You say you can clear me, but can you guarantee it?

When I tell people I clear dark energy, spirit attachments, and other intrusive energies from people, places, and things, most often I’ve already landed us on uncommon ground. It’s not something that lots of people do, and it’s not something that lots of people feel comfortable talking about in the first place. But like so many things in this material, physical world of ours — when you break both legs, for instance, or you find cockroaches and rats in your kitchen, or you’ve dropped your passport, glasses, and all your money down a 150-foot sheer crevasse in Morocco — it becomes pretty clear pretty quickly when you need some big time help.

Once in a great while, someone will reach out to me for help and then ask me “Do you guarantee this will work?”

If you hire a personal trainer, would you ask: “Do you guarantee that I will look like Jean Claude Van Damme when we’re done here?” Whether you have the genetic make-up or not, any coach or trainer worth his or her salt would answer: “That totally depends on you.”

Just as with anything spiritual, you must be part of the process. One may not purchase spiritual enlightenment or receive it as a gift from another. Similarly, when being cleared of intrusive energy, it’s really important that one takes personal responsibility to eject the energy (even in just wanting the energy gone and asking for help), to heal that which has been triggered during the energy’s presence, and to manage and protect one’s own energy moving forward.

Most people don’t ask for that money-back guarantee. They get that they play a big role in their own healing. After I clear them, they open themselves to learning how to manage their own energy so they don’t find themselves in a similar situation down the line. Every single person I’ve worked with like this has been 100% cleared of their intrusive energies.

There are four instances when I cannot — and no one else can either — clear intrusive energies from someone. It is not possible to clear intrusive energy when:

I do not have permission.

This may mean that I do not have the express consent of the person who is experiencing dark energy, which is always important, but it may also mean that Spirit is not giving me permission to proceed (even if the client really, really wants me to) because there is something, unknown to me, that is unfolding.

There is a higher personal lesson.

We make our life plans of our own free will as souls before we incarnate into each life. Life plans are powerful contracts with ourselves and others. As my Guide, Metatron, has taught me and all of us, Darkness, too, is of the light. There are times when people plan for dark energy in their lives to teach them very weighty lessons. Whether its to accelerate learning, or as a last-ditch effort to really, finally, ultimately get an important point across, I may not interfere with others’ personal lessons. In fact, I may unknowingly be a part of them. My responsibility is to always check this before I begin my work.

The person is calling the energy in.

When someone is actively calling dark energy into themselves in the name of personal power or prowess and has no intention of changing his or her practices after the clearing, I will not be given permission to clear. This beckoning of energy can be done in a variety of ways, through dark magic, rituals, incantations, or by intention. I have also seen this with people who want so very badly to be “spiritual” and to possess energetic power that even though they perhaps mean well, they refuse to protect themselves and others through ethical energy management. I see this also relatively frequently with drug addicts or heavy users.

When someone is experiencing spiritual emergence and/or emergency, her energy can be splintered, fractured, or simply cracked wide open. In this state, even though the person may not be consciously calling the energy to her, it comes. It passes through and overwhelms. Until the person finds the personal strength and wherewithal to close down and contain her energy, to bring herself back together, if you will, clearing her will be futile. In these cases, I am usually not granted permission by Spirit to proceed. In the cases where I am, I do what I can, but am clear with the person about what is happening. Other, different help may be far more beneficial to someone experiencing spiritual emergency.

The person is experiencing spiritual emergence/emergency.

I always check with Spirit, most often before I even email or call someone back, to learn if the person who is asking for help can be cleared, if I have the power to do it, and if Spirit will grant me permission to help them. If the answer is no to any of these questions, I will tell the client that I am not able to help. If they would like to know why, I will ask them permission to ask Spirit on their behalf and will share with them what I learn, in line with one or more of the four points above. If I am given permission to help, I will leave it with each person to decide whether I feel like a fit for them. It’s a personal choice. Always.

