I was recently floored by one of those back injuries that is as excruciatingly painful as it is hard to tell people about without laughing. “I, um…. I was opening a drawer.” 10/10 pain because of an extreme drawer-opening accident? Yes. Yes, I’m afraid so.

My understanding of the body-emotion and the body-energy connections helped me clear enough energy right away to allow me to get off the floor. Then, because I was in so much pain, I asked three of my amazing healer friends to help me. Together, we cleared the energy of a past life in which I had been stabbed in the back. The pain went away. We did energy healing and I regained most of my strength. I was still taking it easy, though. I had to. Energy can speak through our bodies, and it causes reaction in the body — reaction that can be a very real injury.

So I’ve slowly worked my way back up to bending and lifting and I’ve been fine with the very physical proof that running, right now, is just not a good idea.

And then, to heal my physical body as well as my mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies — because this was an acute injury, not a Medically Unexplained Physical Symptom (MUPS) — I went to the chiropractor yesterday. We did all sorts of tests. That picture above? That’s me. It’s from my diagnostic report. Cool, right? What she found is that the pain in my back is directly related to, and a result of, something wrong in my neck. I couldn’t move my legs when she turned my head a certain way. She thinks it may actually be related to my bike crash years ago, when I smashed my face. She says she sees this in people who’ve experienced major head trauma.

That got me thinking more about this spiritual connection between body and emotion. We’ve all dealt with this so often. The pain in my back, for instance, was related to the past life in which I was stabbed in the back. Yes. That needed clearing. But the invisible link, to me and to all of us, was that the physical pain is a direct result of a years-long compensation and weakening due to a massive head injury.

In my spiritual healing, I have dealt so often with my face and all the current-life connections to past lives of experiencing my face being smashed. Here again, is that connection.

I “went in” to heal the related emotion, which, thanks to my professional experience and intuition, I could feel was in a past life. I went to the life that I had visited once before, in which I was a little boy who had healed animals with my hands. My mother was so afraid of this power, and of the “wizards” who came to the house to offer to train me in the healing ways of their family, that she killed me right in front of them by smashing my head with her booted foot. I had never thought of this before, but I had never done body therapy to release this energy. (This came up during my training, and we were not studying body therapy until the next session, four months later.) And so, while I had a beautiful understanding and had come to forgiveness, setting me on my way happily, remnants of the energy remained in my body. It weakened me as a whole – as evidenced in this injury that I have now.

Body therapy — the releasing of the energy from my physical body — was part of what I needed to do in order to actualize my potential — to become one with my Highest Self to be able to move forward unencumbered by the weight of emotions or energy that I did not need anymore because I had learned all the lessons associated with them.

Isn’t that all fascinating?

As a regression therapist, I see current life pain all the time that is related to a past life traumatic event. This is a great example that not all pain is in direct correlation, i.e. back pain-present does not always relate only to back pain-past. The source of the pain in current life can be related to a trauma experienced elsewhere in the body. For these past two weeks, I had been asking Spirit if there was any other work I needed to do to heal my back. The answer was, “Nope. All good.” I didn’t think to ask about healing anywhere else in my body because I didn’t feel pain there. I just assumed that all was well.

This is relevant to energy work too. It’s a great reminder to take a step back to look at the whole energetic person once I’ve completed work to free the energy from a specific problem area — setting a series of intentions that encompass finding the source, connections, and anything else associated with the expressed pain in the body.

It’s a puzzle. In this case, every little bit of it needed to be actively addressed in order to learn the meaning and relevance to my current life and my soul’s chosen lessons in this life.

Interestingly, after this, when I checked to see if the work was complete, it wasn’t. But there were no blocks, no past life connections, no current life connections, no energy work needed. What I needed to do was channel a message, to listen. And what I heard was an amazing bit of encouragement from my elders, bringing it all together and cheering me on. So incredible. So empowering.

And I feel better too.

To learn more about regression therapy and high-vibrational energy work to heal pain, contact me and let’s chat.

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