Emerging From the Goo: New Website and Office, Limited Summer Appointments, and New Connect and Create Workshops

Have you ever given much thought to metamorphosis? As of late, I have. Did you know that when caterpillars tuck into their cocoon sleeping bags for their snooze of transformation, the long fuzzy-bodied beings that they have always been melt away (if you allow me to be liberal here) into a living teaspoonful of goo, akin to the primordial variety. Then, through a miraculous burst of cell growth and differentiation, they fundamentally, compositionally change into the winged creatures of spring, endowed with completely different properties and strengths and abilities. And the cool thing is that when they’re ready to break out into life again, these butterflies go out and do their proud and pretty thing freely and naturally, never once resenting their former worm-like leaf-eater selves or their catalyzed slime selves, nor really giving these phases much thought, because that’s just what has to go down for them to become beauties.

You and I, we’ve been a dollop of primordial goo this past year. And now, or recently, or soon, we’ll be breaking out into life with some whole new skills or offerings or understandings. Holding on to what we were or did before or resenting the state of in-between from which we’re emerging doesn’t really serve us here. Stretching our wings to fly takes a conscious awareness of ourselves in our lives, right here and now, and realizing that — whoa! wow! — we have wings! This is our metaphorical metamorphosis. And yes, this applies just as much to our life-to-life-to-life transformations as it does to what we’ve all been going through this past year. 

After 15 months of tucking in, closing my downtown Spokane office, and then temporarily (though I thought it was permanently at the time) closing my practice altogether, I’m happy to share that, like many of you, I’m gently and carefully moving back into life and work again. And things look a bit different now.  How?

• I have a new website.

• My office is now in my home on Spokane’s South Hill.

• After a year and three months, I’m opening slowly to welcome clients one on one. I’ll be offering limited office appointments during the summer as we continue to emerge from COVID. I’m currently booking regression therapy or between-life spiritual regression sessions for May 17 – June 17. I will be available for special office appointments and remote energy healing during July and August. I am also happy to book appointments now for when I’m back on my regular schedule after September 2. Please note that because my office is in my home, I do require that people who come to see me here are vaccinated. If you are not vaccinated and you don’t plan to be, perhaps consider a remote energy healing session or joining one of my new workshops.

• I am offering new workshops! My Connect and Create Workshops celebrate the acts of connection (with self, with each other, with nature, with our voices) and creation (of ideas, of stories, of art, of abundance) that ground, empower, and delight us. These writing and art workshops allow us to come together, sometimes virtually and sometimes outside in nature, to heal, release, ground, expand or amplify — whatever it is that we need. I’ve created a schedule of options for personal participation and I also offer special engagements for businesses, groups, or teams. 

It feels good to be moving again, to be welcoming, to be creating, to be alive. I look forward to connecting with you soon in whatever way feels right to you. In the meantime, stretch those new wings and enjoy the spring! 

New and different and good

UPDATE 1/9/2021: This post is outdated. My practice will be closed until further notice.

Well. Here we are together in the midst of a global pandemic and a formidable and omni-reaching shift in the way of the world.

How are you?

For me, watching the change in our world and witnessing people’s reaction to it has been an exercise in objectivity, humility, and way-finding. We’ve all heard the gross and sometimes comic generalization of “There are two kinds of people in this world…” and while it’s always an oversimplification, we can apply it here for example’s sake. What we are and what we see around us (though not necessarily across the board on everything) are those who deny and hang on and fight and yearn for what was, and those who see change and recognize the need to work with it, find opportunity, and seek the joy in what is now. We all know logically that it’s far more sustainable, ground-covering, and fun to swim with the current than to wear ourselves out fighting against it and going nowhere. But getting to the point where going with the flow or adapting to change is even an option often means freeing ourselves of habits and burdens and expectations and norms, and that can feel, if not impossible, then downright scary.

It’s not impossible, though. It is very possible.

Professionally, the way I worked before is not the way I can work now. It is also likely that the way it was will be out of the question for the foreseeable future. So I’ve made some changes that I’d love to share with you. While I am not meeting with anyone in person right now due to coronavirus and a deep responsibility to my clients, my family, and the community, I’d love to share with you what we can do together.


Because of the profound emotional nature of regression therapy, it is a service that I have made the ethical decision to only do live in person. I believe it is very important to be side-by-side with people as they journey to their deepest challenges to transform them and release the weight of them. I want to be able to do this without masks between us, while holding your hand and giving you as many tissues as you need. This kind of deep work is not distant work. 

