’m helping, and so is my family from my galaxy. Oh, it’s getting very hot. There’s a group of my family, from my galaxy on the other side, and they’re working together with the three women and myself, and Balthazar is there too. She has to be part of this process. She didn’t know what she was doing and she is very remorseful of that, but it’s all OK, it’s all part of the story of this planet. So we’re healing it; we’re sealing it; we’re locking it in.

M: Will it remain a vortex?

C: Yes, it’s a vortex where Caroline needs to go when she does her healing work, but anyone, anyone, any of the light workers can go there. You are of this lineage as well and this is where your work will be most powerful. It’s… in northern England. It’s just a lot of green grasses around. It’s a giant sphere like Epcot and it’s made out of rainbow and golden light and there’s a grid around it of white light and that’s the security around it, so you can walk in. Nothing that is of sinister energy can come into that space but anyone who is going to do healing work can walk into that space and do it from there and it will open up like crazy, so much healing energy will come through that it will blow your mind. It’s really powerful. It’ll be easy. You won’t have to work for it. It’ll just be open now. And it’s just there to be used.

M: Tell me something. I’m going to hold your hand for a second. Is this the place that I learned of just a few days ago? (In my communication with Spirit.)

C: Yes. Yes. I’m seeing an animal. And it’s… and it’s a lamb… it’s just there to signify purity. There is an absolute and total purity in this space that you can go into. You can take your clients in. You can source your healing energy from this place.

M: Thank you.

C: You’re welcome.

M: Tell me this: was it on purpose that you were killed in this place? Was it planned beforehand on a soul level?

C: On the soul level, absolutely. Yes. And the reason is that this is the time, right now, that these shifts are happening on the planet and it’s time for all of this to become unlocked. So what actually happened… it’s so funny… the dark forces are not really… I mean, what they don’t understand is that they actually end up helping the evolution of the light. So there isn’t really the true darkness that we think of in the dark forces, but that place had to be closed down for all of this time. It had to go into hibernation. And it was locked into that because of what happened when I was killed there. It kind of… well, it was this open vortex and it had to close, and in opening it at this point in time, there are a lot of different dimensions that are open that were not able to be open before, and so now they can be open and they can just be completely unhindered — just this flood of absolute healing light and energy coming into this planet. It’s helping to lead to the end of duality. It’s contributing to the end of duality. It’s here to be a support structure in place of duality, because duality is a physical support structure of this universe and that’s all shifting now, and so this is one vortex of many that will be opening in the coming months. It’s all happening very quickly now. But this is the first one. There is a code, that when it opens the other ones can open up and begin to supply the new support structure for non-duality in the new universe. It’s not just on the Earth level, it’s on the universal level.

M: Tell me this as well: was it planned that you and I were to do that today?

C: Yes. (Very long pause.) You didn’t know you were part of the big universal plan to begin to shift the entire structure of the universe did you? (Laughs.)

M: No…

Well, there’s more of that coming. So just listen to it, be in tune to it, and do what it tells you to do. It’s a clear channel for you. It’s wide open. It’s easy access. So you might have to do some things, so just trust it and do it.

M: Ok. Does Mother Mary have anything else for you to do before you wake up? Follow her lead.

C: She’s handing me a set of keys. She says: “you’ll know what to do with these when the time comes.” It’s going to help with locking in the structure of these changes. But I need to keep these keys with me. I need to keep them in my heart center.

M: All right. Is your work here done today?

C: Yes. Thank you so much.

I bring Caroline back to consciousness.

The next week, Caroline reported back to me that she has been sleeping well; she has stopped grinding her teeth; she has lots of energy; and she has no more pain in her neck and back. She has yet to be tested again for hypothyroidism. Her anger with Noelle is completely gone. Since we met, Caroline and I both have had several powerful meditations and channels about this session, learning more about each of our souls and our roles in healing and Shifting the planet right now. Noelle continues on her own spiritual path.

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