An incubus by any other name…

When I was 21, I experienced a horrifying encounter with an incubus — though “incubus” wasn’t yet a word that had been added to my personal dictionary. All I knew was that an evil-feeling male spirit-thing came to me in the night, pinned me down, nearly suffocated me, and tried to rape me. It literally took my voice from me. I could not call out. So I fought. I fought like my life depended on it, because I believed that it did. And in that fight, I thrashed and trashed the room where I had been sleeping. The whole night long I fought. I remember being pinned to the ceiling, kicking over bookcases from above, overturning chairs, grasping desperately at curtains. Finally, at the break of dawn, when the first light seeped into the darkness and through the room’s one window, the spirit threw me down, the eight feet or so from up near the light on the ceiling, onto the floor where, when I hit, my voice suddenly returned and I screamed. The spirit was gone. The family with whom I was staying came rushing in and found me, crumpled, battered, and bruised, but fine.

The man I was visiting was a healer. After his wife lovingly mended and bandaged me, he hypnotized me for past-life regression. I remember his telling me that I’d been raped in several past lives. I was told that this spirit came to me to rape me again, but because I fought it, and fought it off and away, I proved my point: I was not a victim. I would never be raped again.

That was a good solution then. I do not now think that it was the whole truth, though, if it was the truth at all. Please, read on.

More than ten years later I was making a late-night push on the tail-end of a 12-hour solo drive from Seattle to Salt Lake City when drowsiness insisted I find something other than music to listen to on the radio. At the far end of the AM dial, I found a talk show and tuned in right when a woman caller was describing her own frightening ordeal with a raping spirit. After her, caller after caller recounted their own stories. Incubus. Incubus. Incubus. I was riveted. I was shocked. I was… not crazy.

When you look up “incubus” on Wikipedia, you find pat explanations of the religious, mythological, or scientific variety. It’s an interesting read. But, in my opinion, it is lacking.

You see, in the past year or so, I’ve come to learn about spirit attachments. Not only to learn about them, but to experience them first-hand. First, I will say, in dealing with them personally. Then, in accepting my role as one who releases them, who, with the help of their spirit guides and escort spirits of light, sends them home, back to the spirit realm. I do this weekly. People now seek me out to free them of spirits whom they sense, see, feel. I’ve written about some of these cases on this blog. 

Through my releasement work, I’ve met several women who, like me, have encountered malevolent sexually assaulting male spirits. Sometimes these spirits are passersby — perhaps accurately identified as “attachments,” though not the kind that sticks around for long. Consider my first meeting with one, for example. Most often, in my experience, they latch on and stay, making life very scary for the women they’ve been attracted to.

Here is one story.

Last week, a woman came to me this week after a sleepless night in which she had felt a male spirit press down upon her, paralyzing her. She knew that he was trying to rape her. The spirit was oppressive and projected an image in her mind of a powerful lion, with large, devouring teeth. This is not the first time the woman has been visited by an  incubus, nor the first time that I have helped her with one. She remembered what I had told her before. She thought of me. She wanted to call me, but could not move her arms, so she focused on me in her mind. (Interestingly, I woke at that time, feeling like something was wrong. I got up and stayed awake for several hours while this was happening to her.) She remembered how I speak calmly to the spirits I work with, so she did the same. She said to the spirit: “I know who you are. I know what you are trying to do. But I believe that you are lost.  If you leave me alone now, I’ll  help you get home tomorrow. I know someone that can help you.” She kept repeating this to the spirit. She also remembered my teaching her how to put a protective bubble of light and love around herself. She had not been doing that regularly, but envisioned that bubble during the attack. The attacker let up, and she could relax. She didn’t sleep the rest of the night, on guard against the spirit. First thing in the morning she texted me.

“Please help me. Get him off of me!”

Through self-hypnosis and connection with my higher self, I learned that I could not free her of this spirit remotely. I could, though, connect with him and speak to him. I surrounded myself with Source light, just as much as protection as impression fortifier, and linked to this spirit. I introduced myself as a friend of the woman and told him that I was there to help him get home. I promised him that I would help him that evening when the woman was scheduled to come to my office, and then asked if, in return for her and my help, he would push himself into the farthest reaches of her aura, keeping himself away from her as much as possible. He agreed.

