38252269-black-pictureThere is Dark Energy at work in our world. It is part of all that is happening here now as we shift together to a higher consciousness and a more enlightened way of being. It, like we are, is playing its role in the unfolding of history. It’s hard for some people to grasp this, but even the darkness is of the light in that it, too, moves us into the Next. Even in its most highly intelligent forms as entities, darkness is playing its role under a veil, so it doesn’t know that what it is doing, ultimately, is bringing light by way of those who fight it.

The darkness with which I’ve been working to shift lately is intense. It is heavy. I am seeing the darkness manifest in many ways — in depression and anger, in serious and alarmingly sudden illness, in addictions. And when I go to meet it, almost always remotely from the person that is in need of help, I see it in many forms. Sometimes it’s crumbling, grey, and mummy-like, consuming the person it’s in. Sometimes it’s the blackest black and tarry and reaching, like a many-tentacled grasping thing, trying to touch and influence as many as possible. Sometimes it’s all-encompassing and radiating, and sometimes it’s wrapped tightly around organs or cells or emotions, powerful in its focus.

But when I meet it, empowered within my light body by the power of Source, it always goes. And when it goes, the signs of its being there simply vanish as well. And when I shift it away from this plane, the light that comes to fill the space where it had been is more bright and more beautiful than I ever imagined possible.

I am extremely sensitive to this energy and can feel it the moment it touches me. When I feel Dark Energy, I get so nauseous that I vomit. As dramatic as this is, I consider myself lucky for this sensitivity, and for the fact that I am expert at clearing it, so that I can immediately shift this energy away, back to its Source. This sensitivity, though, is also the reason that when I meet someone that is influenced by Dark Energy, I will tell her that I can help and leave it up to her to take me up on my offer, but I will not speak to her in depth about her experiences or challenges until after the energy is gone.

I will not negotiate with energetic terrorists, so to speak, and when someone is under the influence of a controlling entity, it is as if a terrorist is at the helm. Once the energy is gone, however, I will speak to people at length, answering any questions they have, and sharing with them all that I know about this energy and why they experienced it. After my own experience with Dark Energy, I wish that I’d had such a resource. I did not. Because of that, I will never leave people to figure this out on their own. I will also teach them, as I am teaching you here, how to protect against it.

I have to protect myself and my family because of this work I do. To experience the will and wrath of Dark Energy at the frequency with which I encounter it could be crushing if I weren’t prepared and protected.

I’ve written here before about the protective light bubble. It is an easy protection and I encourage you to do it daily.

Envision a lovely bubble of love and light around you. Describe this bubble as “a permeable membrane of love and light.” Then, in your own words set the boundary. For example: Love and light may enter. My own love and light may pass through. Darkness and heaviness must stay out. My own darkness and heaviness may leave. Energies that are not my own are not welcome to enter or attach. It takes not even a minute, and it works. If you do this with conviction, spirits will not attach to you.

But for many, like for me, more protection is necessary.

Envision next an impenetrable light shield. It can be any color you’d like, or look any way that you want it to. Infuse in it all the strength required to keep Dark Energy out. Then place this shield, by the power of your intention, around:

  • You and all your bodies (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual)
  • Those whom you love and have permission to protect. Your spouse, your children, your pets, your friends and family.
  • All the rooms and structures where you live, work, and play, and those you visit.
  • The earth upon which these structures stand and that surrounds them.
  • All vehicles of your transportation — cars, planes, trains, etc.
  • All methods of your communication — phone, text, email.
  • Your website and social media.
  • The energy that is your business or personal work.

Reinforce this shield daily as well.

Trust that it is there, and believe in your own power to protect yourself. These steps are just as important as placing the protection.

Dark Energy will remain on this plane to do its work, and, I believe, it will continue to move in power and influence. Protecting ourselves is important, and it is part of our work to bring light. Keeping ourselves free to work in love is our own honor and responsibility.

If you have any questions about any of this, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Be safe. Stay clear. And shine.

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