Without exception, I will hold to this ethical stance for all new clients. If we have not met together before, we will meet together at some point in the future. I encourage you to please reach out to me through my contact page. I have been compiling a waiting list over the past few months and will get back in touch with each of you in turn when I am scheduling appointments again. The opportunity to schedule an appointment when the time comes will be on a first come, first served basis. I cannot predict when I will be seeing clients again.

I will consider a remote regression therapy session only for those of you for whom I have facilitated a regression therapy session before. We will speak extensively beforehand to identify the emotion at the heart of your current challenge (you know the process) and I will consult directly with Spirit on whether or not it is in your highest good to proceed with a distance session. If we get the go-ahead, we can set up a time to meet via Zoom. The cost for these sessions is $125/hour.

I will not be offering remote Life Between Lives sessions.


Some of my clients prefer energy healing to regression therapy. I invite you to please read about this option in depth here, and consider it as an alternative to regression therapy if you are among those whom I have not seen before. As with everything right now, this would be remote. The cost is $125/hour. For those of you interested in in-person energy healing, please contact me and I will add you to my waiting list.


I am still honoring my personal sabbatical from spirit release work. If we have worked together in the past, you are welcome to contact me, but I am not taking new clients at this time.


We may set up a time to meet via Zoom for a counseling or consultation session. This time is for you to ask in-depth and personalized questions about regression therapy or energy work, or for remote personal spiritual counseling. My hourly rate for counseling is $100/hour, prorated to the amount of time we spend together.


If you are not sure what you’d like to do or you have questions about energy healing or regression therapy, you are welcome to email me. If it would be helpful to you, I’d be happy to chat on the phone with you for a few minutes to help you in making a plan for yourself. 


In the meantime, following are some books that I highly recommend to my clients beginning their own spiritual journey of freedom and empowerment. If you’d like to learn more, these are wonderful. 

Robert Schwartz
Your Soul’s Plan: Discovering the Real Meaning of the Life You Planned Before You Were Born
Your Soul’s Gift: The Healing Power of the Life You Planned Before You Were Born

Michael Newton
Journey of Souls
Destiny of Souls
Memories of the Afterlife

If you are interested in recommendations for informative and inspiring reading on spiritual awakening or kundalini, please let me know.

Finally, I’m excited to share the news that I closed my downtown Spokane office and have moved my work into my home. It’s a beautiful, calm, bright space, made even lovelier by the urban grove of Ponderosa and cedars just outside the windows. We can all say a happy farewell to city street noise and paid parking. I look forward to welcoming you into this new space when we meet or when we meet again. I’ll share the address with you when we confirm our in-person appointment.

Our world now is a new world. And it will be new again tomorrow. Let’s move into it bravely together and make it good. And let’s find the joy in the change.

With that, I’ll leave you with Nina Simone’s Feeling Good. When Nina sings, she sings hope and she sings “Yes!” And whether we’ve embraced change or it’s something we know we’d like to free ourselves to be able to do, we all can benefit from a little more hope, and we all can benefit from a little more “yes.”

Healing my back with regression therapy, energy healing… and the chiropractor

I was recently floored by one of those back injuries that is as excruciatingly painful as it is hard to tell people about without laughing. “I, um…. I was opening a drawer.” 10/10 pain because of an extreme drawer-opening accident? Yes. Yes, I’m afraid so.

My understanding of the body-emotion and the body-energy connections helped me clear enough energy right away to allow me to get off the floor. Then, because I was in so much pain, I asked three of my amazing healer friends to help me. Together, we cleared the energy of a past life in which I had been stabbed in the back. The pain went away. We did energy healing and I regained most of my strength. I was still taking it easy, though. I had to. Energy can speak through our bodies, and it causes reaction in the body — reaction that can be a very real injury.

So I’ve slowly worked my way back up to bending and lifting and I’ve been fine with the very physical proof that running, right now, is just not a good idea.

And then, to heal my physical body as well as my mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies — because this was an acute injury, not a Medically Unexplained Physical Symptom (MUPS) — I went to the chiropractor yesterday. We did all sorts of tests. That picture above? That’s me. It’s from my diagnostic report. Cool, right? What she found is that the pain in my back is directly related to, and a result of, something wrong in my neck. I couldn’t move my legs when she turned my head a certain way. She thinks it may actually be related to my bike crash years ago, when I smashed my face. She says she sees this in people who’ve experienced major head trauma.

That got me thinking more about this spiritual connection between body and emotion. We’ve all dealt with this so often. The pain in my back, for instance, was related to the past life in which I was stabbed in the back. Yes. That needed clearing. But the invisible link, to me and to all of us, was that the physical pain is a direct result of a years-long compensation and weakening due to a massive head injury.

