The light that shines behind


Today, we celebrate the Super Moon eclipse of the sun. Spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically, it is a day of reset. It is a day of reflection and planning, of gratefulness and manifestation, of honoring personal change and of empowering giant leaps forward.

The eclipse is the foreseen, planned, and anticipated movement of our moon — our lovely opaque yet reflectively illuminating companion — into the direct line of sight of our sun —our one true light body and planetary source of light and life. Today, the moon will pass quietly between us and our source, and in the process will graciously take on its rare role as veil, presenting us with a show of natural wonder, yes, but also, in the process, gently teaching us, reminding us, of the light that shines behind — something that we often simply forget to acknowledge, and unfortunately, to appreciate.

Within us all shines the bright light of divine self. There is not one living person (or creature) that moves upon this planet without it. Just as a heart beats so does the inner light shine. Yet we forget. We forget when we allow ourselves to become base and hateful actors in the big production of life, and we forget when we dismiss others we somehow judge less divine than ourselves. We get caught up in the “reality” of all the veils we wear — our skin, our clothes, our social class, our work, our politics, our nationality, our language, our religion, our everything. And are the veils important? Today, the moon reminds us to look beneath and to see the light that shines behind.

In my healing work as a regression therapist, when navigating and uncovering the direst of human trauma or suffering, my clients and I sometimes bump up against a black veil, set in place by the subconscious to prevent further exploration. In his trance state, the client will be unable to see, to move forward at all. He will be aware of only black and to feel that he is “nowhere.” One of the ways to move through this shutdown is to take the time to encourage the client to look way down deep inside himself. Without fail, he will find light. He will travel inside the light to its source, and there he will see himself, his own divine self. In growing that light within, often all around him becomes illuminated as well. If it does not, all it takes is for the client to send a spark of that light into the darkness or, alternately, for the client to simply reach down and lift the thick veil of darkness to experience that which he has the power to address in order to heal himself. In reminding each person of the light within, all that is dark becomes light, and the light behind becomes accessible. There is always light behind.

Sometimes that which is between the light and ourselves is not completely opaque. Think of a stained glass window or an agate or a leaf. Sometimes it is only in holding a simple object to the back light that we can appreciate the finest beauty of it. Against the light, we can recognize the structure and essence and intricate beauty of that which otherwise sleeps unassumingly in shadow. Today the moon reminds us to hold others to the light to see their hidden facets, to hold our challenges to the light to see the bright opportunities that they may be hiding, to hold our pain to the light to find the learning and growth it offers us. It is impossible for darkness to reign or even to remain in the light. It is impossible.

Today, on the day of the eclipse in Pisces, I invite you to learn from the moon and to truly see and appreciate the glory of the light that shines behind.

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