Energy Healing


My study of healing energy began with Reiki. I am a certified Usui Reiki Master-Teacher.

I have since channeled from Archangel Metatron a different, very powerful method of energy transmutation, healing, and clearing that I use when working with clients.  When I work, I activate myself as Lightbody to tune into and work with the energy of each person. I then intuitively, in direct cooperation with the Spirit Guides and the higher self of the person I’m working with, direct Source energy exactly where it’s needed, and in the way it will most help. In the process, I see and experience the energetic representation of what it is that I am doing in interactive visions. I direct energy to clear, heal, empower, calm, and shift.

I work with Source in the highest good of the person receiving. These sessions are all-benevolent, gentle, and can do no harm.

Why does High-Vibration Energy Healing work?

Everything is energy. Everything. That includes our souls, our bodies, our emotions, and our thoughts. It includes all that is physical and non-physical. It includes all causes and all effects. All knowledge.

Energy flows in and through every living being. It is life force. It is of Source and it is Source. When we die, our soul, as energy, leaves our physical body. It does not die. It is eternal.

Energy is sublime wisdom and love that permeates everything. And when I say sublime, I mean all senses of the word. Yes, it is elevated, awe-inspiring, and worthy of reverence. But more, in light of the definition of “sublimate” (noun, adjective, and verb), it exists on the cusp of visible and invisible, physical and non-physical. It has no independent shape and can expand indefinitely. It is pure and free of extraneous elements of any kind. And the act of it, to sublimate, is to direct energy or urges into purposeful action, to make more subtle or refined, to remove impurities from, and to channel into a new direction.

Health relates to the energy that flows through and around someone. The free movement of energy promotes health and vitality. It animates physical organs and tissues as it flows through them. If the flow of energy is disrupted somehow (by conscious or subconscious emotions, thoughts, feelings, or behavior) our bodies will be affected. Disruption in the flow of energy can result in roadblocks, illness, or pain.

What does an energy session entail?

High-Vibration Energy Healing is as subtle as it is effective.

This type of healing does not require your active, verbal participation or engagement. In fact, most often when doing energy healing, I work with clients remotely. This is for two reasons. One is that most of my clients that choose this therapy live very far from me. Distance is of no issue when working with energy. I work directly with the higher self and the Spirit Guides of each client, and simply connect with the your energy by intention on a fundamental, sacred-geometrical, and spiritually holographic level. The other reason is that, when I do this work, I enter an altered trance state. When I am deeply connected and working in this way, the physical world falls away, and speaking and interaction becomes an additional challenge.

We choose a time to work together. During that time, you are where you are and I am in my office. We are not on the phone or connected in any way other than energetically and by your permission. You may rest, meditate (in any way that works for you, including solo physical activity), or even calmly go about your day, depending on your preferences. For you, it is a silent, relaxing, passive treatment. According to your wishes, I will either focus on something specific that you would like to work on, or I will connect with you and follow the energy to discover what is there. No session is the same as any other. Sometimes it is completely dedicated to healing the here and now. Sometimes I will follow the energy to past lives and the source of challenging emotions to transform and release. Sometimes I meet with your Spirit Guide and your council of Elders to hear very specific messages that pertain directly to you and your soul growth now. Often the session will be a combination of all of these experiences and more. My job is to follow the energy and to bring light and healing where it is most needed, under the guidance of your Spirit Guide and higher self.

In the process, you may feel emotions. You may see colors or visions. You may gain insight or understanding. You may feel tingling or other sensations. Often, the more you open your mind and heart to the work, the more you will “feel,” although I’ve had clients who’ve chosen to stay quietly at their desk while I connected with them who’ve felt just as much as those who’ve meditated, and some who’ve been open to feeling and experiencing that have not felt a thing during the session. Everyone is different. Just be you, do calmly what works for you, and give me permission to connect with you.

At the end of the session, I share with you what I felt and experienced during the work, including all details and messages from Spirit via a written report. (In cases we are together, we will just talk.) Once you have read the report and information, we set up a time to talk on the phone or via Skype so that I may walk you through everything and answer any questions that you have. This review and conversation is an important and satisfying part of the process, and is key to your personal integration of the healing.s

The experience of energy healing is deeply personal. Even though everything we do together is 100% confidential.

Why would I choose energy healing?

In many cases, it is simply a matter of preference. Some prefer the quiet, gentle effect of energy healing to regression therapy. Some even choose it to complement their regression therapy sessions.

It is a beautiful healing option for children and young teenagers, for people who cannot achieve the trance state necessary for Regression Therapy, and for those with advanced serious illness, counter-indicative prescription drug use, addiction, or psychological and personality disorders.

It is also a all-access therapy in that it can be done just as effectively long distance.

This therapy is laser-focused and laser-fast. Most deep healing sessions last only one hour. In comparison, Regression Therapy sessions often last three hours.


The cost for high-vibration energy healing is $125 per hour. Most sessions are one hour.

Contact me to schedule a session.