This week’s 5-minute seminar, I’m back to my metaphorical happy place — connecting the dots between an episode of Poldark and proof of reincarnation.

At the end of this episode of Poldark (Season 2, Episode 1), I was surprised and delighted to see the words “To be continued,” promising me that next time I tune in, the story will be picked up right where it left off. Ok. Well. That got me thinking. This little statement-of-the-obvious might just go a long way in settling the debate of reincarnation… or not.

So here are four proof points that actually might.

1) Spontaneous past-life memories, especially of children who could have had no prior knowledge of previous events, which have been proven through the research of those like Dr. Ian Stevenson, and now Dr. Jim Tucker, who is continuing Stevenson’s work.

2) Past life events and facts that surface during past life regression, which are later proven.

3) The substantive and intricate detail of people recounting past lives from birth to death without any preconceived notion of such a story line.

4) The deep current-life, waking-state healing that results from following emotion to its source in a past life and resolving challenge, forgiving, and letting go.

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Oh, and I’ll now be posting my videos on YouTube, which means sharing ease for you… and far less attractive thumbnail options for me.


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