That evening, when the woman came to me, she was exhausted and anxious. As she lay on my therapy table, I conducted a body scan and found that she had four spirit attachments, including Mr. Incubus. Two could be released first and easily, the last could not be released until the incubus had gone. It was somehow attached to the incubus, or there because it was attracted to him.

I telepathically spoke to the incubus. “It’s time for you to go home now.”

Spirit: “No.”

Me: “Ah, you feel like you need to say something to this woman before you go?”

Spirit: “Yes.”

Me, to higher self: “Is it in this woman’s highest good to hear this message from spirit?”

Higher self: “No.”

Me to spirit: “Your own freedom is waiting for you in the spirit realm. Love is waiting. Healing is waiting. Will you go without speaking to her?”

Spirit: “No!”

I called in the spirit guide of this spirit and asked it to please bring with it escort spirits that were beloved to the spirit, someone he would recognize and feel for. The spirit guide came. I asked it to please take over, to speak to spirit, to invite the special escorts to speak to it too. Instantly, I sensed a shift in the room. I felt joy. I felt love. I felt the spirit let go a little, overwhelmed by the presence of the souls that he loved. I asked if the escort spirits might give him a gift of light and love to help him understand what is waiting for him. They did. Again, I felt release.

I asked again if spirit was ready to go, this time without speaking to the woman.

“Yes. I’m ready. I do not need to speak to her. I do not want to harm her.”

I then asked the escort spirits to wrap the spirit in light and gently escort him home. They did.

I witnessed the woman’s body visibly relax. She sighed. I then quickly released the final spirit, who was ready to leave now that incubus had gone. The woman was clear.

Spirit attachments come to us, often attracted to strong emotions. The hooks for this woman were, and have been in the past “sex” and “sadness.” We will work together through regression therapy to explore these, to heal any unhealed wounds that seem to send out beacons to lost spirits looking for shelter.

It’s important to note that spirits can also be attracted to behaviors. Addictive tendencies do not always dissipate  in souls that do not move on to the spirit realm after physical death.  So, for example, a spirit that had last experienced life as an alcoholic might find shelter in an alcoholic. Same for a smoker or drug addict. Same for a gambler. Same, also for a sex addict, or someone that had chosen to exert power or influence over others through sex.

I’m not saying that every incubus is the lost soul of a former human sex addict. I do believe, though, that some are. Others, I also know from experience, are dark entities not of human origin (interdimensional attachments), that reveal their power in many scary ways, including spiritual rape. The fact is, though, all can be released. Some are just easier to release than others.

There are many messages here.

  1. If you have experienced something like this, you are not alone and you are not crazy. Please find solace in this.
  2. There is help. I can help you, as can many other people who practice spirit releasement. I don’t have a directory of people who do this, but if you look, I have to trust that you will find.
  3. Take care of yourself. Once you do release the spirit, it is important to explore what it is in you that attracted it to you.  Heal the unhealed. Regression therapy is an effective way to do this.
  4. Take care of yourself even more. I mentioned above the woman recalled my teaching her to protect herself with a bubble of light. It is a good daily practice to envision a lovely bubble of love and light around you. Describe this bubble as “a permeable membrane of love and light.” Then, in your own words set the boundary. For example: Love and light may enter. My own love and light may pass through. Darkness and heaviness must stay out. My own darkness and heaviness may leave. Energies that are not my own are not welcome to enter or attach. It takes not even a minute, and it works. If you do this with conviction, spirits may not attach to you.

No matter what, know for a fact that you do have the power within you to overcome this.

Inviting Mah home

My friend Danielle has seen the same spirit figure her whole life. He is big, imposing, and strong. She sees his body, but never his face. He’s been near her, showing himself to her, since she was a little girl. She’s moved from house to house, state to state, and always he’s been there.

A week ago, while in bed, she felt someone touch her ear. She thought that it was her husband next to her. She’s never liked her ears being touched, and before opening her eyes she said, “why are you doing that when you know I hate it?” But when she did open her eyes, she saw her husband’s hands were nowhere near her. Her husband then said: “Did you see that?” He’d seen a spirit, a spindly, sickly shape, dash out of the room.

