Inner Child. This child. You.


This morning, as my daughter was getting ready for her first day of second grade at a new school — the second new school in two years — I listened to her tell me how she was feeling excited, but also nervous and scared. She was afraid of not fitting in, afraid of not making friends, afraid of getting lost.


Oof. I’ve been there.


And again and again in my work, I guide people to times in their current lives when they, as babies or children, have been faced with challenges like this or, often, far more dire, that, to heal, they must encounter, find inner strength to handle, and then reframe. This is Inner Child Therapy. It is empowering and beautiful.


So, as a parent, encountering opportunities in the here-and-now in which I can help empower my child feels like such an amazing gift.


This morning, as she brushed her hair, I asked her what gifts she would give herself to help her get through the day. I told her we’d turn these gifts into colored light marbles, like magic, and they’d give her special powers.


She chose her marbles carefully.


Love was red. Individuality was blue (like Ravenclaw!). Bravery was yellow. Kindness was navy blue, (because it’s deep). And resiliency, which she called “bounce-back-ed-ness” was a rainbow rubber ball. Perfect.


She put her light marbles in her heart and expanded them so they could swirl through her body, filling her up. Then, I told her that she could call on any of her light-gift strengths that were now a part of her any time that she needs them.


Her whole demeanor changed. She was strong, ready, and, to my amazement, fearless.


I took her to school. Walking into the building with her new teacher and 17 new classmates, she didn’t even hesitate. She went right through the doors with a smile on her face and did not look back.


It was beautiful.


It’s not just inner child. It’s present and real child. And it’s present and real us. Next time you’re faced with an upcoming challenge, try this simple meditation. Give yourself what you need in the form of magic light marbles, then put them in your heart, let them grow and swirl, and know that you can always, always call on them when the going gets tough.


You have the power to handle anything this world serves up. You planned your challenges to learn and to grow. Light marbles are only small beautiful reminders of who you are and what you can do.