One-Page Wonder


While my daughter is at ballet class, I walk. I drop her off at the studio and then head West, past the old warehouses, under the railroad bridge, through downtown, and to the park along the river. Before I get to the park, though, I always make a pass through Auntie’s Bookstore. It’s on the way, so it’s just a matter of walking through, not by. I pick an aisle, then a shelf, then a book. I open the book and read the page I land on. Then I put the book back and keep on walking, and thinking about what I’ve just read.

I love doing this. It’s fun. And I find treasure.

On my last Auntie’s long-cut, I stopped right in front of a book by one of my favorite poets, Mary Oliver. I’d not read this particular collection, Felicity, so I was delighted. I opened the book, read one poem… and felt the “yes” soak into me like warm lavender dishwater into a sponge.

Mary Oliver has a way of stating things so simply and elegantly and rightly, without extra words or sentiment or fuss. And she does it in a way that makes you feel the ahhh of recognition and understanding, as if, yeah, actually, you’ve always thought that too. You just never said it as pretty.

I love this poem. I love the acceptance of it. The non-judgment of it. And the reminder of it.


Nothing is Too Small Not To Be Wondered About

The cricket doesn’t wonder
if there’s a heaven
or, if there is, if there’s room for him.

It’s fall. Romance is over. Still, he sings.
If he can, he enters a house
through the tiniest crack under the door.

Then the house grows colder.
He sings slower and slower.
Then, nothing.

This must mean something, I don’t know what.
But certainly it doesn’t mean
he hasn’t been an excellent cricket
all his life.


We are all souls on a journey. We are all made in and of love from the same Source. We are all different, with different lives and different vocabularies and different contexts and different beliefs and even different levels of exposure to different beliefs. It’s reassuring to remember that whomever we are — enlightened or not, cricket or not — is exactly, perfectly, excellent.

Why to bad things happen to good people?

Why do bad things happen to good people?

You've asked great questions. I promised to answer all of them (or connect you with someone who can). I'll pick one Q each week to respond to via video. Here it is, Good Question Video (GQV) #1: "Why do bad things happen to good people?" Well, here's what I've learned…

Posted by Marit Fischer • Spiritual Regression & Energy Healing on Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Last week, I launched a Facebook page to share information about this work that I do, and dedicated to answering every question that you ask me about it. This is a place for safe, judgment-free conversation about spirituality, things that you might be experiencing that you don’t quite get, and about what’s going on in the world.

I received so many great questions that I decided to pick one of them per week to answer via video. I’m calling this series the GQV — the Good Question Videos.

This time, I address the phenomenal and constant question: “Why do bad things happen to good people?” Or, perhaps, for many people: “How can an omni-loving God allow such terrible things to happen?”

The answer that I have come to, based on my own experience and the experience of thousands of people who have regressed to their interlife or Life Between Life, is that we planned for these things to happen before our life so that we could learn, grow, and develop as souls.

We don’t remember what we planned for ourselves as souls, because when we incarnate, it is like a veil of amnesia falls over us, allowing us to face our lessons with complete commitment, fully invested in them and their outcome.

Is this news to you? If so, it could affect you in a range from completely mind blowing to mildly amusing. Let me just say it was an absolute paradigm shift for me. A liberating and empowering one. One that answered all sorts of other questions.

I invite you to think about it. Does it make sense to you? As always, the beauty of this life is that you get to decide what makes sense to you. Does this fit in your mind’s puzzle? How about your heart’s?

There are several books that cover this in depth, or that touch on it in a comprehensive overview of the soul journey. Perhaps you’d like to pick one up?

Your Soul’s Plan: Discovering the Real Meaning of the Life you Planned Before You Were Born, Robert Schwartz
Journey of Souls, Michael Newton
Destiny of Souls, Michael Newton
Exploring the Eternal Soul, Andy Tomlinson

And if you haven’t yet, please do check out my Facebook page — Marit Fischer Spiritual Regression & Energy Healing — and join the real-time conversation that’s happening there. I’d love to see you there!

The light that shines behind


Today, we celebrate the Super Moon eclipse of the sun. Spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically, it is a day of reset. It is a day of reflection and planning, of gratefulness and manifestation, of honoring personal change and of empowering giant leaps forward.

The eclipse is the foreseen, planned, and anticipated movement of our moon — our lovely opaque yet reflectively illuminating companion — into the direct line of sight of our sun —our one true light body and planetary source of light and life. Today, the moon will pass quietly between us and our source, and in the process will graciously take on its rare role as veil, presenting us with a show of natural wonder, yes, but also, in the process, gently teaching us, reminding us, of the light that shines behind — something that we often simply forget to acknowledge, and unfortunately, to appreciate.

