Category: Everyone is Deity

When we recognize deity in ourselves, we must be our best. When we recognize it in others, we cannot hurt them.

One-Page Wonder

  While my daughter is at ballet class, I walk. I drop her off at the studio and then head West, past the old warehouses, under the railroad bridge, through…
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Why to bad things happen to good people?

Why do bad things happen to good people?You've asked great questions. I promised to answer all of them (or connect you with someone who can). I'll pick one Q each…
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The light that shines behind

Today, we celebrate the Super Moon eclipse of the sun. Spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically, it is a day of reset. It is a day of reflection and planning, of…
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Shine United

There are times in my life when a theme comes up all over the place and sticks around until I pay attention. I consider these to be messages, seeds maybe —…
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Everyone is divine.

We are Source. We are love. We are everyone. Everyone is us. It is important to recognize the divine within ourselves. Recognizing it in ourselves empowers us to love, forgive, and be the best…
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