A little positive word-of-mouth

I have this thing that I do. It makes people smile so I’m going to let you in on it.

Every time I hear a friend or acquaintance say something nice about someone I know, I tell that person what I heard. It’s simple, and I’ve found over the years that it’s really powerful. 

Negativity swirls all around us. It’s so easy to devolve into gossip or smack-talk, to see the dark side instead of the bright, to say something mean and funny instead of something uplifting and sincere.

Maybe that’s why when someone says something kind about someone else, especially when that person isn’t even around to hear it, it feels like a little bit of magic. 

So I share. And every time I do, I make someone’s day. That’s remarkable, really, because I’m just the messenger. 

This month, try being the messenger. Try spreading a little positive word-of-mouth. First, be that person that compliments instead of complains. See if you can stop the hate or even start the love. Then, be the one that can’t keep your mouth shut… about all the positive things you’ve heard. It’s time we all start swirling different. 

Someone loves. Pass it on.

Photo Credit: Instagram/Rock Paper Scissors