Regression Therapy

Get to the source of life challenges to transform, heal, and move on.

Between-Lives Spiritual Regression

Join with your highest self in Spirit Realm to learn of your soul's purpose and your life's work.

Energy Healling

We are all energy. Clear, calm, empower, and heal the energy of you.


Winnipeg Sacred Lightbody Workshop

The last weekend in May, I traveled to Winnipeg, Manitoba to teach a two-day workshop on The New Sacred Lightbody Meditation for Now. In the workshop, “Lightbody Activation to Clear, Shift, and Heal,” I passed along the meditation that Metatron has taught me and has asked me to share with others. After…

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The Process is Important.

My whole life I have been trained to set a goal, aim for it, and make it happen. In school. In sports. In business. Lots of us have. That’s how we roll as a society and a culture. As a world. If you’re going to race an Ironman, for instance,…

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Early Poems

For Martha Karen Halverson, 1916-2017. My name is Marit Martha. I am the daughter of Martha Karen’s oldest daughter, Martha Jeanell. Among the Marthas, I am the third. And I’m honored. In grandma’s eleven-pearl necklace of grandchildren, strung one-by-one by age, I am also the third, and in that, in…

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Your soul. Your strength. Your life.

We all have within us all that we need to handle anything that this life throws at us. It’s easy to forget or dismiss this when we’re faced with frustrations, challenges, loss, pain, disease, or death, but it is the strength inside us that empowers us to master this life.

My job is to help you reconnect with your inner self and access your own source of personal power through Regression Therapy and integrative energy healing. I am a licensed Past Life and Spiritual Regression Therapist, Between-Lives Spiritual Regression Therapist, Hypnotherapist, Source Light Energy Worker, and Usui Reiki Master – Teacher. I’m based in Spokane, Washington.

A loving relationship with yourself is fundamental in your own life well lived. Opening your heart to personal understanding and acceptance will unleash the best you you’ve ever known.

You have the power to thrive.