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Reena Kumarasingham is a regression and life-between-lives therapist who has been a trainer and supervisor for the Past Life Regression Academy for many years, teaching students in the UK, Australia, and the United States. In fact, she was my teacher. She has presented internationally including at the EARTh Association World Congress of Regression Therapy in Turkey and the Past Life Regression Convention in India. She is the author of two chapters on advanced regression therapy techniques in Transforming the Eternal Soul, edited by Andy Tomlinson, as well as the Divine ‘I AM’ Blog.

Reena’s new book, Shrouded Truth: Biblical Revelations through Past Life Journey, (to be released on March 5, 2018) is an attention getter, to say the least. It is one of the most riveting and eye-opening books I have ever read. It takes readers on a fascinating journey through the past life memories of eight souls who experienced lives as some of the people closest to Jesus. Emotional and, at times, dramatic, Shrouded Truth gives insights into those turbulent times, and reveals little-known events and information about what happened before, during, and after the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. The book reveals first-hand, regressed accounts that differ, sometimes vastly, from the fundamental beliefs of Christianity as we know it.

I recently connected with Reena to talk about her new book, and the significance of its compilation and release now, at this time in our human collective journey.

This interview was previously published in The News Channel, the newsletter of the Spiritual Regression Therapy Association.

Whom do we meet in Shrouded Truth?

We meet James, the brother of Jesus; Paul the Acolyte; Mary Magdalene; her sister, Martha; Disciple Thomas; and some surprising members of the next generation. The book goes into their perspectives about the crucifixion of Jesus and what happened before and after, to the point of each person’s death. It will challenge people’s views about the events of that time. The claims are also backed up by documented, academic accounts, which validate the accounts and add depth to this work.

What is the biggest shrouded truth that you unveil in this book? Or if that’s too much of a spoiler, can you let us peek under the cover on a smaller discovery?

Ha! Good try. There are quite a few unveiling of shrouded truths in this book. One of the big ones is revealed in the very first chapter, and there are quite a few as the book progresses.

My biggest realization in conducting these regressions and pulling this book together was the sheer volume of truth that has been shrouded.  Contrary to popular opinion and the religious narrative that just focus on the central figure, Jesus, Shrouded Truth shows that there were many souls who played an active role in breaking through and ushering a new Consciousness at the beginning of the Piscean Age 2,000 years ago. One of the biggest shrouded truths is that many of these key people’s stories were hidden, distorted or just wiped from history to maintain an ideological narrative. The crucifixion, though it was important, was one of many dramatic events that facilitated the teachings that broke through established structures. Some of them came out in these accounts.

In my opinion, the biggest shrouded truth is that every single person who participated in this change is equally as important as Jesus, equally as divine. They were ordinary folks doing extraordinary things. Jesus was the central figure, but he could not have done it alone. Bringing that back to the change that we are now going through, as we move from the Piscean Age to the Aquarian and established structures are breaking down, we can apply this learning for ourselves – we are all souls and every single one of us has that divine spark or that divine essence within. Just by the choices we make in our everyday lives, each of us has the ability perform miracles and affect change.

How did you find the subjects?

You know how they say that it takes a village to raise a child? It took a village to conceive this book. I did not go out to seek these eight people and their stories. It really is synchronous how they came to me. I have detailed this in the book. The participants were clients or students, from many different countries, who came for therapy or to be trained. Their stories unfolded organically and synchronistically. Almost all of the information — the paradigm-shattering information in particular — was consistent across accounts.  This is pretty remarkable considering we are talking about memories from 2,000 years ago. I tried once early on to hasten the process and sought only one account, the ninth story. It ended up veering wildly from every other account and had a different feel to it. I included it in the Appendix just to show readers the difference, and show why it was so different. It taught me quickly to trust the process and go with the flow.

It really feels that I was merely the conduit for these stories to emerge. In the same way that the people who were regressed came to me, I feel that the books and resources used as research also ‘found’ me, as every single one of them had pertinent information that I could use.

Getting these stories and accounts out there in Shrouded Truth is definitely about something bigger than me. It is a privilege for me to share the shrouded truths that the participants unveiled and to reveal their individual messages.

What was your protocol to ensure the integrity of your work?

The integrity of the methodology is crucial when developing something like this.

I was brought up a Hindu in Malaysia, a country where the dominant religion is Islam. I had friends who were Catholics and so what I knew about Christianity was through them. I knew about Jesus, the bible, and the cross.

And once, 20 years ago, a Catholic friend of mine insisted on going into the Cathedral de Notre Dame during our trip to Paris. It was important to her to have Offertory (or Communion) there. I learned that I could not participate because I was not a baptized Catholic and I had not received the Sacrament of First Eucharist. So all I really gathered was that it was a sacred ceremony of some sort. That was the depth of my knowledge of Christianity.