In my spiritual healing, I have dealt so often with my face and all the current-life connections to past lives of experiencing my face being smashed. Here again, is that connection.

I “went in” to heal the related emotion, which, thanks to my professional experience and intuition, I could feel was in a past life. I went to the life that I had visited once before, in which I was a little boy who had healed animals with my hands. My mother was so afraid of this power, and of the “wizards” who came to the house to offer to train me in the healing ways of their family, that she killed me right in front of them by smashing my head with her booted foot. I had never thought of this before, but I had never done body therapy to release this energy. (This came up during my training, and we were not studying body therapy until the next session, four months later.) And so, while I had a beautiful understanding and had come to forgiveness, setting me on my way happily, remnants of the energy remained in my body. It weakened me as a whole – as evidenced in this injury that I have now.

Body therapy — the releasing of the energy from my physical body — was part of what I needed to do in order to actualize my potential — to become one with my Highest Self to be able to move forward unencumbered by the weight of emotions or energy that I did not need anymore because I had learned all the lessons associated with them.

Isn’t that all fascinating?

As a regression therapist, I see current life pain all the time that is related to a past life traumatic event. This is a great example that not all pain is in direct correlation, i.e. back pain-present does not always relate only to back pain-past. The source of the pain in current life can be related to a trauma experienced elsewhere in the body. For these past two weeks, I had been asking Spirit if there was any other work I needed to do to heal my back. The answer was, “Nope. All good.” I didn’t think to ask about healing anywhere else in my body because I didn’t feel pain there. I just assumed that all was well.

This is relevant to energy work too. It’s a great reminder to take a step back to look at the whole energetic person once I’ve completed work to free the energy from a specific problem area — setting a series of intentions that encompass finding the source, connections, and anything else associated with the expressed pain in the body.

It’s a puzzle. In this case, every little bit of it needed to be actively addressed in order to learn the meaning and relevance to my current life and my soul’s chosen lessons in this life.

Interestingly, after this, when I checked to see if the work was complete, it wasn’t. But there were no blocks, no past life connections, no current life connections, no energy work needed. What I needed to do was channel a message, to listen. And what I heard was an amazing bit of encouragement from my elders, bringing it all together and cheering me on. So incredible. So empowering.

And I feel better too.

To learn more about regression therapy and high-vibrational energy work to heal pain, contact me and let’s chat.

Allison’s Empowering Energy Healing Experience

I love sharing the words of my clients, because I know that they will speak directly to someone out there who really needs to hear them. None of us is ever truly alone.

I’d like you to meet Allison. She recently came to me for a long-distance energy healing session. (She lives on the East Coast of the U.S. and I live on the West.) Energy healing is so diverse and so personalized, and is just as much for someone wondering why he can’t fully manifest his dreams as it is for people who are really struggling with illness, despair, depression, or any other major life challenges. I encourage you to read more about it to decide if this is something that sounds right for you.

“Working with Marit was one of the most valuable and profound experiences I’ve had in my spiritual growth and understanding in a very long time. She lovingly ‘sees’ the core truth and beauty of who you are and is able to give clear insight and guidance about your soul’s path and purpose. She helped me to understand and clear some important blocks that were causing feelings of isolation and pain. I felt fully supported in understanding why I had felt so ‘different’ my entire life… and the reason why was a great one and part of what makes me unique. I can now embrace these aspects of my healing and go forward with more strength, passion and purpose, knowing fully that I am doing the work I came to this planet to do.

I am grateful for the insight, care and compassion that Marit so easily gives in her work. She is helping so many people be guided back to their hearts and purpose; with absolute integrity, strength and love.”


A first-hand account of Spirit Release and Energy Healing


This is a first-hand account of  Dark Energy Clearing, Spirit Releasement, and Energy Healing by my client, Tyler. I asked him if he would write a reference for me, figuring that he might pull together a few positive sentences based on his experience. This is what he sent instead. This thorough and deeply personal account is so full of hope and love and joy that I asked him permission to share it here. He agreed. My hope, and his, is that it will be a message directly to those who may be experiencing something similar, and that it will help them know that there is help available. Please know that while every clearing and healing experience brings relief, the experience is different for everyone. What Tyler shares here is his own.

— Marit


I am free! I truly mean that. My name is Tyler and I’ve written this account of my experience to help put your mind at ease and reinstate a strong sense of hope within your heart. If you want an in-depth explanation from first hand experience going through the process of Energy Clearing and Healing, then please do read on. Know that I love you and understand your pain.