Within us all shines the bright light of divine self. There is not one living person (or creature) that moves upon this planet without it. Just as a heart beats so does the inner light shine. Yet we forget. We forget when we allow ourselves to become base and hateful actors in the big production of life, and we forget when we dismiss others we somehow judge less divine than ourselves. We get caught up in the “reality” of all the veils we wear — our skin, our clothes, our social class, our work, our politics, our nationality, our language, our religion, our everything. And are the veils important? Today, the moon reminds us to look beneath and to see the light that shines behind.

In my healing work as a regression therapist, when navigating and uncovering the direst of human trauma or suffering, my clients and I sometimes bump up against a black veil, set in place by the subconscious to prevent further exploration. In his trance state, the client will be unable to see, to move forward at all. He will be aware of only black and to feel that he is “nowhere.” One of the ways to move through this shutdown is to take the time to encourage the client to look way down deep inside himself. Without fail, he will find light. He will travel inside the light to its source, and there he will see himself, his own divine self. In growing that light within, often all around him becomes illuminated as well. If it does not, all it takes is for the client to send a spark of that light into the darkness or, alternately, for the client to simply reach down and lift the thick veil of darkness to experience that which he has the power to address in order to heal himself. In reminding each person of the light within, all that is dark becomes light, and the light behind becomes accessible. There is always light behind.

Sometimes that which is between the light and ourselves is not completely opaque. Think of a stained glass window or an agate or a leaf. Sometimes it is only in holding a simple object to the back light that we can appreciate the finest beauty of it. Against the light, we can recognize the structure and essence and intricate beauty of that which otherwise sleeps unassumingly in shadow. Today the moon reminds us to hold others to the light to see their hidden facets, to hold our challenges to the light to see the bright opportunities that they may be hiding, to hold our pain to the light to find the learning and growth it offers us. It is impossible for darkness to reign or even to remain in the light. It is impossible.

Today, on the day of the eclipse in Pisces, I invite you to learn from the moon and to truly see and appreciate the glory of the light that shines behind.

Shine United


There are times in my life when a theme comes up all over the place and sticks around until I pay attention. I consider these to be messages, seeds maybe — perhaps planted by my spirit guide. Or, maybe I’ve sent them to myself — perhaps according to the plan I helped design and agreed to execute before coming into this life. Whatever they are, when I actually have the wherewithal to recognize them, I think of them as gifts.

This go round the message is: “You are light. Shine! Shine united.”

Yesterday, I went for a beautiful run on a snowy, mostly packed trail in the mountains near my home. As I do when I run alone, I was listening to music. This is less to preoccupy my mind than to focus it. It helps me find the meditative state that I love so much when I run. Some of my greatest revelations and spirit conversations have taken place while I’ve been powering along a mountain trail. (This was the subject of my essay, Ghost Run, in the book: Tales From Another Mother Runner. You can also listen to the podcast of my conversation with the Mother Runners.) I was listening to Spotify, to the weekly mixtape of personalized music they serve up each Monday called Discover Weekly. That means that this was not a playlist that I made, but one that the master DJs of the app algorhythmicked up for me based on the music I like and listen to. The songs played out like my own stream of consciousness and got me right where I wanted to be: physically moving and spiritually open. Then, on a particularly deep section of trail that caused me to slow down and post-hole my way through, the song “Scare Away the Dark” by Passenger came on. It stopped me cold for a second. I just breathed hard and listened.

Sing, sing at the top of your voice
Love, without fear in your heart
Feel, feel like you still have a choice
If we all light up we can scare away the dark

When I picked up the pace again, “Spring to Come” by the John Butler Trio rang through.

Out of the darkness, only light can come
After a lonely long night comes the sun.

Then, as I reached the summit, a deeply moving instrumental filled me up. It was like my own personal soundtrack, exactly matched to who I am and what I was doing. It resonated through me like my it was coming from my own heart and bouncing off the walls of the inside of my skin. It wasn’t until I got back to the car at the trailhead that I looked to see what that song was. It was “On the Nature of Daylight” by Max Richter.

I heard them all. I paid attention. Hmm, “Ok,” I thought. “I’m listening.”

Today, again while running, I was tuned in to Richard Martini reading his book “The Flipside.” (I like the book and recommend it, though if I could do it over, I’d opt to read it, not listen. He narrates the audiobook himself and the variable quality is distracting.) In today’s chapter, Martini shares a Life Between Lives session between a therapist named Scott Detamble and a client named “Thomas.” Thomas says:

We’re poised to make a huge jump in consciousness and it’s happening already among us. I’m just one of the workers working on that…It’s a shift in our DNA, awakening parts of our apparatus that have been closed down. When we come into these bodies, we shut down much of our awareness and our abilities to be encapsulated. And yet there’s much in these bodies we can draw upon and be open to. As a species, we’re evolving, and it takes little interventions and many people working on many levels to make that happen. There are many light beings here, even if they’re not aware that they’re aware, they’re aware.

