Inviting Mah home

My friend Danielle has seen the same spirit figure her whole life. He is big, imposing, and strong. She sees his body, but never his face. He’s been near her, showing himself to her, since she was a little girl. She’s moved from house to house, state to state, and always he’s been there.

A week ago, while in bed, she felt someone touch her ear. She thought that it was her husband next to her. She’s never liked her ears being touched, and before opening her eyes she said, “why are you doing that when you know I hate it?” But when she did open her eyes, she saw her husband’s hands were nowhere near her. Her husband then said: “Did you see that?” He’d seen a spirit, a spindly, sickly shape, dash out of the room.

Danielle was really upset by this. When I saw her about a week later, she told me everything. Intuitively and through channeling, I came to understand what was happening.

The spirit, whose name, I learned, is Mah, had been her husband in her most recent past life. Together in that life they had shared an epic love, one of fairy tales and wishes and dreams. And when he died, before her, he could not bear to leave her. He stayed with her for the rest of her life. Then, after she died, he waited for her to return. He waited for her in the home where they’d lived and the landscape around their house. When she did return, when she was born as Danielle, he went to her and has been with her since — protecting her, loving her, wanting only for her to be happy and safe, and wanting her, more than anything, to know him.

In that life, he often tenderly touched her ear. That was his way of adoring her. And subconsciously, in this life, she knew that. That sign of affection was something reserved only for him. No one else could touch her there. Only him.

In their past life together, Mah had been tall and muscular. In this life, in spirit form, he would only present himself in his full, beautiful stature to Danielle. To Danielle’s husband, when he saw him only once a week ago, Mah projected himself as meager and weak. This was so he would not be recognized and would not seem a threat. Mah never showed Danielle his face, though. He desperately wanted her to feel him and intuitively know who he was. To him, that would be a sign of her true love.

Mah was a spirit attachment who had clung through time and space to another soul. He had a very personal connection to his beloved soul mate, Danielle.

Today, I went to Danielle’s house to invite Mah to return to the spirit realm.

When I walked in, I greeted Danielle then immediately greeted Mah: “I am a friend of Danielle, Mah. I’m here to clear the house of spirits. Danielle has been feeling afraid lately, and we want her to feel safe and happy.” I could feel his welcome.

As a channel, I cleared the house. Then I invited Danielle to sit with me and invited Mah to join us. I felt his surprise and great pleasure at being acknowledged and included.

Me: Mah, do you see the spirits of love?

Mah: Yes.

Me: Mah, these are escorts, and they are here for you. They have come here today to invite you home.

Mah: No. No. I don’t want to leave her.

Me: I know. I know you don’t. I understand. I know how much you love her. And I have told her. She knows, Mah. She knows who you are and that you are only here because you love her so much. And that is what you wanted her to know, isn’t it?

Mah: Yes. Yes. That is all I’ve ever wanted her to know.

Me: Would you like to speak with her? You can talk to her directly. I know that that is what you want. Now is your chance. Please, talk to her. She is open.

Danielle: I am. I’m ready.

Mah, through me: I love you. I love you so much. I have only ever loved you. My love for you is so strong. I have always been with you. Always, to protect you and keep you safe. I am your true guardian angel because you are my angel. You are my light. I love you. I know that I have scared you before. Please know that I never meant to scare you. I just wanted you to know that I am here. That’s all I have ever wanted. And now I can tell you. Now you know.

Danielle: Yes. I do know now.

Me: Danielle, Mah loves you and trusts you. Please, let him know that you will be ok, that he can be free and that that is what you want for him.

Danielle: I do want that. I know that you love me. I feel that love so strongly. But I want you to be free. I want you to grow and advance and be free. You don’t need to stay here with me anymore. I appreciate that you have been here, but you can go now. It’s ok.

Me: Mah, you can love her from the spirit realm. You can watch over her and protect her while you also do your own work as a soul. You can be there and be here too, and you can trust that your love will reach her.

Mah: Yes. Ok. I understand. I understand.

Me: The spirits of love are here for you Mah, to take you safely home. You can go with them now. You are free. Danielle is letting you go, in love, knowing who you are, and she is wishing you to be free.

Mah: Yes… I love you… I will go… I love you.

The spirit escorts, the spirits of love, wrapped around him and gently, so sweetly, carried him home. It was a moment so full of love, so full of peace, that it is hard to describe. A hush filled the room — a hush of promise and potential, of love past and love present, of long-postponed freedom, filled up the room and then whispered, even more quietly, away.

