Transforming Past Lives
A Soul Evolution Workshop

With Spiritual Regression Therapists Marit Fischer and Susan Hurley

Spokane, Washington, USA
January 17-20, 2019

Join us in Spokane for this four-day workshop in January as we guide you in finding, exploring, healing, and transforming the root of your emotional challenges in past lives. Read more and register.
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Soul Evolution Workshops

We are souls first, humans second. That may be a strange concept initially, but when we get it, our lives might just start to make a whole lot more sense.

As souls, we choose to incarnate here on Earth to continue learning lessons that we deem important to our own personal growth and evolution. We are on a very long journey. When we think about it in this way, and think about what might make our adventure more or less challenging, we have to consider the route, sure, but also the weight of the pack we’re bringing with us — a pack that holds all of our unresolved past or current-life issues and emotional challenges. The heaviness of what we choose to carry can turn even a relatively smooth road into a strenuous endeavor.

That’s ok. We all bring things with us. It’s part of coming into this life prepared. It is part of continuing on the journey. It is a gift to ourselves, really, allowing us the opportunity, when we are ready, to unpack the emotion and set it and ourselves free so that we can continue on to the next lesson unencumbered.

In this metaphor, as in life, it is not getting there that makes us wiser or more loving. It is process of freeing ourselves along the way. In fact, to arrive without the beautiful journey is not to get there at all. The art of letting go allows for beautiful soul evolution and a loving lightness of being that would be outside our understanding otherwise.

Regression Therapy and the other healing techniques taught by the Past Life Regression Academy ignite understanding and relieve emotional burdens, empowering us to become proactive participants on our journey, recognizing the challenges along our way as opportunities for growth and more love, not the impassable blockades of fear or doubt or anger that we may have seen before.

Regression Therapy in a Workshop Environment

The Soul Evolution Workshops are designed so that you may proactively unpack the emotions you have brought with you to resolve in this life, get to their sources, understand them, transform them, and move on without them more freely — and to do so in a supportive healing space with other beautiful souls. In these 4-day, immersive workshops, we create a sanctuary of healing and love, and a safe place for release, expression, learning, and growth. We venture forth in personal healing, but we do it together. You will be completely supported, not just by the workshop leaders, but by the others in the group who are setting forth on their own paths to healing and empowerment as well. It is phenomenal the personal healing that can spring forth from bearing supportive witness to the healing in others as you all move forward together.

Each workshop is four days and the basic tuition fee is $825. Many of workshops are residential, and housing fees will be noted when applicable.

When would a Soul Evolution Workshop be right for me?

Consider Regression Therapy and a Soul Evolution Workshop to address any emotionally charged challenges you are facing in realizing your best self. Clear the way for:

  • Lifting the veil that obscures your heart to discover your inner divine
  • Self-empowerment and self-actualization
  • Letting go of unhealthy relationships and developing positive ones
  • Ending depression
  • Stopping obsessions
  • Clearing nightmares, recurring dreams, and disturbing thoughts
  • Improved sleep
  • Overcoming panic attacks, phobias and anxiety
  • Terminating unexplainable pain
  • Breaking unhealthy patterns and habits

Workshops: Themes and Schedules

Transforming Past Lives

We will find and explore the root of emotional challenges in past lives and will guide you past the death point in each to for retrospective healing and transformation. You will communicate with your Spirit Guides for clarity on the important lessons presented in the lives you experience and will meet with those with whom you lived and interacted in these lives to find forgiveness and understanding.

This workshop may be for you if you are experiencing:

  • Reoccurring relationship issues
  • Feeling spiritually stuck
  • An intuitive awareness that current life issues have roots in past lives
  • A life that is lacking in joy

You may expect:

  • Energy management and clearing of energy fields
  • A seminar on how past life regression heals
  • A group intrusive energy clearance
  • Exercises to improve intuition
  • Connecting and communicating with your spirit guide
  • Developing deep bonds and support in a loving group
  • Two personal past life regression and transformation sessions


Transforming Past Lives
With Spiritual Regression Therapists Marit Fischer and Susan Hurley
Spokane, Washington, USA
January 17-20, 2019
Learn more and register.