Being a light being and animal, we’ve had so much strife in our animalness, struggling back and forth, yet we’re driven by it and we can’t help it. Only when we tune into our higher self can we let the animal be and it’s no longer driven with out of control passions… We bring great joy to all that is. It’s a lot of work, but it’s also a lot of fun.

During the session, Thomas’ spirit guide Redeem speaks directly:

This generation now, the beings that are incarnated now, the beings that will live now, the beings that will pass in the next 80 years or so, are going to instrumental in the shifting of this planet…

Thomas needs to have this awakening on the conscious level and go forth from here… [He] needs to align with those communities that are around him, that are also about the same thing… Light workers, such as himself, who are here to see the shift in the human species. It has been foretold for at least a generation. You’ve seen it in your pop cultures, your SONGS, seen it in your prophecies. All humans on this planet can feel it. It is a vibratory state. It is a yearning. This planet has gone through several shifts. We’re on the brink of another. That is the community of which we speak.

I take from all of this, in sum, that it’s time for light beings to unite. To shine and unite.

Funny that the message I kept hearing yesterday was “Shine on, little shiner.” Ok, ok. Maybe not so funny.

Before heading up to my office today to reflect and write, I made myself some peppermint tea. I opened the cupboard and looked in at my awesome selection of favorite-mugs-that-mean-something, wondering which one I should pick to suit my mood. There, right in front of me, was the one. A biz dev person from an ad agency sent it to me years ago trying to get my attention. I wasn’t in the market for an agency then, but the cup was cool so I kept it. Today, it took on a whole new meaning.

“Shine United,” it reads.

I’ve always loved it. Now I love it even more.

Well, ok. I got the message loud and clear. And I’ll do it. I will make the conscious effort to shine. To be the brightest me. To learn and heal and love and then to share, to unite.

But it’s not just about me, it’s about all of us. To shine, we have to first accept that we’re light. That’s sometimes hard. Sometimes it takes some polishing of the equipment. Sometimes it takes a little self-reflection before the full on self-projection. That’s OK. But as we get stronger and when we’re ready, it’s our time to turn on.

To unite, then, is to share. Maybe it’s to teach. Maybe it’s to heal. Maybe it’s to listen. Maybe it’s to set free. It will mean different things for each of us at different times. And that’s good. It won’t be boring. We have too much work to do for this being-of-brightness to be boring.

So let’s Shine United, shall we? Let’s shine on, speak up, and reach out. As “Thomas” said and I quoted above, “it’s a lot of work, but it’s also a lot of fun.”

Everyone is divine.

We are Source. We are love. We are everyone. Everyone is us.

It is important to recognize the divine within ourselves. Recognizing it in ourselves empowers us to love, forgive, and be the best versions of ourselves. Recognizing it in others makes it harder for us to hurt them, to disrespect them, to disregard them. When we live by this philosophy, we can realize love, the karmic balance.

Karma, the great equalizer, applies to all of us. No one is immune. The balance, and our goal, is the state and the act of love. Living as deity will bring us love and earn us peace.

What many of us do not understand, or perhaps what we forget, is that to free ourselves — to find the love balance in life and to, ultimately, free our souls of incarnation, we need to accept and understand karma. This means that we must take personal responsibility for our own actions. Our soul’s growth is in no one else’s hands but our own.

I recently drove to South Dakota from my home in Utah. Along I-80 and 90 and the state highways in between, I was surprised at how many “Jesus saves” billboards there were, planted like missionary outposts along the gravelly shoulders of tarred Macadam. And I couldn’t help but think that these well-intentioned PSAs were perhaps more disservice to than encouragement for the 85 mile-per-hour passers by. Each placard was a peeling reminder of the disempowerment of the soul — the rule of otherness that extends personal responsibility only so far as the choice to believe that someone else who lived more than 2,000 years ago already did all the heavy lifting for you.

No matter religion or faith or inclination, it actually does all come down to you. Each person is on an individual path of karmic learning. We all must take personal responsibility to love, to forgive, to own our transgressions, to be our best selves. No one else can “save” you. No one else can advance and free your soul.

Love, accompanied or not by faith or dogma, is still love. And it is love that is important.

Everyone is divine. There is divinity in all of us. We are all part of Source. In living true to this simple theme, and in understanding karma, we can realize true peace together.