First off, If you have come this far, putting the effort into investigating, reading, and considering spiritual cleansing (no matter the technique), chances are you or your loved one is in need of help. Deep down you probably already know or perhaps you’re just curious. Well here’s the type of information that I wished I’d found when doing my own research. In the following I will articulate in detail from start to finish, what my and my twin brother’s experiences were with this process.

However, before that I must praise our dear and beloved Marit Fischer. Maybe you have already sensed her love? Because I did right away. Plain and simple: I would be privileged to have her watch my back any day, and I’ll have her back anytime she asks. She is truly gifted and has a high level of understanding when it comes to spiritual healing of all sorts. I’m a firefighter and carpenter, as down to Earth as one can get, and yet, I don’t just believe in this… I know in it.

NOTE: Any comments I make in this account of knowledge about Spirit Release either come directly from Marit, my experiences, or the vast amount of research I have done on this topic.


I must state right away that there is absolutely nothing to fear by proceeding with this process. In fact, it could very well be the dark entities or energies that are imposing their will on you that are the ones promoting that fear. I know because I had some thing(s) do just that to me. I felt fear, anxiety, and a whole range of other negative emotions. I’m not going to go into describing what affected me because I do not want to honor the darkness. Although, it is necessary to acknowledge some of my symptoms to a degree, so you can perhaps identify with them.

Understand that your experience may not be as extreme as mine and my brother’s. Different energies and entities manifest in different ways in different people. I am aware now that a lot of things that went wrong in my life were due to negative influences attempting to fulfill their own agenda. This includes my drug use, behavior patterns that go along with it, and un-characteristic outbursts, actions and emotions. These were some of the less obvious things. It didn’t feel like me, but it was me. Just me, under the influence.

Some other examples are more obvious. Things like direct attacks by and/or confrontations with the entities in your head or on your body. If it’s to the point to where you’re experiencing them, you probably sense that there’s something there, and you might even feel crazy. Basically, my thoughts were clouded, and my emotions distorted or suppressed. I couldn’t find joy any more, and nothing really amused me. It got much worse than that but like I said, I don’t want to honor the darkness.

The worst part for me was that I could plan goals, knew I should be doing something healthy and different, but I just could not act on them for the life of me (not without summoning an extreme amount of inner will).

Throughout the last 13-14 years of my life I tried multiple treatment and rehabilitation facilities, 12-step, and different programs, but none of them could bring me out of addiction and the multitude of consequences that it entails. Rehab would be a quick temporary fix but then (now I realize), once I graduated from the program the energies that were attached to me would eventually come back or begin their work on me again. The high-vibe environment of the facilities would suppress enough of the entities (yes more than one) that were with me while there, enabling me to feel better, but then they would come back, bringing me down once again.

If you or someone you know has been struggling and is yet to overcome drug addiction, I would strongly recommend contacting Marit. Doing this cannot hurt.  I do not believe addiction is a disease in the way modern medicine or 12-Step programs describe it. I do believe that spirit attachments and dark energies or entities are a core issue here. I would know. I went through 13 years of battling drug addiction and this is the one thing that made me feel, almost instantly, how I would feel after two months of hard-earned sobriety. Maybe not entirely, but darn close to it. Now being sober is almost easy.  Due to Marit cleansing my brother and I, I am now very hopeful and confident in my ability to remain clean.

Understandably, this can seem overwhelming and definitely strange to some people who do not understand Spirit Release Therapy and energetic healing. Also, I understand that believing in it can be difficult, especially when you may be yet to have a spiritual experience of your own. Do your homework then. I’m writing this to help people because I know how it feels. I’m not religious but I do believe in light and love, and all I know is that it worked. And yes, it was absolutely noticeable. I will attest that it is absolutely real. Oh boy, is it real.

Just have faith and listen to Marit. She will guide you and aid you. Make note that if there is a dark entity present, communication with Marit may be minimal prior to your cleansing. Do not be insulted by this as there is good reason. For my case, Marit did confide in me briefly so I felt secure but that was it. She needs to protect herself as well. We don’t want to send something her way before she has a chance to set up her routine, right? So just entrust in her. She is an awesome person and will only send light and love your way. She knows what she’s doing.

Again, there is nothing to fear. Marit and the forces of light will prevail. I believe, due to my strong faith in Marit and the forces of good, that it boosted them, resulting in a magnificent healing. You can do this! It’s usually a simple process and it was for me. I knew I needed this. You are loved. I love you. You are of light and love, and light and love are of you. You and Marit will win.