So when all these stories came to me, I had very little prior knowledge about any of the information apart from the secular narrative. I did not conduct any research until I was confident that I had all the accounts from the participants – to stay as objective as possible during the sessions and flow with the information that was emerging. In fact, because much of the information diverts well away from the known narrative, I admit that there were times I was dubious if anything would come from this. However, I kept going because a large percentage of these accounts corroborated one another.  Then, when I did in depth research from respected historians and academics, and the information fell into place, it was just incredible for me.

Also, very few of the participants in this project had much contact with one another. They were not told of anyone else’s accounts until their own sessions were concluded. It took me four years to collect the information.

All the participants but one insisted on being anonymous. To me this was significant. It shows that they were more concerned about the important message as opposed to inflation of their egos. It spoke to their intent to be as authentic as possible to their memories.

What do you have to say to all those who might dismiss revelations in the book because they are not familiar with or do not trust the idea of Regression Therapy? 

I do go into great lengths in Shrouded Truth – addressing the subject of reincarnation, past lives and past life regression. I also address the sceptics and what they could or would say about the methodology and the information that has come through in Shrouded Truth.

One of the reasons why I wanted to back up the claims from the regressions with documented academic research was to establish credibility for the accounts that came through. I must say I was surprised to see just how many of these accounts were backed up by the research.

Also, the fact that about 75% – 80% of these eight individual accounts were consistent with one another (given by people who at the most minimal contact with one another, most having no contact) acts as a barometer to the credibility of the accounts. The only account that veered wildly from the other eight was from the person that I had sought after. Every other account emerged organically and spontaneously and just flowed and dovetailed beautifully with one another. If there were just one or two participants, then we could claim Cryptoamnesia or confabulation – but Eight? All regressed at different times, in different countries in the space of four years? How can that be dismissed?

The story of Jesus Christ is possibly the most studied and analysed story in the world. The Bible is the best selling book of all time. Academics, theologians, historians, and spiritual mystics have spliced, diced and studied every manuscript, claim, account and aspects of this story many hundreds of years. As a result of their work, there are so many interpretations of Jesus out there. Some are convinced that he was a rebel, a dissenter, and not the Prince of Peace as Jesus is commonly known as. There are others who dismiss the whole account of Jesus as a myth – similar to that of Isis, Osiris and Horus, in ancient Egyptian cultures or Zeus, Hera and Hercules, in the Hellenistic cultures. Then there is the commonly held belief that Jesus is this Divine Being – the Son of God.

How can the same story, with the same central figure, be perceived in so many different ways? Well – it just depends on our belief system. As humans, we tend to gravitate to the narrative that best fits into our preconceived belief system. What I ask for anybody who reads Shrouded Truth is to try read it with an open mind and see if the deeper message of Christ and these other souls resonates in their hearts. If it does, and it affects a positive change for the reader, then that is what is most important.

From your perspective as a healer, teacher, and author, do you ever wonder why this all unfolded the way it did?

I think the timing of the release of this book is pertinent because the time of Jesus was a time when there was a great change, similar to now. The start of the Piscean Age was 2,000 years ago.  Now we are moving from the end of the Piscean Age to the start of the Aquarian Age. This information has resurrected again, in this book, other books, and through many other forms of media. It’s all part of bringing to people’s awareness what Christ Consciousness is and how it was, back then, embraced and embodied by most of the direct followers of Jesus. We can embrace and follow that example today.  In my opinion, the Christ Consciousness is the realization that we have divine within us. It’s about embracing our divine essence, our Divine ‘I AM’.

In your own words as you teach it, please describe the Divine ‘I AM.’ 

The ‘I AM’ Presence is also known as the Divine Presence, our Monad, or God or Goddess Self, to name a few. The spiritual path’s goal is to live up to and merge with our individual ‘I AM’ presence. 

Our ‘I AM’ is not an elusive Being beyond us and our Higher Mind. Our ‘I AM’ presence is the Divine Spark, the Divine Essence that has been within us the entire time. It is about our involution to embrace the Christ within us.

As we are moving into a new vibration of living, it is time we start to embody and embrace this very subtle, intangible, but powerful part of ourselves that we have suppressed for so long. It’s time now to transcend our physical, mental and emotional vessels to tap into our light and radiate it to just be the beaming light beings that we truly are.

This book is the first of a series. What else are you exploring?

This book is the first part of a three part series called the Radiant Light Series.  This first book, Shrouded Truth, focuses on the events that happened around Jesus. The second book, Illuminated Truth, to be released in 2019, will focus on the teachings from Christianity in the Antiquities. Again, this will be another thought provoking book, where information was obtained through past life regression and backed by documentary evidence. The third book is still in the conceptual phase.

Shrouded Truth: Biblical Revelations through Past Life Journeys is available for pre-order now on Amazon in Europe and the Americas.

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