Taking a break from Spirit Release and intrusive energy clearing

For the foreseeable future, I will be taking a break from all Spirit Release work to focus my time and energy on creative projects. While Spirit Release is both beautiful and necessary, it is an eliminative process, not a creative one. I’ve found that when I am very frequently clearing, it is hard to switch gears and bring new, imaginative, and bright things into the world.

Since my interview about Dark Energy with Dana Whitby on the Athena Rising Podcast in May, I have been overwhelmed with requests for clearing. Now is a time when this work is much in demand. To help meet this need more broadly, and to empower others to activate and clear for themselves and others, I am continuing to offer the New Lightbody Activation for Now and Lightbody for Clearing workshops to advanced energy workers. If you are interested in learning more about or scheduling either of these workshops, please do reach out to me.

In the meantime, if you cannot find someone on your own that you trust or feel right about helping you clear intrusive energies, you are welcome to contact me for a referral via my contact form. You do not need to share the details of your experience. I will simply be giving you the name of someone who may be able to assist you.

Thank you.

Transforming Past Lives Retreat — a testimonial in words and photos

The Transforming Past Lives Workshop Retreat that Susan Hurley and I hosted in Spokane in January was an incredible experience. I’ve already shared a bit about it here, but my heart is still full and I want to show, not tell, about our time with the women who joined us. These photos do nothing to describe the deep healing and empowerment that we fostered, but they paint a picture of where we were and just a touch of the fun we had. They may just inspire you to join us for our next retreat.

If these pictures don’t inspire you, perhaps these words will.

If you have ever considered having a past life regression done, I strongly encourage you to seek out the professional guidance of Marit Fischer in Spokane, Washington, USA and/or her colleague, Susan Hurley, in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Both women are spiritual regression therapists and energy healers.

I have just returned home from participating in their 4-day Transforming Past Lives workshop, held in Spokane, January 2019, and it was phenomenal! I am a 52-year-old female and have been a firm believer in reincarnation since I was a teen and first read Raymond Moody’s books on the subject. It has taken me decades and life experiences to finally make the move to fully explore my own past lives with a professional. The day I ran across Marit’s advertisement in an outdoor publication, I knew it was time and that was my sign to make the call.

I am so glad to have found Marit and Susan and to have taken time out of my life to attend their workshop. These women are wise, loving, gentle, FUN, and have the innate ability and professional training (eons), along with guidance from their Spirit Guides and the Elders, to help others heal and understand the patterns and personal choices we all make which shape the lives we live.

If you are hurting physically and/or emotionally, have a challenging relationship with another individual, feel lost or directionless, or just simply curious about what else there is to life and death, now is the time to contact Marit Fischer and Susan Hurley. Give yourself the love you deserve and please tell them, “The woman who loves the color green sent me!”

Empowerment in Spokane

Susan Hurley and I just completed our first-ever Transforming Past Lives workshop in Spokane and it couldn’t have been a more incredible experience. Spending four days with remarkable women, focusing intensely on empowerment, inspiration, expansion, exploration, and profound healing was a true honor for us. We are invigorated and are so looking forward to more. Please take a minute to learn more about these workshops. The next will most likely be in Winnipeg this Fall, but we may just be inspired before then. Stay tuned!

Inner Child. This child. You.


This morning, as my daughter was getting ready for her first day of second grade at a new school — the second new school in two years — I listened to her tell me how she was feeling excited, but also nervous and scared. She was afraid of not fitting in, afraid of not making friends, afraid of getting lost.


Oof. I’ve been there.


And again and again in my work, I guide people to times in their current lives when they, as babies or children, have been faced with challenges like this or, often, far more dire, that, to heal, they must encounter, find inner strength to handle, and then reframe. This is Inner Child Therapy. It is empowering and beautiful.


So, as a parent, encountering opportunities in the here-and-now in which I can help empower my child feels like such an amazing gift.


This morning, as she brushed her hair, I asked her what gifts she would give herself to help her get through the day. I told her we’d turn these gifts into colored light marbles, like magic, and they’d give her special powers.


She chose her marbles carefully.


Love was red. Individuality was blue (like Ravenclaw!). Bravery was yellow. Kindness was navy blue, (because it’s deep). And resiliency, which she called “bounce-back-ed-ness” was a rainbow rubber ball. Perfect.


She put her light marbles in her heart and expanded them so they could swirl through her body, filling her up. Then, I told her that she could call on any of her light-gift strengths that were now a part of her any time that she needs them.


Her whole demeanor changed. She was strong, ready, and, to my amazement, fearless.


I took her to school. Walking into the building with her new teacher and 17 new classmates, she didn’t even hesitate. She went right through the doors with a smile on her face and did not look back.


It was beautiful.


It’s not just inner child. It’s present and real child. And it’s present and real us. Next time you’re faced with an upcoming challenge, try this simple meditation. Give yourself what you need in the form of magic light marbles, then put them in your heart, let them grow and swirl, and know that you can always, always call on them when the going gets tough.


You have the power to handle anything this world serves up. You planned your challenges to learn and to grow. Light marbles are only small beautiful reminders of who you are and what you can do.