Danielle was really upset by this. When I saw her about a week later, she told me everything. Intuitively and through channeling, I came to understand what was happening.

The spirit, whose name, I learned, is Mah, had been her husband in her most recent past life. Together in that life they had shared an epic love, one of fairy tales and wishes and dreams. And when he died, before her, he could not bear to leave her. He stayed with her for the rest of her life. Then, after she died, he waited for her to return. He waited for her in the home where they’d lived and the landscape around their house. When she did return, when she was born as Danielle, he went to her and has been with her since — protecting her, loving her, wanting only for her to be happy and safe, and wanting her, more than anything, to know him.

In that life, he often tenderly touched her ear. That was his way of adoring her. And subconsciously, in this life, she knew that. That sign of affection was something reserved only for him. No one else could touch her there. Only him.

In their past life together, Mah had been tall and muscular. In this life, in spirit form, he would only present himself in his full, beautiful stature to Danielle. To Danielle’s husband, when he saw him only once a week ago, Mah projected himself as meager and weak. This was so he would not be recognized and would not seem a threat. Mah never showed Danielle his face, though. He desperately wanted her to feel him and intuitively know who he was. To him, that would be a sign of her true love.

Mah was a spirit attachment who had clung through time and space to another soul. He had a very personal connection to his beloved soul mate, Danielle.

Today, I went to Danielle’s house to invite Mah to return to the spirit realm.

When I walked in, I greeted Danielle then immediately greeted Mah: “I am a friend of Danielle, Mah. I’m here to clear the house of spirits. Danielle has been feeling afraid lately, and we want her to feel safe and happy.” I could feel his welcome.

As a channel, I cleared the house. Then I invited Danielle to sit with me and invited Mah to join us. I felt his surprise and great pleasure at being acknowledged and included.

Me: Mah, do you see the spirits of love?

Mah: Yes.

Me: Mah, these are escorts, and they are here for you. They have come here today to invite you home.

Mah: No. No. I don’t want to leave her.

Me: I know. I know you don’t. I understand. I know how much you love her. And I have told her. She knows, Mah. She knows who you are and that you are only here because you love her so much. And that is what you wanted her to know, isn’t it?

Mah: Yes. Yes. That is all I’ve ever wanted her to know.

Me: Would you like to speak with her? You can talk to her directly. I know that that is what you want. Now is your chance. Please, talk to her. She is open.

Danielle: I am. I’m ready.

Mah, through me: I love you. I love you so much. I have only ever loved you. My love for you is so strong. I have always been with you. Always, to protect you and keep you safe. I am your true guardian angel because you are my angel. You are my light. I love you. I know that I have scared you before. Please know that I never meant to scare you. I just wanted you to know that I am here. That’s all I have ever wanted. And now I can tell you. Now you know.

Danielle: Yes. I do know now.

Me: Danielle, Mah loves you and trusts you. Please, let him know that you will be ok, that he can be free and that that is what you want for him.

Danielle: I do want that. I know that you love me. I feel that love so strongly. But I want you to be free. I want you to grow and advance and be free. You don’t need to stay here with me anymore. I appreciate that you have been here, but you can go now. It’s ok.

Me: Mah, you can love her from the spirit realm. You can watch over her and protect her while you also do your own work as a soul. You can be there and be here too, and you can trust that your love will reach her.

Mah: Yes. Ok. I understand. I understand.

Me: The spirits of love are here for you Mah, to take you safely home. You can go with them now. You are free. Danielle is letting you go, in love, knowing who you are, and she is wishing you to be free.

Mah: Yes… I love you… I will go… I love you.

The spirit escorts, the spirits of love, wrapped around him and gently, so sweetly, carried him home. It was a moment so full of love, so full of peace, that it is hard to describe. A hush filled the room — a hush of promise and potential, of love past and love present, of long-postponed freedom, filled up the room and then whispered, even more quietly, away.

Mah is home now and free. And Danielle feels more special and more loved than ever before.