This, for me, was the easy part. Marit will do her thing (ask her for details on the strategy, as it is personal). All I had to do was sit, relax, meditate, and clear my mind a bit. Then I took a walk for the latter half of the hour. I could’ve done anything really. Anything healthy, and anything other than try to impose on the process. Marit healed my brother and I remotely (we are on the East Coast of the U.S. and she is on the West) all within an hour’s time. Yes, she is gifted enough to do it clear across the country. Remember, it’s all done energetically. Time and space do not apply as they do here in the physical. Remote healing is certainly possible.

Before I knew it, as I was walking. I started to feel lighter. I began to go faster and faster! Then I felt a sensation much like that when you get off of a treadmill and it feels like you’re still getting propelled forward. So of course I started to jog. Not sure why, but I think it has something to do with a deep sense of newly reinstated freedom. A victory lap if you will.

Right away I started to notice a difference. I began to see more vividly, hear better, and even breath deeper. Other than that, it was some minor tingly sensations around my heart and head. The more intense, better stuff comes later. My brother had similar sensations but some specific ones were different. So I assume this part, the healing, can be somewhat different for everyone, as it is personal. Marit can see with assistance from Spirit what ails you, in order to direct the healing to where it counts. Oh yes, it certainly does count.


This is where the miracle begins to happen. I’ll explain this the best I can. Once Marit was done with her hour-long session she contacted me to let me know she was finished. She advised me on what to expect and what she “saw” — very efficiently and in specific detail I might add.

As the hours passed after the session, I began to notice peculiar and equally awesome changes. The initial ones during the session were great, but then I started to change as a whole. The only way I can describe it is that my perspective changed. I had this overwhelming sense of well-being and a knowledge that I was going to be just fine. Like a dark veil had been lifted. The love came back into my heart and I could feel it growing. I no longer had that fear or anxiety. As a matter of fact, the anxiety I had about the future, and going about changing my life was gone. I found myself chuckling and giggling over nothing.

Everything became better. Music sounded more awesome. I became more interested in simple things. My artistic skills were fine-tuned. And my family was no longer arguing. Actually, they were (and still are) showing a large magnitude of love toward one another, the way it should be.  Truly magnificent is this healing process!

It was at this point I realized the magnitude of impact these dark beings had on me and my loved ones. I believe that spirit and entity attachments are much more common than we are led to, or allow ourselves to believe. Most of the time, they want to be unknown or misunderstood. After all, it’s their objective to remain in the shadows and have the people they’re influencing fulfill their needs without knowing that’s what they’re doing. Someone does not have to spit green bile and have their head spin to be so-called “possessed,” or spiritually compromised. Cunning and conniving they are but not more powerful then we are. And that is why you should seek this help. Because if you even suspect that this is the issue, chances are, in my opinion, it is. Do not fear, you are in good hands.


This is where most people might describe a literal “miracle” happening. What happened this first night is a direct result of what Marit had guided toward me, with the aid of the light-workers. Here’s what happened:

My brother and I sleep in the same room so communication of our developing experiences was open. As I lay down for bed, still wide awake with excitement, I began to feel direct energy applied to my body. It was here or there in some spots but then it was very strong and obvious in others. It mostly felt like a warm, tingly sensation vibrating really fast. It wasn’t painful but it was a little uncomfortable at times.

Specifically, in my third eye chakra (my forehead) it felt like someone was stitching together the energy that makes up that chakra.  This was very noticeable, and it actually made the muscles in my forehead contract a little. Then there was the truly miraculous instance. I spoke out loud saying, “There is a section of my back where I have pulled it before and I get pain there. Can you heal that for me, please?” Because, at this point I knew there were healers present. I couldn’t see them but I could sure feel them. This part is absolutely true. I have no reason to lie anyway. No more than 10 seconds after saying that, someone came behind me on my bed making it creek and sag a little. It felt like they put their knee on my butt and a hand on my shoulder, pressing me down to the bed. No worries, it was done gently. It was followed by energy vibrating in that spot of my back. My back has felt great since! Thank you, healers! For real… and the whole room smelled like flowers! Yeah, flowers right? Haha! So cool.

My brother had his own experience, most of it directed towards his heart and chest area. I tell you this to give you hope that an experience like this is not something unheard of. Marit can help send the healing that is necessary, to the specific part needed.

This can happen for you. All you have to do is believe and trust Marit, giving her your permission. There is so much more that happened to me but it would take far too much writing to describe it all. I put the time and effort in writing this because I want others to have peace of mind. To help you understand what this is like and that it’s not something taboo, or far out, or “unrealistic.”

I was raised with a great family in a good neighborhood, and yet, this happened to me. Call Marit and do yourself, and your family a favor. God bless, love and light to you.

“Alone we are strong but together we are mighty.”