Since January, and the beautiful regression session I did with Caroline, I have been learning more about my own role in the opening and healing of earthen vortices from my Spirit Guide and directly from Archangel Metatron. My work has been a combination of out-of-body meditative voyages and actually being led to vortices in my travels around the Western United States to physically heal the passage and draw forth cached energy from within the Earth. I understand that my physical presence at these sites is important in the acceleration of the Shift.

There is a process to preparing my body for this work. I have come to understand it as the New Sacred Lightbody Meditation. Metatron has asked me to share this practice of animating the sacred geometry of our bodies — Merkabah — to become conductors of light and love, and to seek wholeness — the merging of our physical bodies and our spiritual bodies into complete beings of light. I like to think of this as turning ourselves into sacred body crystals, which resonate, heal, and radiate love.

There are other known ways to activate your body as Merkabah, shared by respected thought leaders such as Drunvalo Melchizadek in The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life, and by Tachiri Tachi-Ren in What is Lightbody? Metatron teaches that the vibration of the world is everchanging. The ways we have been taught in the past are not wrong. They were right for the times and will still continue to be right for some people. This, however, is the way that he has taught me now. As always, as with everything, please choose your own path.

Before sharing the steps of this meditation, I will explain what we are doing when we activate our Sacred Lightbodies. As always, I will use lay terms and real speak to do this. I am a channel and I communicate with Metatron regularly, but this lesson has been long and is ongoing. I will share with you, in my own words, what I’ve learned (so far).

Turning Yourself On

Think of activating your Sacred Lightbody as turning yourself on. It is the activation of your highest and truest self, one with Source, one with others who are also one with Source. (Remember, we are all Source and Source is all of us. There is no us and them. Sometimes we forget this.)

The activation is activation on all levels. We are not just setting our physical selves aside to find spiritual awakening somewhere “out there.” We are connecting our physical and our spiritual with our mental and our emotional to become whole. As humans, the ideal is not to simply leave our cumbersome bodies behind and find ethereal enlightenment beyond, it is to fully embrace the bodies we have chosen and to empower ourselves in them as spiritual, emotional, and mental as well as physical. We are truly making the most of who we are. The most. The best. The brightest. Whole.

This is a very powerful meditation. Train yourself to use it and to gain understanding from it as you do. Trust that you will find what you need when you need it. Allow the shedding of the unimportant. Allow the understanding that you are more than just physical. Allow your higher self to invoke soul memory to teach you what you most need to know now. Allow communion with spirits, teachers, your guides, your council. Allow the revelation of your own latent talents and gifts, and your own soul’s purpose. This meditation is an invitation into yourself, fully understood and fully empowered, in and as and of Source.

Yes, you can find soul enlightenment without this meditation. There is no one way. This meditation is an accelerator. You have the potential to learn more and more quickly when you incorporate this meditation into your life, while keeping your eyes and your heart open in your daily doings to apply what you learn. Do be aware of and grateful for what you do learn as you go.

Remember that the higher vibration that so many people seek right now is not simply a gift from Spirit bestowed upon us because we really, really want it. It is the result of learning, understanding, seeking, and finding. It is a process. Honor the process. This new Sacred Lightbody Meditation is a meditation to help you along the way.

The New Sacred Lightbody Meditation

  • Open and activate your heart. This means different things to different people. My way of centering consciousness may be different than yours. I envision my heart opening and glowing with a radiating white light. My heart is on.
  • Open and activate your third eye. Sense what is around you and in you. Find your place in Source and in your body. My eye is open.
  • Open your other Chakras.
  • Create an energetic link to Source directly from your Crown Chakra. Allow Source light to enter you from above, flowing over your Chakras and through everything that is you. Allow the energy to flow at the amount and the rate that feels right to you.
  • Create an energetic link to the Earth vortex of your choosing. This is connecting you to Source via Earth. It is grounding you to the energy of this planet. Allow vortex energy to enter you through your base, flowing over your Chakras and through you. Allow this energy to swirl with Source energy inside you as a sacred vessel.
  • From the center point of your Third Eye, send out vectors of Source energy in six directions. Front and back. Left and right. Up and down. Send these vectors, or lines, to the edge of your own energy. The one reaching up extends to Source. The one reaching down extends directly through your Chakras. Set the vectors in spinning motion counterclockwise on the up-down axis.
  • Repeat the process of #6 with vortex energy from your Sacrum. This time, the vector reaching up extends through your Chakras, and the one reaching down extends to vortex energy. Set the vectors in spinning motion clockwise.