I am very good at what I do. I can say this confidently, but I also say it humbly, because every single day I learn something new. This is by design, using the meditation technique that I was taught by my guide and teacher, Metatron. He has given me the tools to learn and experience and to learn from experience, so that is what I do. I have spent years studying energies, learning how they work and why. I now teach advanced energy healers all over the world how to do this work that I do. I teach them how to learn in the doing of it. If we are not open to change and to learning as we go, we will eventually fail. This world and the energy of it and the energies in it are constantly changing so we must always adapt.

I went through my own experience with dark energy and know first-hand the experience. I do this work now to help people who are experiencing it, and in ways that no one could when I was going through it myself. I was relieved of the energy that was manipulating me, but the healer would not talk to me about it and would not answer any of my questions. I think now that is because he didn’t know the answers or was afraid of the energy. I am not afraid. And if I don’t know something, I will do my best to figure it out and share with you. If I still don’t know after having really tried to figure it out, I will tell you.

So can I guarantee that what I do will work? If you’re all in and I have clear permission from Spirit, yes. If you’re not and I don’t, no. But if it’s no, that no does not have to be a final answer. There is no end of the line. Ever. Come back to me when you are ready, and I will be here.

Remembrance of times past – a watch and a message

I recently channeled several messages from a council of spirit elders for a small group of incredible women. During one part of the channel, in answer to a personal question, I was presented with an image of a shiny metal antique locket that I felt was in some way associated with time or times past. When I awoke, I drew a simplified illustration of what I saw for the woman who had asked the question. When she saw my drawing, she knew what it was. It took her a bit of time to find it, and when she did, she took a picture to share with me. I was amazed. Rarely do I get concrete positive reinforcement of this work that I do. This took my breath away.

With her permission, I’m sharing this story, in her words, with you. As she wrote to me: “[Everyone listening] was crying during this message… so it can translate to others as well.” The elder that was speaking during this part of the channel was “Mother”, the Mother spirit, epitome of the divine feminine.

I would like to thank J for sharing this story with all of us.

From J:

The question presented was in regards to an upcoming visit with my mom and spending time with her the week of her 89th birthday. Knowing that she did not want any birthday presents, I wondered how I could honor that but still give her a gift. In my heart, I was feeling that she still carried a lot of pain from her childhood and I wondered if there was any way that I could help ease that pain. So, the question was, “Is there anything that I can give my mom that will support her at this time in her life?”

The entire communication lasted about ten minutes and was this:

(Marit) “I have no idea what this means. Seeing a trinket of some sort… It feels like a remembrance of times past….of gratitude. I’m seeing a silver trinket…..silver? Something that means something to you. Round. Perhaps with a chain.” Mother says…..

(Marit, clears her throat…..long pause….voice softens):

There is always room for more love. Easing someone’s way, sometimes just a matter of standing by one’s side. I remind you that everyone has their own journeys. All those who travel must ultimately do so alone. All we can do is love and support….within the boundaries of the relationship we create for each other. You are so giving. It is in your personal strength, growing your own light and power, that you can best give to her. Without that you will simply give it all away. When you are strong in your own light, you can give eternally. Always remember that she loves you, that this is the path you chose together, knowing full well… that sometimes the unheralded lesson that we forget is that we can only do so much, and that is exactly right. (She is putting out her hand. I am crying) It’s okay. It’s more than just your mother. It’s about your daughter. About your husband. It’s about finding your true heart center and, by nature, illuminating the path for others… and sometimes that is the greatest gift you can give.

– Mother

Later, when you were recovering from the trance, you mentioned that you thought the trinket was a locket. Until you drew it, I could not think of what it might have been. When I saw your drawing, though, I knew exactly what you were describing.

The funny thing is, when I went home to see my mom she asked about the watch out of the blue and wondered if I had ever given it to my daughter.

Marit’s sketch of the trinket – “a remembrance of times past”
The locket watch

I wanted to share with you that I found the watch that Mother described to you during your trance and it is almost exactly as you drew and described it! AMAZING. The design is very organic and does have some scroll-like lines. It is, in fact, a locket on one side….my mom and her sister are in the photo…my mom on the right and her sister on the left.

– J