I love sharing the words of my clients, because I know that they will speak directly to someone out there who really needs to hear them. None of us is ever truly alone.

I’d like you to meet Allison. She recently came to me for a long-distance energy healing session. (She lives on the East Coast of the U.S. and I live on the West.) Energy healing is so diverse and so personalized, and is just as much for someone wondering why he can’t fully manifest his dreams as it is for people who are really struggling with illness, despair, depression, or any other major life challenges. I encourage you to read more about it to decide if this is something that sounds right for you.

“Working with Marit was one of the most valuable and profound experiences I’ve had in my spiritual growth and understanding in a very long time. She lovingly ‘sees’ the core truth and beauty of who you are and is able to give clear insight and guidance about your soul’s path and purpose. She helped me to understand and clear some important blocks that were causing feelings of isolation and pain. I felt fully supported in understanding why I had felt so ‘different’ my entire life… and the reason why was a great one and part of what makes me unique. I can now embrace these aspects of my healing and go forward with more strength, passion and purpose, knowing fully that I am doing the work I came to this planet to do.

I am grateful for the insight, care and compassion that Marit so easily gives in her work. She is helping so many people be guided back to their hearts and purpose; with absolute integrity, strength and love.”


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