Allow yourself to feel the energy throughout. Allow the activation of spiritual, emotional, and mental self within, and then beyond, physical self. Allow yourself to experience the energy activated by the geometric structural foundation of this meditation.

When your meditation is complete, clear and close the energy link to Source, and clear and close the energy link to Vortex.

The Sacred Geometrical Structure and Movement of the Meditation

Metatron taught me the meditation before he taught me the why and how of it, so that is how I am presenting it here. I process analytically, so, of course, I had to make sense of it all. Why the spinning vectors in different directions from different chakras?

For a thorough understanding of sacred geometry and its function and form in our world and universe, I highly recommend reading the book I mentioned above, The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life, by Drunvalo Melchizadek. I have owned Volume One of the two-part series for more than a year, but only started reading it this winter. Remarkably, I found that the lessons I channeled from Metatron were reiterated in lessons, complete with diagrams, in the pages of the books that I read right after. No coincidence, of course. I don’t agree with everything Drunvalo writes, but I have found what he teaches about sacred geometry to be very helpful.

I intuitively knew that this mediation was very powerful and that it was somehow activating the sacred geometry of me and within me. I knew that in the sending out of straight-line vectors and then setting them in opposite spinning motion to create complementary spirals (how I visualized them so I had to presume that that is what they were), I was combining the masculine and the feminine of consciousness and imitating, or perhaps setting up, the matrix of creation. A few weeks ago I was feeling stumped, though. Before I went to sleep that night, I asked for help in a dream.

At 3 that morning I woke up, in the still and the dark, repeating the words “Fibonacci Sequence” over and over again. “Ok,” I thought, at first confused but then understanding that this was what I’d asked for. “I’ll look into this… when it’s not 3 am.”

You remember the Fibonacci Sequence from sixth grade math, right? Leonardo Fibonacci is the man who defined the sequence that starts with 1, 1 and goes on from there, with every next number being the sum of the two before it. 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34…

The geometrical representation of this sequence is where it gets very interesting. You start with two squares the size of 1. Then along one of their combined outer edges you place a square the size of 2. Along the combined edge of one 1 square and the 2 square, you add the square the size of 3. You keep adding a square the sum of the edges of the two prior along the longest edge of the created rectangle. If you apply a curve over the corners of the squares, you get a spiral. The spiral is very close to the Golden Spiral, which appears naturally all over our world — in the curls of shells and the blooms of flowers and the patterns of plants. The Fibonacci derivative is the version that we, as humans, can process and understand. It starts with one. One is something. It is very hard for us to comprehend all that comes before the foundation of 1. The true and divine Golden Spiral goes on infinitely in both directions. It has no beginning and no end. No beginning. That seems harder to grasp. So with Fibonacci, and to understand, we commence with 1.

From here I will connect you with a brilliant post from the blog UniversalZeroPoint, which explains “The Vortex Path of Consciousness” far better than I can. Please read it. When I found this, I was absolutely sure that I had found Metatron’s lesson, clearly explained through words and diagrams.

So what we are doing in this new meditation that Metatron has given us is creating spin around two zero points within ourselves, using our Third Eye and Sacrum Chakras as anchors, to generate the torus shape with a negative pole (yin) and a positive pole (yang) to create the self-sustaining arrangement of two vortices in our bodies — one connected to Source, and one connected to the Vortex energy of our world. As humans, and with what is needed on Earth right now, we want to be connected to both. The energy moves through the vortices, through us, to connect us, divinely, to the Universal Consciousness.

Through this meditation, we connect, we learn, we grow. We are literally making the most of who we are; making ourselves the best and the brightest versions of ourselves. We are making ourselves whole.

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