Mah is home now and free. And Danielle feels more special and more loved than ever before.

Karma is freeing.

Life is hard. There is not a person on Earth who enjoys a life free of personal challenge. We all meet fear face to face. We all encounter injury (emotional and physical), hardship, sadness, disease, perceived unfairness, death. Sometimes the pain is so great that we wonder if we can bear it. We seek answers. We seek understanding. Those of us who believe in God do sometimes ask, “How can God let this happen to me?” I’ve heard so many people, when faced with what might seem to be inexplicable horror or unbearable suffering, wonder out loud: “How can something so horrible happen if there is a God?”

The answer is karma.

God is The Source. We are all part of the Source and The Source is part of us. We are created from The Source and we spend the first many thousands of years of our soul-life incarnating and reincarnating to learn the lessons that we need to learn to take on full responsibility as beings of divine love. We work and we work and we work until we have truly achieved a balance of love. Remember, love is the karmic balance. Once we have truly learned what it means to experience true hardship and true joy, true suffering and true calm, true hatred and true love; once we have exhausted the possibilities of human emotion and fully understand all of it, then we achieve the balance of love. Our soul’s karma is love and we are free. It takes lifetimes.

We plan our lives before we incarnate. If you would like to learn more about this, I recommend that you read “Your Soul’s Plan: Discovering the Real Meaning of the Life you Planned Before you were Born” by Robert Schwartz or “Destiny of Souls” by Michael Newton.  In our life planning, which is a collaborative effort with all the souls with whom we will work in our lifetime, we set up challenges for ourselves. We plan familial and friendly and romantic relationships. We plan sickness and injury and loss and pain. We also plan great happiness and joy. With the help of our spirit guide, we lay out what we want or need to learn, and we set about pre-arranging for those lessons on the physical plane. It takes agreement from all our soul cohorts to do this. Sometimes to learn our lessons, we ask our loved ones to learn others. Sometimes to learn our lessons, we ask them to endure hardships that they may not have planning to address. Sometimes to learn our lessons, we ask them to set aside their primary work to help us. It’s all done in love, though. We help others just as they help us. And then, once we come to agreement in the spirit realm, we all head into life knowing.

But then, we forget. When we are born, we are subject to a powerful amnesiac veil. We have no memory of the spirit realm. We have no memory of the best-laid plans we set for ourselves. It is up to us to figure it all out as we go. To put it mildly, that is hard.

Mahrishi Jyotish is Vedic Astrology. Essentially, as described at, it is “a highly mathematical approach which contains the knowledge of the cycles of time which bring about all transformations, and explains how the Laws of Nature are responsible for all changes and developments experienced in life, for example: the manner in which life unfolds sequentially through the steps of evolution from the moment of birth.” Do you read your horoscope? (If so, opt for the Vedic Astrology version for more accuracy.) Have you had your star chart done? That is Vedic Astrology. But what many don’t understand is that the time and place you were born is not the cause of everything that comes after. No. The truth is, we plan our lives beforehand, and then it is arranged by a group of Divine Masters that we be born at the right time, in the right place, to make our life plans most plausible.

Now this does not mean that there is no free will. Free will is a major player in human life. Once here and going about our lives, we make choices all the time. What we may not know is that these choices lead us toward or away from the plausibility of fulfilling our life plans. We all talk about “gut feelings.” Does your “gut” tell you something is right? Yes. And that is our intuition or perhaps a highly veiled memory telling you that to do what your pondering will set you on the right path.

Our life plans may not always be what one might expect from something conceptualized in love in the spirit realm. Sometimes we choose to take on lives that are extremely challenging or even unpalatable to others around us. We may choose to lives as an abuser or as the abused. We may choose to live lives as an alcoholic or drug addict or as someone who loves one. We may choose to be a rapist or to be raped. We may choose to be a murderer or to be murdered. This whole idea may be hard to swallow. Just know that choices such as these are made for the greater learning of the souls involved. To learn does often require the payment of karmic debt. And karma is freeing.

Be careful in attributing karma to everything. It is not the case that someone who is very ill is so because she was a horrible person in a past life. It is possible, yes, but it is also possible that she simply chose a challenging life of illness to understand what it means to live with disease. It is not easy to explain, from the human point of view and the limited human perspective, all that happens around us. What we need to know is that everyone is on his or her own path of learning.

It is not up to us to label. It is up to us to love.