It is actually quite common for people in a regression or Life Between Lives session to discover that they lived lives on other planets in other solar systems or in other dimensions—with bodies, brains, systems, and chakras entirely different than our own here on Earth. For some people, this can be quite a shock. For others it’s no surprise at all, more of a confirmation or even a relief, having always suspected they were a little different than other people.

I have worked with people who have lived lives in the Sirius system, the Pleiades, and Arcturus. I have one client who has remembered a very detailed life on Mars. I have worked with still others who have no idea where they are finding themselves, but the experiences are vastly different than Earthly. Lots of times they find themselves as energetic beings, or far more energetic than here. Alternately, their bodies have been extremely dense and “stone-like.” One client had a life in a different place where she WAS a stone—a conscious one, with emotions and associated lessons, but without any movement at all. And then there are the Earth inhabitants, but from long-ago civilizations. I have worked with a number of Lemurians and a handful of Atlanteans.

As different as our presences are in these places, the lessons are the same. They are emotional. They are about empowerment, worth, and, ultimately, love.

Sometimes, when a person finds themself in a life of elsewhere or other, especially if that person is new to the spiritual journey or newly awakening, they can get a bit hung up on their perception of otherness. It’s so enticing to feel special. It is so attractive to feel exceptional. It’s so easy to hang our proverbial hats on an identity as a Pleiadean, as a Sirian, as a fairy, as a very old soul.

Yes, it is special. And also it is in some way relevant to the here and now. That is why you are accessing the understanding — because it is relevant. Perhaps it is in a way that you worked with energy there that you can tap into here. Perhaps it is in a way that you overcame a challenge there that will serve you well here. Perhaps it is to remind you that you are an ongoing student of love and have been for a very very very long time, so there must be lots more to learn.

It’s really important to understand that while you were once X, you are now human. You are never only what you were. That does not honor all the ages and ages of learning and growing between then and now. (Given that time is a human thing, but since we’re human, it is relevant.) We are always a beautiful composite of all that we’ve ever been, of all the lessons we’ve ever learned. So you have gifts and strengths and traits and energetic aptitude from your time as X and you are also a beautiful and adept and still-learning and still-growing soul now in a human body, with all its unique challenges and possibilities for growth.

Yes, absolutely, learn about the worlds where you were. Learn about who you were and what you could do and what you did. And then apply it to going all in on this human thing.

Know that someday, in some incredible life down the line, in some learning place other than here, you will have the opportunity to say, “I was HUMAN,” and it will hold just as much beauty and mystique and weight. And what an experienced soul you will be.

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