Energy Healing

What is energy healing and why does it work?

Everything is energy. Everything. That includes our souls, our bodies, our emotions, and our thoughts. It includes all that is physical and non-physical. It includes all causes and all effects. All knowledge.

Energy flows in and through every living being. It is life force. It is of Source and it is Source. When we die, our soul, as energy, leaves our physical body. It does not die. It is eternal.

Energy is sublime wisdom and love that permeates everything. And when I say sublime, I mean all senses of the word. Yes, it is elevated, awe-inspiring, and worthy of reverence. But more, in light of the definition of “sublimate” (noun, adjective, and verb), it exists on the cusp of visible and invisible, physical and non-physical. It has no independent shape and can expand indefinitely. It is pure and free of extraneous elements of any kind. And the act of it, to sublimate, is to direct energy or urges into purposeful action, to make more subtle or refined, to remove impurities from, and to channel into a new direction.

Health relates to the energy that flows through and around someone. The free movement of energy promotes health and vitality. It animates physical organs and tissues as it flows through them. If the flow of energy is disrupted somehow (by conscious or subconscious emotions, thoughts, feelings, or behavior) our bodies will be affected. Disruption in the flow of energy can result in roadblocks, illness, or pain.

What does an energy session entail?

Energy Healing is as subtle as it is effective.

This type of healing does not require your active, verbal participation or engagement. In fact, it is often done remotely. Distance is of no issue when working with energy. Gifted energy workers will connect directly with the higher self and the Spirit Guides of each client, and simply connect with the your energy by intention on a fundamental, sacred-geometrical, and spiritually holographic level. When one is deeply connected in this way, the physical world often falls away.

The experience of energy healing is deeply personal. In the process, you may feel emotions. You may see colors or visions. You may gain insight or understanding. You may feel tingling or other sensations. Often, the more you open your mind and heart to the work, the more you will “feel.” Everyone is different. Just be you, do calmly what works for you, and give your trusted practitioner permission to connect with you.

Different healers work in different ways. Be discerning on who you choose to work with. If it doesn’t feel right, it isn’t. When you are looking for the right practitioner for you, please consider finding someone who works to integrate the healing through counseling and conversation in addition to the energy healing. Review and conversation is an important and satisfying part of the process, and is key to your personal integration of the healing. Your understanding is key to true healing and liberation. Find someone who will answer your questions.

Why choose energy healing?

In many cases, it is simply a matter of preference. Some prefer the quiet, gentle effect of energy healing to regression therapy. Some even choose it to complement their regression therapy sessions.

It is a beautiful healing option for children and young teenagers, for people who cannot achieve the trance state necessary for Regression Therapy, and for those with advanced serious illness, counter-indicative prescription drug use, addiction, or psychological and personality disorders.

It is also an all-access therapy in that it can be done just as effectively long distance.

This therapy is laser-focused and laser-fast. Most deep healing sessions last only one hour. In comparison, Regression Therapy sessions often last three hours.


The cost for an energy healing session is $125/hour, whether in person or remote. Sessions last one hour. While most sessions are remote, if you prefer to meet in person at my office, proof of vaccination is required, please.